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2020 was a heck of a ride in our lives, right? If you are looking for covid tattoo ideas, look no further! Keep reading for safe tattooing!

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10 Best Covid Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! | 19

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Coronavirus disease or SARS COVID 19 is a contagious virus that has left the world shaken to its core. 

It is a deadly virus that affects respiratory syndrome acutely. The first COVID 19 case took place in December 2019 in Wuhan, China which later became a full-fledged pandemic by March 2020. 

COVID 19 has shook us to our cores and it has hampered our social life immensely. Since it turned into an epidemic at first and a pandemic, later on, has made a huge impact on our social lives and has brought the economy of our countries to a standstill. COVID 19 has made several people lose their jobs and become homeless. Many people have lost their beloveds due to this deadly virus and have lost someone very close to them. COVID 19 tattoos have now been made as a legit form of body art to commemorate to the instance how it has affected our lives severely and made them difficult. COVID 19 not only took a toll on our immune system but also on our mental health problems as well which are not much talked about.

2020 has been an adventurous year. With social distancing protocols to keep safe one another, COVID tattoos have become a very hit idea in the market. You can get your very own personalized COVID tattoos in your preferred tattoo parlors by following the safety guidelines. Follow guidelines given to you by your respective government and keep reading to get your next tattoo inspiration! 

Mr. Covid Tattoo Design

Mr. Covid <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-312556 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1659330746_457_10-Best-Covid-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your-Mind.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
@ramotattoo via Instagram

Did you ever think that COVID 19 will be personified as a person? Well, you did not. But you guessed it right! This tattoo is made on the hand of the person by the tattoo artist. The tattoo is of “Mr. Covid.” It has been beyond the imagination of any individual that Covid 19 will be personified as an individual. The tattoo is of a man wearing a monocle with an old-fashioned mustache. His hair is back brushed. To be honest, the tattoo looks realistic and the tattoo artist has done a commendable job in bringing Covid 19 to life. If you want a similar tattoo for yourself, get this done in your nearest tattoo shop. Do not forget to follow the Covid 19 guidelines! 

Covid 19 Tattoo With A Quote

covid 19 tattoo with a quote
@hadley.draws.badly via Instagram

Covid 19 has tickled the funny bones of many individuals. Wearers have suffered a lot and finally are trying to extract humor from this deadly virus. This tattoo quote is regarding Covid 19 and how the wearer survived from its shackles. The quote says, ” I survived COVID-19 and all I got was this lousy tattoo.” The fonts which have been combined in this tattoo look nice. The O in Covid 19, is made in an artistic form to resemble the shape of the virus. The tattoo is done immaculately and the credibility of the tattoo artists behind this piece of art is commendable. You can get matching tattoos with this. Run to your nearest tattoo shops and get this done!

Minimalistic Hand Sanitizer Tattoo On Forearm

minimalistic hand sanitizer tattoo on forearm
@bardou_tattoo via Instagram

Tattoo artists are shaking their minds off to get the best tattoo for their clients. This tattoo is of a hand sanitizer. The tattoo is dainty and looks beautifully made. The cap of the hand sanitizer is made in the form of dot-like artwork. The drop of the sanitizer is made with pitch-black ink. Inside the bottle, fingers and two eyes can be seen. It can be personified that the sanitizer is reaching up to help the people so that they do not contact COVID 19. The tattoo is made by the wearer to symbolize how hand sanitizers have been saviors to them and humanity when Covid 19 was terrifying us. It is an amazing idea and the tattoo shops are doing justice to the ideas of the wearer. 

Covid Warrior Tattoo Art Form For Women

covid warrior tattoo art form for women
@zeliaruiztattoo via Instagram

We all love animated tattoos. But this tattoo made on the wearer says a lot. This tattoo is of a Covid 19 warrior who has been a frontline worker and has saved our world from the doom of this virus. This tattoo is made to commemorate and praise those frontline workers who have risked their lives to save ours. This is a colorful tattoo where the character is a woman who is wearing a surgical mask and surgical gloves. She also has a stethoscope in hand which proves that she is a doctor. Her red bandana contrasts with the blue shirt she has been wearing and is enhancing her style. This is an amazing tattoo that is equally cute and pays homage to the people who risked their lives and has emerged as a warrior.

