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Inspired by the American singer and songwriter Chris Brown’s tattoos and want something similar? Here is a list of his tattoos that could be your next choice!

chris browns tattoo
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Christopher Maurice Brown, also known as Chris Brown, is a popular singer and songwriter from America.

He is also a graffiti artist, a dancer, and an actor. He is known as the ‘King of R&B’ and is one of the most successful and influential artists ever.

Chris Brown was born and brought up in Virginia and showcased his vocal talent from a very young age. He has a huge cult following and was compared to Michael Jackson on various occasions for his presence on stage. Chris Brown has several singles and albums under his name, which have gained a lot of popularity. Some of his famous albums include ‘Exclusive’, ‘F.A.M.E’, ‘X’, and ‘Royalty’. His ninth album, Indigo, which was released in 2019, became the number one album on the Billboard 200. His work is often compared to Bruno Mars, another popular R&B singer from the United States. Among the list of the top RnB and hip hop artists, he was ranked number 3 behind Rihanna and Drake. Apart from being a popular songwriter and singer, he is also an actor and made his debut in the film Stomp the yard. He is also featured in the TV series, ‘The OC’. He has also appeared in movies like ‘Think Like a Man’, ‘Battle of the Year’, and ‘The Christmas’.

Chris Brown is a self-made artist whose music has inspired millions of people. Not only that, he has several tattoos on his body that have deep meanings. Each tattoo represents either his love for his children or his albums. Some tattoos also have a spiritual connection to them. If you are looking to get some tattoos inspired by Chris Brown, you have come to the right place. We have a list of Chris Brown tattoos that you can choose for your next body art.

Chris Browns Tattoo On Neck

chris browns tattoo on neck
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Chris Brown is very popular for the different types of tattoos that he has on his body. One of the most visible tattoos is the one on the left side of his neck. The tattoo is off the face of a wolf with a crown of the Red Indian Chief on its head. Wolf head tattoos are actually very common among people. They symbolize guardianship, spirituality, and loyalty. They also represent devotion, family, love, and luck. The Red Indian chief tattoo represents honor and bravery. On the other side of the neck, Chris has a tattoo of a dead woman or a beaten woman. This tattoo is a representation of ‘Dios de Los Muertos’ also known as, ‘Day of the Dead’. This day is a Mexican festival among which honors the dead relatives or loved ones that have passed on.

Both tattoos are made with black and grey ink. The strokes are fine and wavy. These tattoos are placed on his neck. Neck tattoos can generally be painful, however, for someone who is passionate about tattoos, this is the perfect spot. Tattoos are visible and a great way to start an interesting conversation.

Indigo Tattoo

indigo tattoo
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‘Indigo’ is a very famous studio album released by Chris Brown. The album made its debut on June 28, 2019. Several big producers like Scott Squash, Smash David and OG Parker were involved in the making of this album. It also features special appearances by artists like Nicki Minaj, Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, Trey Songs, and Drake. Justin Bieber also made an appearance on this song. Indigo featured songs that were about spirituality, energy and love. The album gains so much popularity that it was named number one on the US Billboard 200. This is one of the top albums by Chris Brown and very close to his heart. After the popularity of indigo, Chris Brown decided to get a tattoo called Indigo on the side of his face.

The word ‘Indigo’ is written in a cursive handwriting in black and grey ink. The strokes are fine and curvy. If you were a fan of Chris Brown’s ‘Indigo’, then this could be the tattoo that you are looking for.

Chris Brown Tattoo On His Chest

chris brown tattoo on his chest
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Chris Brown is a tattoo lover and the singer’s chest and in the center of this chest he has the words ‘Symphonic Love’ written. The Symphonic Love Tattoo has a deeper meaning attached to it. It is a representation of the commitment Chris Brown has for his music and love. Beside the words are 2 red roses and behind the word symphonic is a diamond. The red roses symbolise eternal love and the diamond symbolises invincibility, durability, and power. Below the word symphonic love there are Angel wings. The wings signify protection, freedom, and faith. Below the Angel wings there is a F16 fighter jet tattoo. The reason behind the statue is unknown.

