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Are you looking for some cute animal tattoos that represent patience? Then here are some amazing cow tattoo ideas for you to check out!

cow tattoo
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A lot of people often wonder about a cow tattoo meaning, and the answer is quite simple.

The symbol of a cow can mean a lot of things depending on the culture where it may be found. Universally, the cow is a symbol of the mother earth and fertility because cows give milk for all of us to drink.

In the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, cows are also worshipped as symbols of holiness. They are also considered to be the most patient of all animals as they are always slow and steady in their actions. Consequently, a lot of people choose to get cow tattoos because they like the animal and the positive virtues it symbolizes. In addition to that, a lot of people also choose to get cow tattoos because they initially grew up on a farm and were brought up quite closely with other cows. Even though cows are not traditionally considered to be pets, a lot of people love them like pets nonetheless. Therefore, a tattoo is a way to honour the animal they like and love.

Simple Cow Tattoo Designs

simple cow tattoo designs
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If you are just starting out and have not gotten a tattoo done before, it would be smart to get a simple tattoo done first. A minimal tattoo would be good to understand what your pain threshold is and if you can get a bigger one next time.

There are many awesome cow tattoo designs on the internet to choose from if you want. In addition to that, you may also have your own design that you would want the tattoo artist to follow. You can also give your tattoo artist the basic idea and have them make a wonderful tattoo design for you. As seen in the picture, you can just get a simple black and white spotted cow tattoo done on top of your arm, chest or shoulder which will look really cute.

Cute And Tiny Calf Tattoo Ideas

cute and tiny calf tattoo ideas
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If you want a cute cow tattoo, then you should search for some adorable calf pictures on the internet. After all, the face of a little calf on your arm or bicep will look extremely endearing.

Funny Cow With A Hat Tattoos

funny cow with a hat tattoos
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In the United States of America, cows are mostly found in farmlands or ranches towards the south where a lot of farming is prevalent. People in these farmlands and ranches also wear hats which are often termed as “cowboy hats”. Therefore, if you are from the south and want to get a tattoo of a cow, why not put a hat over its head? The tattoo design of a cute cow with a hat over its head will also be very funny.

Colourful Cow Tattoo Designs

colourful cow tattoo designs
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If you do not like monochromatic, dark tattoos and find them quite boring, you should definitely add some colorful ink to your tattoo design. A splash of color will make the tattoo much more cheerful and bright.

Cow Tattoo Designs For Your Leg

cow tattoo designs for your leg
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If you are looking for tattoo ideas for your leg, you can also see some cow tattoos. As seen in this picture, the back of your leg can be a really great area to put an elaborate cow tattoo. The wearer has also added pretty flowers on the head of the cow which makes it more endearing.

If you are in the search for more ideas for pretty flower tattoos, check out these beautiful Yellow Rose tattoo designs.

Cow Tattoos For Your Bicep Area

cow tattoos for your bicep area
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Your bicep is a great area to get tattoos is because of the amount of space it can provide. This makes it easy to fit a large tattoo into the bicep. Thus, if you have a slightly larger tattoo idea with a cow but have no idea where to place it, you may try to see if it will look great on your bicep. This will also allow people to see and admire it from afar.

Realistic Cow Tattoos

realistic cow tattoos
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If you want a realistic tattoo, you may also show your tattoo artist the picture of a cow you once had and ask them to draw the face of the cow in a similar way. This will be a wonderful way to remember your favourite pet.

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Adorable Highland Cow Tattoo Designs

adorable highland cow tattoo designs
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We all know that the cows which we can find in the Highlands are remarkably different from the ones we usually find. The highland cows are adorable because of the amount of extra hair they have on their head. Consequently, if you find highland cows cuter, you can also have a tattoo of the highland cow.

funky cow tattoo ideas
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If you do not mind being free and experimental with your tattoo design, you may just want a funny tattoo instead. After all, there are plenty of fun and quirky cow characters to be found in comics, cartoons, or movies. Therefore, you can also search for an adorably funny cow tattoo like the one in the picture.

Lovely Cow With Her Baby Tattoo Ideas

lovely cow with her baby tattoo ideas
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Almost all the popular images of cows are with their calves in tow. After all, right after giving birth, a cow is always seen with her child who she provides sustenance to through her milk. The cow is also a sign of universal motherhood. Therefore, if you want the love of universal motherhood to shine through your tattoo, you can get this sweet tattoo of a mother and her calf.

Tattoos based on animals are becoming quite popular again in 2021. A lot of people have been looking up animals they like and trying to figure out what those animals symbolize in different cultures. Consequently, if you feel that you have a deep connection with the cow which is also considered holy in some cultures, go ahead and get the best cow tattoo you can find!

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