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Do you love tall birds spreading their wings in the sky or swoop near water bodies? Then crane tattoos can be a great find for you as a tattoo choice.

Crane Tattoo
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Cranes are a symbolism of happiness.

Crane tattoo designs can be minimalistic and are found popularly in Japanese culture. They are really creative and you can let your imagination run wild when you are opting for crane tattoo.

These tattoo designs are beautiful, and if you want a tattoo that will look cool and also different from other tattoos, then the crane tattoo can be something that you might be looking for.

Here is a list of 10 such crane tattoos

Japanese Crane Tattoo

Japanese Crane Tattoo
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This crane tattoo meaning is deep in lore – it refers to peace, longevity and fidelity. The Japanese considered cranes as a symbol of long life and luck. This tattoo design is famous in Asia for its unique designs. These tattoos look best on the arm.

Japan Crane Tattoo
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This is one of the most famous tattoos you will find in Japan. This is a great piece of art and its symbolism of prosperity makes it even a more popular choice. These tattoos also look good on the legs. You can either have a simple black tattoo or a colour tattoo.

Paper Crane Tattoo

Paper Crane Tattoo
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If it’s your first tattoo or among the many who prefer something minimalistic and colourful, then this can be a beautiful choice. You would even want to get images of your tattoo and share them with your friends.

Paper Crane Tattoos
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This type of paper crane tattoo will pop out great on your skin if you are confident about experimenting with colours. You can search for such paper crane tattoo ideas on various portfolios of tattoo artists. What does a paper crane tattoo mean is a common question among many tattoo lovers. It has symbolism with peace and protection.

Origami Crane Tattoo

Origami Crane Tattoo
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If you love art and peace, you can look for something minimalistic and clean. This too falls under paper crane tattoos but these are much more popular than the simple paper crane tattoo design. You can go pretty far with experimenting with the crane designs.

Origami Crane Tattoos
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You can always make a simple black origami tattoo look different by adding a bit of colour. These origami tattoos are not only popular in Japan but across the globe too. Origami crane tattoos will always stay in trend.

Flying Crane Tattoo

Flying Crane Tattoo
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The idea behind this crane tattoo is to show the beautiful bird in full flight in nature. Look for an artist who will do justice to this majestic bird.

Flying Black Crane Tattoo
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These tattoos can either be long or small. You may go for a long crane tattoo if you want intricate detailings on the bird. This too is a good choice for a first tattoo.

Collarbone Crane Tattoo

Collarbone Crane Tattoo
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A stunning crane tattoo flying against the collar bone can look magnificent. Even in black, you can add astonishing details to make the crane look beautiful.

Crane with Flower Tattoo
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These tattoos may look good in black but if you can add some colour, it will make the crane pop out and also make the bird look realistic.

Crane Tattoo on Back

Crane Tattoo on Back
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If you want to try out a bold crane tattoo that will look life-like and the crane tattoo meaning of hope and prosperity will remain unaltered, get the bird inked on your back. you can either go for a small or a full back crane tattoo. Such a colourful crane tattoo can cover the back and has to be a truly statement piece that shares your personal story through the tattoo.

Full Sleeve Crane Tattoo

Full Sleeve Crane Tattoo
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Want to sport your well-defined biceps and forearms? Go for a full sleeve crane tattoo. With the use of correct colour combinations, the bird will look aesthetic and also make everyone stare at it in awe.

Full Sleeve Crane Tattoos
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The common thing about almost all full sleeve crane tattoos are is the use of bright red in the background, which makes the bird pop out.

Minimalistic Crane Tattoo

Minimalistic Crane Tattoo
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If you are amongst those who like small intricate and meaningful tattoos, then these tattoos can be considered the ideal ones for you. These tattoos has an aesthetic appeal as they appear almost like a portrait.

Realistic Crane Tattoo
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You can either go for an animated crane tattoo or a sketch that will more look realistic. If you love the idea of getting a tattoo but do not fancy large and extravagant tattoos, then this is the one for you.

Detailed Crane Tattoo

Detailed Crane Tattoo
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A well-detailed crane tattoo will look great across your chest if you h.ave a broad chest. The chest offers a large surface area that gives a lot of space to experiment with. You can go for small chest tattoos which are much more sublime or a big tattoo with extensive colouring.

Leg Crane Tattoo

Leg Crane Tattoo
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Just like the arm. chest and the back, a crane tattoo will look equally amazing and stunning if done on the leg. There is a lot of room for the artist to work on. You can think of getting the full bird inked on your leg or focus on either the feathers or head.

Thigh Crane Tattoo
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These tattoos are popular for being realistic. These tattoos are spread out and look good on both men and women. And, if you are an athlete, then a tattoo similar to this will define your leg better.

The crane has been considered to be a famous bird for decades in Asia, especially in Japan and these tattoos have become world-famous. If you love your life or wish for a better world, then a crane tattoo can be the best celebration of prosperity and good health.

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