Most of their statues are made in black and grey ink. Some of the tattoos include Shades of Grey within the drawing.

Chris Brown Leg Tattoo

chris brown leg tattoo
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Chris Brown has a lot of tattoos on his leg. According to his tattoos, he appears to be a huge fan of manga and anime. On his right leg he has 5 star Dragon Ball tattooed. This is to show his love for the cartoon show ‘Dragon Ball Z’. The tattoo is made completely in black ink with Shades of Grey within it. On his left leg, he has started another cartoon character called Astro Boy. This astro boy tattoo is featured beside his BAPE tattoo also known as Breathing Ape Tattoo. BAPE is a clothing line in Japan with Chris as the face of BAPE Black Label and the brand’s Luxe Diffusion Line. He also has another favorite cartoon character called Mega Man. This character is inked on his right leg.

Chris Brown Hand Tattoo

chris brown hand tattoo
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Apart from so many tattoos on his chest, leg, back and neck, he also has several tattoos on both his arms. Both of the hands of the singer has a simple skull inked on them. The skull has a smiley face on it and a Halo ring on top of it. This tattoo is a representation of life after death, that after we die, all that is left behind is just bones.

He has the letter ‘C’ tattooed on his left shoulder. Below the letter is a hand as if it is holding the letter on its palm. Chris revealed that he is the one who designed this tattoo and it shows that he is holding out his own names initial sowing that he is responsible for his own destiny. This tattoo is made in black and grey ink.

Right above the tattoo of the letter. See if there is another anime character. This character is of a warrior that is holding a Cortana and wearing a hat made of straw. This tattoo is a tribute to his love for animals. The warrior is represents the warrior spirit within the artist.

Chris Brown Face Tattoo

chris brown face tattoo
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If you are a massive fan of Chris Brown and want to dedicate a tattoo to him, then this is a perfect tattoo for you. Chris Brown has a cult following with millions of people listening to his songs and albums every day. There are some fans who want to showcase their love openly and get tattoos dedicated to Chris. The wearer of this tattoo has tattooed the face of the artist on the back of their calf. Mostly shades of black and grey ink have been used to complete the drawing. The pictures looks like a beutiful sketch of the artist. If you are a fan of the artist, then you can consider this tattoo for your next body art.

Breezy Tattoo

breezy tattoo
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Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend Rihanna used to call him ‘Breezy’ affectionately. This idea of the nickname was given to her by his daughter Royalty. Chris is very close to his daughter and says that being a father is the only role that matters to him the most.

This tattoo is of the face of ‘Breezy’ with a cap on his head. The drawing looks like a sketch made on paper with fine lines of black and grey. Below the face of the star, there is a mouth holding a bundle of money. This tattoo is stylish and trendy and a great way to show your love for Breezy.

Chris Brown Portrait Tattoo

chris brown portrait tattoo
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Chris Brown has a cult following with fans going crazy over his music. The fans also like to dedicate their love for him by making tattoos of him.

This tattoo is of the side face of Chris Brown. The detailing of this tattoo is extraordinary. The hair and the tattoos on his neck have a realistic touch. A beautiful design for your next tattoo.

Chris Brown And Drake Tattoo

chris brown and drake tattoo
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Drake and Chris Brown have had a rocky friendship. Drake has been a part of Brown’s album, however, they drifted apart soon after. They seem to be friends again recently.

For a person who is a fan of both the artists, this is the perfect tattoo. It is made with fine strokes of black and grey ink. It is placed on the arm of the person, however, it is a versatile design and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Chris Brown Face Portrait

chris brown face portrait
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This is another portrait design of the artist. The detailing of this tattoo seems realistic. It shows the face of the artist smiling. This beautiful design is the perfect tribute to the artist. This tattoo could be a great choice for your very first tattoo.

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