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Looking to turn your luck around by getting a clover tattoo? Check out these amazing clover tattoo designs you can get inked with!

clover tattoo
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People all over the world have known the clover leaf as a symbol of good luck that originated in Irelandyears ago.

Clover tattoos became more and more popular with time. With each passing year, there seem to be new kinds of clover tattoo ideas that get all the more creative.

What Does A Four Leaf Clover Tattoo Mean?

As you might already know, the clover leaf is an Irish symbol of good luck. The origin of this symbolism is attributed to the Celtic culture. However, the clover tattoo meaning is associated with more than just good luck. The four leaves of a four-leaf clover has a special symbolism attached to them. Each of the leaves stands for love, success, faith, and hope. Hence, it is an immense good fortune to get a four-leaf clover tattoo.

With all that information on hand, let’s dive right into the best clover leaf tattoo designs of 2021, that will definitely fall in love with!

Small Clover Tattoo

small clover tattoo
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If you are new to getting inked, then you can start off with a small four-leaf clover tattoo. Even though this tattoo is not taking up a lot of space, it will still be eye-catching due to its beautiful colouration. The way the leaves has been shaded is making the whole motif look quite realistic. After getting inked with a tattoo like this, you are guaranteed to leave the tattoo shop fully satisfied!

Watercolour 4 Leaf Clover Tattoo

watercolour 4 leaf clover tattoo
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For artists, tattoos that mimic any kind of artwork are always the best option. So, if you also want to add some artistry to your skin, you can certainly go for this watercolour four-leaf clover tattoo. The way the green ink has been used in this design is making it look like it has been painted. To add to that, the yellow and green together are balancing the look of the whole tattoo.

Vibrant Shamrock Tattoo

vibrant shamrock tattoo
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A three-leaf clover or shamrock is much rarer than a four-leaf clover. Nonetheless, the meaning of a three-leaf clover is quite special, as it stands for the Holy Trinity. Its meaning is also associated with love, hopeand luck. So, if you want to get a tattoo that looks like art, and has beautiful connotations around it, this design would be the way to go. Here, the vibrant shamrock is inked on top of a brass knucklewhich can symbolise the fighting spirit in you. The red patches are also adding to the fierceness of this tattoo.

Black Clover Tattoo

black clover tattoo
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A simple clover tattoo devoid of any colour can be a good idea for those who believe in the simpler joys of life. In this four-leaf clover tattoo, each of the leaves has been shaded with black ink, leaving some space in between, to mimic the leaves of the actual plant. The tattoo is quite small, so you can get this inked anywhere on your body.

Clover Sketch Tattoo

clover sketch tattoo
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Sketch tattoos are a contemporary concept that has gained a lot of popularity. So, if you like making sketches yourself, or just like the idea of having a permanent sketch on your body, this design can be the right one for you. Here, instead of just a leaf, the whole clover plant has been inked. The plant features both three-leaf and four-leaf clovers, along with a flower, making the design whole and complete.

Rose And Clover Fine Line Tattoo

rose and clover fine line tattoo
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The beauty of a rose has transcended through the years and even today, it is considered to be symbolic of elegance and grace. To pair such a lovely flower with a four-leaf clover is certainly a great idea. To add to that, the concept of fine line tattoos are only gaining more and more attention each day. As you can see in the image, in this tattoo, both the rose and the clover leaf has been inked simply with a bold black line, making it look like the whole design was created in one go. You can get this inked on your arm as pictured, or on the back of your neck.

Skull Clover Tattoo

skull clover tattoo
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Skull tattoos are quite common, but yours can be uncommon if you get creative with it. For example, in this tattoo, the skull has been inked inside a four-leaf clover. The complete blackness of the clover leaf is forming the perfect backdrop for the white and grey skull to pop up against. Such clover tattoos can also reveal the rebel and fighter in you.

Horseshoe And Clover Tattoo

horseshoe and clover tattoo
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It is quite common knowledge that horseshoes are thought to bring luck. So, adding a horseshoe to a four-leaf clover tattoo will only increase your chances of turning your fate around. Though there are many ways to create a tattoo that combines the two symbols, this design depicted above is certainly one of the most creative ways. The vividness of this tattoo is absolutely stunning, as the colours are looking great together. You can get this inked on your chest or even on your back.

Magic Crystal And Clover Tattoo

magic crystal and clover tattoo
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Many people believe that a crystal can help in producing positive outcomes. Whether you believe such ideas or not, a clover tattoo with a crystal is certainly one of the most unique designs. This tattoo has been inked only with black colour, however, you can opt for a coloured version of this. The dotted shading and little lines on the clover leaf are the perfect examples of paying attention to details.

Little Bird And Shamrock Tattoo

little bird and shamrock tattoo
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Are you interested in a cute and endearing shamrock tattoo? Then you surely must get inked with this tattoo of a little bird among three-leaf clovers. The adorableness of this tattoo is what will draw the attention of the people towards it. The subtle grey shading on the body of the bird is perfectly depicting its feathers. Such a tattoo would look great anywhere on the body.

Now that you have learnt about the meaning of clover tattoo and seen the various designs and ideas you can get done, you will undoubtedly be able to pick a clover tattoo that suits your personality and preference. Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular clover tattoo designs-

  1. Black three-leaf or four-leaf clover tattoos.
  2. Clover tattoos with Celtic or Irish patterns.
  3. Clover tattoos depicting the whole plant.
  4. Clover tattoos with other lucky symbols.

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