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What better way to get inked patriotically other than getting a country sleeve tattoo! These tattoo designs represent many cultures. Check them out.

country sleeve tattoo
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Country sleeve tattoos are a great tattoo idea design.

These designs can include various sleeve regions to get the desired meaningful ink. It can be a half sleeve tattoo, a full sleeve tattoo, a white sleeve tattoo, a dark sleeve tattoo, anything that suits best to the tattoo artists.

These tattoos are a great tribute to the emotions and feelings towards one’s country. The tattoos can contain any specific highlighted country symbols, whether it’s a national colour, a national animal, a national flag, etc. The tattoo artist must pay attention to all the details carefully since it’s a sensitive and a close to heart project.

American Sleeve Tattoos

american sleeve tattoos
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In this country sleeve tattoo, the country of America has been represented through an American flag. This is an American flag that has been drawn over the entire arm. The effect of the tattoo looks as if the flag is soaring in the air.

The crippled texture of the American sleeve flag stripes resembles to a leather fabric. The tattoo artist has done a great job in refining the simple flag into such a detailed image. The entire arm has been perfectly tailored in the flag’s design.

The precious stars of the American flag have also been highlighted with perfect symmetry. The stroke used in this tattoo is remarkable. The tattoo artist chose to make this tattoo black and white instead of making it colourful which was a great choice since that adds a more refined and grungy yet elegant aesthetic.

The American flag is a patriotic country’s symbols which is the best sign that represents the people of America.

Canadian Sleeve Tattoos

canadian sleeve tattoos
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This country sleeve tattoo represents the country of Canada. What more beautiful way to represent a country than a maple leaf. The tattoo artist has made the maple leaves body art in the half sleeve region of the arm.

This symbol has a beautiful flower power rather than just a simple leaf. The tattoo artist has used different styles to portray the maple leaves. This is a very eye-catching tattoo. The maple leaf of Canada has a powerful symbolism.

The maple leaf art symbolises the Canadian’s sacrifice during the most famous World War I. It is also symbolised with the meanings of unity, tolerance and peace. The blank canvas of the skin has been beautified with this country-oriented tattoo with beautiful skills by the tattoo artist. The Canadian flag is also called the Maple Leaf flag.

The amazing colours of the maple leaves are sure to turn heads while catching every eye’s attention. The placement of the tattoo is also at a more visible area which makes it more aesthetic.

Egypt Half Sleeve Tattoo

egypt half sleeve tattoo
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This country sleeve tattoo is represented by the country of Egypt. The flag of Egypt is a very solemn symbol to the Egyptians. The red band that the tattoo artist has drawn represents the Egyptian’s blood that was shed in war that took place against colonization.

It is an important mark of valour for the people of Egypt. The white band that comes in the middle has been creatively left empty by the tattoo artist to make the tattoo more blended into the skin as an art and not just a flag. This middle line in the flag represents the purity of the hearts of the Egyptians. The kind, honest and selfless people of Egypt have been represented through this line.

Lastly, in the last line of the flag which is the black line, that symbolises the darkness that the Egyptians are yet to overcome. The eagle in the centre represents strength and power. The tattoo artist has very creatively placed this tattoo design horizontally against an existing tattoo design which makes this tattoo look more edgy and amazing.

Mexico Tribal Tattoos

mexico tribal tattoos
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This country sleeve tattoo right here is the perfect representation of the country of Mexico. The flag of Mexico has been creatively drawn in this tattoo design. Rather than going for a normal flag-shaped approach, the tattoo artist has made a creative version.

The tattoo artist has made the geographical representation of the country of Mexico in this tattoo and has filled it in with the colours of the flag. The Mexican flag’s green strip is represented by the independence movement of Mexico. Then, there is a white strip in the middle that is represented by the purity of the Catholic faith.

At the very right, the red strip represents the Spaniards who newly joined the country and it also represents the blood of Canadians that shed during war. At the very centre, there is an image of an eagle that is devouring a snake. The snake, in this flag, represents a symbol of wisdom and creation to the people. The placement of the tattoo in the elbow region of the half sleeve makes it very aesthetic.

Nepal Red Ink Body Art

nepal red ink body art
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In this country sleeve tattoo, the tattoo artist has represented the country of Nepal through its flag. This is a very unique pattern in comparison to any other country’s flags. It has a shape of two tilted triangles. The entire tattoo has a beautiful red crimson colour which makes it look so unique. The crimson red is the national colour of Nepal.

This colour is also associated with brave spirits of the Nepalese people. The two unique triangular shapes that this tattoo has been symbolised by Himalayan mountains as it is drawn right next to it. The two triangles represent the two major religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Another important element to notice in this tattoo is the addition of the sun in one triangle and the moon in one triangle.

