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Are you looking for a special and unique tattoo on your body? Chinese tattoo symbols will break your patience and will make your body look unique.

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If you like simple but unique, mysterious and exotic tattoos then hold your breath, you have found it! There are several Chinese font tattoos that are simple and deep in meaning. Chinese tattoo designs show Chinese culture and since ancient times.

Apart from other Chinese tattoo ideas, like; Chinese dragon tattoo, yin yang tattoos, Chinese zodiac tattoo, laughing buddha and Chinese tiger tattoo, Chinese calligraphy tattoo tradition has been widely popular in the western world for decades. Though the Chinese dragon tattoos are famous, these other Chinese tattoo designs are quite popular all around the globe, especially China. Trying out different Chinese tattoos will indeed show a new side to your tattoo game.

Chinese tattoo designs ideas are not merely designs or shapes that look good, rather these tell tales of folklore and Chinese history. Each Chinese character is part of a new story or a tale which combine to for an entire world in itself. These traditional symbolic tattoos have a deeper meaning and are Chinese culture representatives.

Traditional Chinese characters, with their unique calligraphic style, make amazing and stunning designs that show Chinese history and traditional Chinese culture. Chinese calligraphy tattoos having curves, corners and flowing lines make tattoos very beautiful and interesting. Chinese calligraphy has one of the best calligraphic styles to be used in tattoos, making Chinese writing tattoos attractive.

Among a lot of popular Chinese symbols, each represents a different meaning, like, loyalty, love, peace, etc. Chinese is a difficult language and you should make sure that these Chinese symbol tattoos should be marked by someone who knows the language and the Chinese symbols thoroughly, if not, the tattoo could easily go wrong or worse, could mean something totattly different from what was intended. So here are the ten most stunning and meaningful Chinese character tattoos curated just for you!

Amazing Flowers Chinese Symbols Tattoo:

amazing flowers chinese symbols tattoo:
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This stunning, charming and amazing Chinese tattoo is liked by many people, and hopefully, you will also love it. This is an awesome gift from China. It is one of the best Chinese tattoos. The beautiful flowers in amazing, vibrant colours compliment the skin tone and look stunning. It symbolizes love, peace, elegance, affection and art. If you are looking to get something symbolic yet eye-pleasing, you should consider giving this tattoo a go! Do not miss this, try it as soon as possible!

Bracelet With Chinese Symbols Tattoo:

bracelet with chinese symbols tattoo:
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Another amazing Chinese writing tattoo is here! You can change the designs of the bracelet or can make it a watch. This Chinese wrist tattoo will make your wrist much more attractive. You can add more beauty with variations in this design and some beautiful and vibrant colours. This tattoo symbolizes punctuality and faithfulness. It is a gender-neutral design and you definitely don’t have to think twice before getting this amazing tattoo! Hurry up! Go to a tattoo shop and try this tattoo NOW!

Quoted Text Chinese Symbol Tattoo:

quoted text chinese symbol tattoo:
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This is one on the most amazing Chinese letters tattoo that is a mixture of a Chinese script as well as an English script that once combined, forms a beautiful, heartwarming line, which means; “see all things don’t take fear, for I am with you.” This Chinese tattoo also relates to beliefs. You can add more lines in this tattoo or simply change it to a phrase that you want. You can style this tattoo any way you want and make it a fashion statement among your friends and family. You can change the order of writings as well as have new Chinese tattoo designs depending upon the artist inside you. Try it now!

Full Hand Chinese Symbols Tattoo:

full hand chinese symbols tattoo:
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How amazing it would be to have these traditional Chinese tattoos on your fingers! Your whole hand can be tattooed in this design. Fingers are covered with letters and the back of the palm with traditional Chinese tattoos. This amazing tattoo is in black ink,however, you can modify it with red ink or any other colour of your choice. Every finger is saying something deep. Imagine you and your partner can have this beautiful matching tattoo on your hand. It would definitely look amazing. Good luck!

Signature Design Chinese Symbols Tattoo:

signature design chinese symbols tattoo:
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Here comes the very attractive and amazing tattoo you will definitely like! Actually, this is a signature of a girl’s father, redesigned by an artist, the credit goes to the tattoo artist. Its stunning colours and unique design, giving shape to a flower, makes this tattoo too much attractive. Its curved lines and amazing corners are mind-blowing. The younger generation prefers these colourful tattoos. This tattoo gives a warm vibe as the artist and the client have put their hearts in it. A Chinese script on one side adds beauty to the tattoo. Don’t wait for anything else, just try this and see it spreading like breathing fire of forest. Go to a tattoo artist now!

Religious Chinese Symbols Tattoo:

religious chinese symbols tattoo:
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If you are looking for something that relates to your beliefs too, congratulations then, you have found it. This Chinese script written on the arm means “Lix loves nothing but God”, where Lix in is a name that means “centre of force.” It is a combination of simplified Chinese characters and English words. You can try this tattoo with your name or the name of someone you love. This tattoo shows your love for God, faith, belief and religious side of life. This is one of the most amazing tribal tattoos as it shows the devotion to God. Apart from that, anyone who believes in God can get this tattoo. You can imagine how deep Chinese meaning tattoos are! Give this tattoo a try!

Forearm Chinese Symbols Tattoo:

forearm chinese symbols tattoo:
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Word tattoos on the forearm have their own trend. Meaningful Chinese tattoos are not lagging in this trend. Have a look at this amazing black tattoo that you will love! This tattoo that has three words “love, peace and happiness,” is not only a tattoo, rather it reflects your peaceful and loving personality. You can try similar word tattoos on forearm or on any part of your body. This Chinese tattoo design can very soon become a trend in your community. So instead of giving it a second thought, just try it now!

Small Letter Chinese Symbol Tattoo:

small letter chinese symbol tattoo:
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These small Chinese tattoos can placed on the wrist. This word in black ink written in Chinese means “to become.” If you are creative, this tattoo is best for you. This will show your creativity, zeal and power to do something that could make an impact on society. You can change the word with any other Chinese word that means something to you. This tattoo can vary in size and yo can add some colours to it as well, you can go for a Chinese name or popular Chinese animal names. It’s one of the amazing tattoo designs developed by Chinese communities. You must try it, good luck!

Solar Inked Chinese character Tattoo:

solar inked chinese character tattoo:
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This amazing Chinese character tattoo design will change your mind. Though it is not the official written language of China, it has a beautiful meaning. This design will remind you of the country with the largest population, China. Its beautiful colours along with measured designs make it attractive and adaptable. You and your partner can get matching tattoos on your wrist! This could be a mark that shows your love. Hurry up! Try this as soon as possible!

Cross-Design Chinese Symbol Tattoo:

cross-design chinese symbol tattoo:
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At last but not least, this Chinese tattoo design with fine lines is one of the most amazing designs that you would love. The word in this tattoo i s”Ping”, which means “peaceful”. You can use other colours instead of black as well, depending on where you want to get this design. This could make for a great tattoo on the bicep or the leg. You can try such a design with your elder brother or other siblings.

You have gone through all the tattoo designs, now you can choose any of these for yourself or your friends. You can change these samples according to the artist inside you. You can go through colour changes, size variations making larger tattoos, script changes and various combinations like Chinese tattoo designs with English font tattoo designs, etc. Furthermore, you can also go like Chinese font tattoo with angel tattoo, Chinese zodiac tattoos, etc.

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