Survived Covid Tattoo Tattooed On Arm

survived covid tattoo tattooed on arm
@dvol.tattoo via Instagram

This tattoo is one of the best of the lot. This tattoo is made with black ink with a complete dot-like structure. The tattoo brings out the beauty of body art and it is one of a kind. The tattoo artists who have come up with this idea of this form of tattoo are amazing and enhance their creative genius. The tattoo is created on the forearm of the wearer. The tattoo implies that the wearer has survived COVID-19 and has emerged victorious. The coronavirus in this tattoo is made with dot work which gives the tattoo a soothing grunge effect. The virus is wearing a surgical mask. The tattoo is made in gothic font style and it looks badass! If you want to commemorate and show off how you emerged victorious from this deadly virus, this is a fine inspiration for you!

Pikachu Social Distancing Tattoo Idea For Covid

pikachu social distancing tattoo idea for covids
@alanatomlin via Instagram

Pikachu is a loveable anime character who is adored by all. Pikachu is cute and is known for being cute, yet hardcore. In this tattoo, Pikachu is wearing a surgical mask. The eyes of this beloved Pokemon are watery and he seems to be sad. The tattoo would have looked better if it was made with colors that would bring out the cuteness of Pikachu. The tattoo is dainty and has been made with utmost care. The eyes have been made beautifully. Even though it is small, the detailing of making it watery is mind-blowing. You can get this tattoo done either in color or with plain black ink as per your preference.

Colorful Mask Tattoo Ideas For Covid

colorful mask tattoo ideas for covid
@sofytattoos via Instagram

Masks have become a much-needed item in these tough times. However, it can also be made beautifully with immense artistic skills which make the tattoo look adorable. The tattoo is of a colorful mask made on a forearm. It is a tattoo of a surgical mask. On the right part of the mask, the year 2020 is written and is slashed with red ink. On the other side, a small beautiful flower can be seen peeping through the mask. This symbolizes that even though 2020 has brought us hardships, it will soon be over and humanity can rejoice once Covid 19 will be defeated. The outline of the mask is made with black ink and the insides are filled with blue color. The tattoo is really cute and minimalistic and makes the wearer looks adorable.

Social Distancing Creative Tattoo Design

Social Distancing Creative <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-312571 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1659330749_277_10-Best-Covid-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your-Mind.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
@beyon.wren.moor via Instagram

This tattoo is very creative and brings out the creative essence of social distancing. This is among the best tattoos of the lot. Back tattoos are often preferred due to the lack of nerve endings which help to ease the pain when a tattoo is made. This is preferably an outline tattoo where it can be seen that two girls are communicating with each other. They are connected by a string that resembles an elongated telephone. It symbolizes that even though social distancing has made life difficult, the bond is still unmatched between two friends. The tattoo brings out the creative self of the artist and they have done a commendable job to make it on the wearer. If you are looking for quirky tattoos with a hint of creativity, this is absolutely a grab for you.

Cute Covid 19 Tattoo Design

Cute Covid 19 <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-312572 lazyload” data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1659330750_757_10-Best-Covid-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your-Mind.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
@wimswim via Instagram

If you like outline tattoos with cute designs, this is an absolute grab for you. The tattoo is made right above the ankle of the wearer. It is the coronavirus. It resembles the shape of the virus, and it looks adorable. The virus has eyes, eyebrows, nose, and a cute little smile which makes it look dainty. The tattoo has a flower inside which is also made with the help of a minimalistic outline. It looks adorable. It symbolizes that the wearer has survived the bounds of this virus or someone close to the wearer is still recovering from it. This tattoo is made to pay homage to them.

Covid Vaccine Tattoo Design

Covid Vaccine <a href=Tattoo Design” class=”wp-image-312576 lazyload” width=”781″ height=”769″ data-eio=”p” src=”https://curatedmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/1659330750_825_10-Best-Covid-Tattoo-Ideas-That-Will-Blow-Your-Mind.jpg” decoding=”async” data-/>
@tattooremoval_gr via Instagram

Getting the correct vaccination is the best way to fight through this difficult time. It is important that the risk of transmission of this virus is reduced and that people are socially aware of coronavirus. This tattoo is made with a resemblance to the logo of Pfizer vaccine company which have been currently making the best vaccine in the world after AstraZeneca. The tattoo looks really adorable and it seems to be a replica of the brand just made with black ink. The tattoo artist has done a pretty commendable job of exactly replicating this particular design.

Covid 19 has made our life extremely difficult. The survival has been challenged for the past year. Even though it has been partially eradicated in certain countries, it is still very much life-threatening. Here are some amazing and innovative ideas you can take inspiration from the COVID 19 tattoos.

  • Smallpox vaccine tattoo.
  • Glamor magazine vaccine tattoo. 
  • San Francisco social distancing tattoos. 
  • Fuck Covid tattoo designs. 
  • Injection tattoo.

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