The sun, as the name suggests is for the bright fierce nature of the Nepalese and the moon is the representation of the calmness of the people. Both of these designs together create a hope that Nepalese with last as long as these celestial bodies exist. This tattoo, is although a little simple, however, it holds deep meanings and the placement of this tattoo beside the neck makes it look more aesthetic.

Korean Black And Grey Country Tattoo

korean black and grey country tattoo
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This country sleeve tattoo is represented by the country of Korea. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has taken a finer approach toward a classic flag design. The tattoo artist has creatively made an outline of the geographical picture of the country and has then inserted the elements of the flag inside it. Not only is it creative but the execution looks so classy and elegant.

The main circle in the circle of this tattoo represents the yin and yang symbol which is originally coloured in red and blue in the Korean flag. The red half of the circle represents the positive drives and the blue half of the circle represents the negative drive in this tattoo.

It symbolises the balance in the universe. We also have the addition of the bars which are another symbolic representation of the yin and yang. This tattoo is all about balance which is very necessary in this life. The plain classic approach using a black ink makes this tattoo more beautiful rather than making it a colourful one.

Italian Skin Style Sleeve Tattoo

italian skin style sleeve tattoo
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This country sleeve tattoo is represented by the country of Italy. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has shown fine skills of shadings, gradients, and highlights. The tattoo artist has made the flag of Italy in a distorted manner. Since all the other tattoos of the country flags have a simple representation of colours inside a rectangular box is very traditional.

However, in this tattoo, the tattoo artist has broken all those bars and has represented the rough and non-traditional side of the flag. Since flags are the representations of the country, they also have to go undergo a lot of battles and trials which is perfectly reflected in this tattoo.

The tattoo artist has gradient-shaded the flag using grey ink in between the colours that give it a smoky effect. Overall, the tattoo look great in the sleeve region and the execution by the tattoo artist is very impressive.

Japan Artwork Country Sleeve Tattoo

japan artwork country sleeve tattoo
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This country sleeve tattoo is the representation of the country of Japan. The tattoo is divided into two figures. One figure has the flag of Japan and one figure is of an animated original, Japanese created animal whose name is the ‘nine tails fox’.

Japan’s flag is a very unique design as compared to any other flag. The flag has a circle at its very centre and then there are rays that are emitted in all directions. This red circle is basically symbolising the red sun which is very evident as it has the perfect bright red colour.

It has a special name in Japanese language which is ‘Hinomaru’ which means ‘circle of the sun’. Not only is this tattoo very colourful but the addition of the country’s most popular and most famous all around the world, fiction animal has also been added in this tattoo.

The Nine tails fox is supposed to have a mysterious mythological meaning however the input of that here in this tattoo makes it more elevated and aesthetic. The entire sleeve is representing the country of Japan in its pure form.

Kenya Country Half Sleeve Tattoo

kenya country half sleeve tattoo
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This country sleeve tattoo right here is represented by the country of Kenya. The tattoo artist has taken the whole sleeve of the client to portray this artistic piece. This flag tattoo looks like a body art. The entire tattoo is so colourful and the symbolic colours of Kenya is shining in this tattoo.

The tattoo artist has drawn the flag of Kenya in the centre but to add a creative element, the tattoo artist has splashed those colour outside of the borders and outlines of the flag to make it look more artistic. The flag represents the symbols of peace, defense, and unity.

At the very top, we have the black strip which represents the people of Kenya. In the middle, we have a red strip that represents the bloodsheds of the martyrs and the gallant wars that Kenya fought against. Lastly, the green strip represents the wealth and prosperity of the country. Overall, a great country sleeve tattoo design that is very meaningful.

Turkey Whole Arm Tattoo

turkey whole arm tattoo
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This country sleeve tattoo is represented by the country of Turkey. The tattoo artist has surely outdone himself in terms of creativity. The entire flag of Turkey has been drawn as a droplet, but not just any droplet. The portrayal of the red droplet looks like the blood drop which is a symbolic symbol of a country’s flag as it represents the people’s fight and struggles to achieve the country’s peace and prosperity.

That red drop of the Turkey flag symbol is surrounded by large feathers which are coloured and beautifully shaded in black inks. The aesthetic of this tattoo is a masterpiece. At the bottom of the tattoo, right near the sleeve region, there is a pattern of a heartbeat which adds an element of beauty in this tattoo.

Right under it, there is a date that has been written in roman numbers to capture the essence of the tattoo and enhance it. Overall, a stunning body art that has been reflected as a country sleeve tattoo.

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