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Are you in search of an adorable cousin tattoo? Here are a few eye-catching tattoo ideas that we’ve handpicked for you guys!

cousin tattoo ideas
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Cousins are one of the most important members that complete a family.

Without cousins, one must have experienced a monotonous childhood. Cousins are also contemplated as the best friends of an individual.

People spend most of their childhood and holidays with their cousins. This helps to strengthen the bond between them. Along with time, cousins become our best friends and close family member. Many people share close bonds with their cousins rather than their siblings.

Cousin tattoos are therefore created to cherish this sweet and unique bond for a lifetime. A cousin tattoo is a symbol of love, affection, connection, and a strong eternal bond.

So if you want to cherish your bond with your cousin for a lifetime, get yourself inked with a beautiful tattoo that will make you closer to them. Both men and women can get themselves inked with a cousin tattoo. Here are a few stunning cousin tattoo ideas that you guys might like!

Matching Cousin Tattoos

matching cousin tattoos
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A cousin tattoo is a symbol of an everlasting link or connection with an individual. It is also a sign of promise, love, and friendship. Many people are very close to their cousins. And often get themselves matching tattoos. In this first tattoo, we have handpicked these matching floral butterfly designs for you and your cousins.

The floral butterfly Tattoo Design is a sign of innocence and stability. It is also a symbol of love that an individual has for nature. In this tattoo, the tattooist has inked two identical floral butterfly tattoos on the backside of the upper arm. The whole tattoo has been inked with the help of grey and black ink.

One wing of the butterfly is made up of various flowers, leaves, and petals. At the same time, the other wing is the original butterfly wing with a beautiful design. The tiny body of this insect is in between the two ravishing wings. It has a long body with a round head; on top of that head are two antennae. If you and your cousins are nature lovers, this tattoo idea is ideal for you guys!

Best Cousin Tattoo Ideas

best cousin tattoo ideas
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A family birthday party is always incomplete without the presence of our cousins and elders of the family. Here is one of the most beautiful tattoos that portray a family birthday party very simply.

This body art is inked right on the upper arm. The tattooist has outlines of the family members with the usage of black ink. It is a birthday celebration of an elderly man who just turned 73. He is surrounded by small kids and an elderly woman. This tattoo can be customized according to your choice. You can get yourself inked with the memorable photo that you have with your cousin. Such tattoos are special and will always hold an important place in your heart.

Small Cousin Tattoo Designs

small cousin tattoo designs
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Many people like or prefer to get themselves inked with small tattoos. Small tattoos have a minimal amount of elements existing in them. We have chosen this small yet attractive cousin tattoo for the next Tattoo Design.

This is a cross-finger cousin tattoo. People mostly make this gesture to summon good luck or fortune. It is also a sign of God’s protection of an individual. The tattoo artist has inked the word cousins just below the finger sign. So, in this case, god will protect all of your cousins. If you are searching for something very meaningful yet simple, this tattoo might fit your taste.

Family Cousin Tattoo Designs

family cousin tattoo designs
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This is a family heart tattoo. A family means someone close to you. It can be biological as well as social. If your cousin or friend is close to you, they become a very important part of your family. A family heart tattoo is a sign of affinity, link, closeness, commitment, and eternal bond.

In this wrist tattoo, the tattooist has drawn two tattoos on two different wrists. He has made use of fine black strikes and lines to complete the entire Tattoo Design. The tattooist has written the word ‘family’ using cursive writing. If you are in search of a small matching cousin tattoo, this might be ideal for you.

Sister Tattoo Ideas

sister tattoo ideas
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Both biological and cousin sisters play a very important role in shaping an individual’s life. If you are very close to your sister and share a special bond with her, then here is an alluring sister Tattoo Design.

In this tattoo, the tattooist has inked the lower leg region. There are two different individuals on whom the tattooist has inked this beautiful body art. You can see a young girl sitting on a wooden swing on the left leg. Her hair is nicely tied in a bun, and she is holding a cup tied to a string close to her ear. Above this girl, the line ‘no matter what’ has been inked. The background of this tattoo is made up of light blue ink. On the right leg, the tattooist has inked a girl who is also sitting on a wooden swing, and her hair is tied in a ponytail. She is also holding the cup telephone near her ear. Above her, the tattooist has inked ‘no matter where’. In this tattoo, the background is done in pink.

Matching Anchor Tattoos

matching anchor tattoos
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Matching anchor tattoos are gaining immense popularity in the tattooing industry. An anchor tattoo is a symbol of the sea. It also acts as a reminder to be humble and grounded. Apart from these, it is also a sign of hope, commitment, and safety. Here is a matching anchor tattoo for cousins.

The tattoo artist has drawn these anchor tattoos on the wrist of these three individuals. The anchors have been inked at a corner of the wrists. The anchor has been inked with bold and dark black ink. This anchor tattoo will look stunning on both males as well as females.

Friendship Flowers Matching Cousins Tattoos

friendship flowers matching cousins tattoos
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Cousins became the first friend that an individual has in his or her life. So to honor their friendship, here is a floral tattoo. Here the tattooist has inked three flower tattoos on three separate arms. The color combinations of these flowers vary from each other.

The extreme left flowers have blue and yellow followers. The middle arm has a combination of pink and purple flowers. And the last one has red flowers. The tattooist has chosen pastel shades to ink these flowers.

Matching Tattoos For Cousin

matching tattoos for cousin
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Matching tattoo designs among cousins are quite common. So here is a stunning cousin butterfly tattoo for you guys. Butterfly tattoos are symbols of independence, transformation, feminists, romance, love, and faith. In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn the butterfly on the upper arm.

The butterfly on the left arm has been inked with the help of a black shade and has a red heart just at the center, whereas the butterfly on the right arm has been inked with red and blue shades along with a red heart in the center. People who like vibrant and colorful tattoos can be up for this eye-catching Tattoo Design.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos For Cousins

infinity symbol tattoos for cousins
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The infinity tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs among young individuals. Infinity has a very deep inner meaning. The infinity Tattoo Design is a symbol of never-ending things. It is also a symbol of eternity. It also represents the number 8. This Tattoo Design helps to connect two individuals who stay far away from each other.

In this Tattoo Design, the tattooist made the infinity symbol on the wrist. The whole tattoo has been inked with the help of black ink, expecting two tiny hearts. These hearts are inked with the help of a red shade. On both sides of the symbol, the tattoo artist has inked the names of the two cousins. You can customize this Tattoo Design according to your preferences.

Matching Tattoo For Soul Sisters

matching tattoo for soul sisters
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A tree tattoo is a symbol of long-lasting and strong relationships. Family tree tattoos are a symbol of deep-rooted connection and bond between all family members. Cousins, a part of the family, can share this bond with you. So to cherish this unique bond, here are matching tree tattoos. The tattooist has drawn these tattoos on the upper arm.

Cousin and family is such a topic that has numerous tattoo designs available in the tattooing industry. Therefore, we were unable to include all the potential tattoo designs in this article. But you do not have to worry about it, as we have attached many ravishing tattoo ideas in this secondary tattoo list. The left tree tattoo has purple petals and leaves, whereas the right tree hands blue leaves and petals. With the help of Grounds and black shade, the tree trunks have been in. On the left arm, the tattoo artist has inked the word ‘soul’; on the right, the tattoo artist has inked the word ‘sisters’.

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