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Looking for inspiration to add to your anime tattoo collection? Here, we have the best Chrollo tattoo designs to hike up your style game for the season!

chrollo tattoo
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Chrollo tattoos have always been popular in the HunterxHunter fandom.

As one of the main antagonistic forces, the whole Phantom Troupe has a huge fanbase. Inevitably their leader Chrollo Lucilfer with his distinguishing features, black hair, and a cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead, is ever popular.

One of the best forms of showing admiration for your favorite character is getting their symbols or the characters themselves tattooed on your skin. It not only looks cool and brings up your style game but also helps you mark the meaning and importance of said character in your life. Especially if the said character happens to sport some tattoos of their own, that helps the fandom come up with even more creative ideas. As such, many people prefer Phantom Troupe-related tattoos or Chrollo Lucilfer tattoos as a form of showing their admiration for the anime series. If you are one of them, check this list below to find your next anime tattoo. You can also use these Chrollo tattoos as a reference and make them more interesting by including your own ideas into the mix.

Chrollo HxH Manga Tattoo

chrollo hxh manga tattoo
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The first on the list is this simplistic yet intricately dot-detailed tattoo of the floor master of the Heavens Arena. The artist did a great job of translating his expression of despair and lack of hope by highlighting shadows and wide-open eyes. Chrollo’s cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead adds even more charm to this iconic design. If you are looking for something simplistic yet stylish and meaningful at the same time, you can add this to your list. This tattoo follows the manga version of Lucilfer closely with its black ink design.

Chrollo Forehead Tattoo

chrollo forehead tattoo
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This is a beautiful design of Chrollo’s forehead tattoo paired with Kurapika’s dagger chain in the mix. This tattoo might be of a lot of interest to those who shipped these enemies in the course of the anime. The tattoo carries a unique idea with Chrollo’s beautiful eyes, detailed cross-shaped tattoo, and Kurapika’s chain sign around it. The etched design of the tattoo also adds more charm to it. If you are someone who likes to discover and experiment with different things, this can be a win for you.

Chrollo Lucilfer Tattoo On The Forearm

chrollo lucilfer tattoo on the forearm
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This tattoo is a masterpiece of design with Chrollo’s various icons depicted in full glory. His forehead cross tattoo is highlighted in a full black block, and his indoor fish ability by the dead fish wrapped around his figure. Both of these are essential to his personality in the anime, as one can be used as his sign while the other is the terrifying power with which he stole Neon’s ability. To the fans of this member of the Heavens Arena, this is truly a nostalgic piece as this carries the sense of his nature as little else can. For people wanting to portray Chrollo in his full glory, this can be a good fit for you.

Chrollo Tattoos With Skill Hunter

chrollo tattoos with skill hunter
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This is, again, yet another beautiful depiction of his terrifying powers. He looks serene in this piece with the dead fish swimming around him and the book “The Skill Hunter” in his hand. Although the tattoo carries a certain delicate charm to it with his serene features, it becomes terrifying when you realize that these are his main instruments to claim others’ Nen abilities by trapping them in a sealed location where his indoor fish keep tearing into the victim’s place without killing them. Fans of the anime who want to portray Chrollo’s duality through their tattoos can go for this one.

Fancy Chrollo Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

fancy chrollo hunter x hunter tattoo
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This is another breathtaking depiction of Kurapika and Chrollo. It depicts their hatred for each other and fighting spirit at once. In fact, at one point, this hatred for the whole Phantom Troupe helped Kurapika prepare himself and transform into the skilled fighter that he is. So this tattoo with Chrollo looming over his back and Kurapika at the front, ready to fight to the death, carries a subtle yet heavy message from the series. People who enjoyed their dynamic or even the ship can definitely go for this masterpiece.

Elaborate Chrollo Tattoo Sleeve

elaborate chrollo tattoo sleeve
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This is a very clean yet astoundingly detailed depiction of Chrollo. Carrying his note of skill hunting, and smiling, he looks almost angelic, which highlights his exquisite features. The cross mark on his forehead only adds more charm to it. People who like their tattoos to be extravagant can go for this sleeve piece of Chrollo. It is at once clean, detailed, and certainly one that would catch the eyes of everyone whenever you enter a room. So if you want to turn heads with your tattoo, run to your tattoo artist now!

Sketchy Chrollo Tattoo

sketchy chrollo tattoo
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This is yet another depiction of Chrollo with his fish of death swimming in the background. It is filled with dot details and unique in the way that it looks like a sketch straight from the manga cover. People who want to go for tattoos that are relatably small in size but intricately detailed can find this to be a perfect fit. The best part about this tattoo is you can use it as a reference and your own ideas to mix and match and make it a lot more stylish. People who like customizing their own designs can benefit from this tattoo as their main structure.

Chrollo’s Sun And Moon Tattoo

chrollo's sun and moon tattoo
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This Chrollo tattoo shows him poised to attack with his Sun and Moon marks in full view. These are the marks that help him control his Indoor Fish technique. The tattoo, although simplistic, looks very cute, like a direct arrival from the manga. If you want your tattoos to look cute yet detailed with meaningful references, we hope this can make it to your list. You can even pair this up with his Phantom Troupe spider tattoo by revealing his right arm to make it even more interesting. The tattoo is done in black and grey, but you can also go for a more colorful option if you want.

Chrollo Lucilfer Headshot Tattoo

chrollo lucilfer headshot tattoo
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This is possibly one of the coolest tattoos on the list. It is amazing how much creators can do with just a little. This black ink tattoo of Lucilfer’s face half wrapped in the dagger chain is a solid example of that. It is small, simple, yet so cool that it would attract everyone’s attention wherever you go. If you like your tattoos small, simple, yet something that would successfully translate your admiration for the subject, you should definitely check this one out.

Chrollo Lucilfer X Hisoka Morow Tattoo

chrollo lucilfer x hisoka morow tattoo
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These two are the two of the most iconic characters of the anime Hunter x Hunter. Both of these floor masters’ rivalry was very popular in the fandom. This intrinsic piece of art perfectly captures their rivalry and parallels by putting their faces next to each other. Hisoka with his extravagant style and star tattoo and Chrollo with his cross, sun, and moon marks. The fandom also seemed to believe that these two characters are also reversed, which is very evident in this specific tattoo, small as it is. Fans of these two iconic characters have even mentioned these similarities that exist between them, reversed as they are the main reason why their rivalry ended in a death fight. So people who want to keep these two alive in their memory, even after the series ends, can choose this as their perfect fit.

Tattoos, whether big or small are always a big deal as it speaks for you before you, yourself, can. It shows your taste, culture, and style like nothing ever can. This is why it is so important to choose your design carefully and then, if you want, add whatever more charms to it that fits you. The most important thing in this process is, without a doubt communicating with your artist properly about exactly what you want. It will spare you both any kind of misunderstanding, and you will not end up being forced to accept something that does not match your personality. If these things are clear? well, then hurry to your artist now! However, if you are still confused about which tattoo to choose, here are a few more suggestions for you:

  • Cross X Chrollo Spider Tattoo
  • Chrollo as Jesus Tattoo
  • Chrollo X Neon Fight Tattoo
  • HxH Spider Tattoo
  • Chrollo Lucilfer spider tattoo
  • Chrollo X Hisoka X Neon Tattoos
  • Phantom Troupe Members X Yorknew City Arc Tattoo
  • Chrollo X Silva Zoldyck Tattoos
  • Chrollo X Togashi Tattoo
  • Chrollo X Franklin Tattoo
  • Phantom Troupe X Chess Board Tattoo

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