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Are you a big gamer and follow the show ‘Critical Role’ with special interest? Then here are some amazing Critical Role tattoos for you to check out.

critical role tattoo
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‘Critical Role’ is a web series that originated in the United States of America and ran from 2015 for two seasons and 115 episodes.

In this web series, a group of voice actors played the RPG game ‘Dungeons And Dragons’. The game between the voice actors was then streamed online for people who were interested in the game and how it played out.

‘Dungeons And Dragons’ was a fantasy board game that was first created in 1974. In this game, each of the players took on a role and went on a quest. The web series ‘Critical Role’ was started by Matthew Mercer along with other voice actors like Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray and Liam o’Brien.

Simplistic Critical Role Tattoos

simplistic critical role tattoos
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‘Dungeons and Dragons’ is full of complex characters with their own nuanced storylines. The voice actors in Critical Role have done a great task of bringing some of those characters to life in a way that enthusiasts of the game could finally visualize each of the quests.

Therefore, if you are looking for a simple Critical Role tattoo, you can look at the characters played in Critical Role for your inspiration. For example, in the picture above, the wearer has gotten a small tattoo that represents the character Keyleth voiced by Marisha Ray. The beautiful tiara along with the flame of fire represents the brave half-elf druid in the games. Consequently, you can also create smaller tattoos out of your favorite characters.

Adorable Goblin Tattoos From Critical Role

adorable goblin tattoos from critical role
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While there are many artistic imaginings and recreations of the characters from Dungeons and Dragons, you can always put your own spin on your favourite character and make a tattoo out of that. After all, your tattoo should reflect your own personality and interests. Consequently, if you have a character like Nott the Brave as pictured above, you can also get a tattoo with a funny and cute interpretation of the character.

In addition to Critical Role, if you are also a fan of Pokemon anime, here are some awesome Charizard tattoo designs to check out.

Critical Role Tattoo Ideas With Iconic ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ Quotes

critical role tattoo ideas with iconic 'dungeons and dragons' quotes
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The game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ is full of magical quotes and phrases which can be funny and inspirational at the same time. Some of the more well-known quotes from the game are “Long may they reign!” and “Take me to the top.” Subsequently, if you want people to know your love for the game and the web series ‘Critical Role’, you can also use the quotes you like the most and get a tattoo based on that. These quotes will look amazing on the back of your shoulder or chest if done in simple black ink.

Critical Role Tattoo Designs With Dungeons And Dragons Characters

critical role tattoo designs with dungeons and dragons characters
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If you are a fan of the live web series and have watched each and every episode of the live show, you must have a character that you like the most. In that situation, you can also get a tattoo based on the character you love or relate to the most.

You can look up different kinds of fan art on social media to find a tattoo design for that character. You can also ask your tattoo artist to draw up a pretty tattoo design and share it with you. You can also look at gargoyle tattoo ideas, Critical Role jester tattoo, Crtical Role magic tattoo, Captain tusk tooth tattoo Critical Role or Beauregard Critical Role tattoo if you are searching for more options.

Critical Role Tattoos With Significant Phrases

critical role tattoos with significant phrases
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If you want to capture the actual essence of the live web series and the show through your tattoo, you can also opt for a more unconventional tattoo design. After all, there must be some significant phrases that stand out the most to you. Thus, a person can also get those phrases tattooed on them.

Gorgeous Critical Role Tattoo Designs For Your Arm

gorgeous critical role tattoo designs for your arm
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The game as well as the live show often also use characters from Tarot cards, most notably Death, the jester or the fool. So if you have always wanted to get a Dungeons and Dragons tattoo but do not want the usual, popular designs, you can also look at some of the Tarot designs. As seen in the picture above, the unique Tarot card tattoo design will look amazing on the upper area of your arm.

Detailed Critical Role Tattoos

detailed critical role tattoos
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A lot of people who get ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ tattoos look for magic tattoos or armour tattoo. Some way even get a Yggdrasil tattoo. However, regardless of the tattoo design you choose, the main beauty of the tattoo will lie in how intricate and detailed the pattern will be. Consequently, you have to ensure that your tattoo artist does an amazing job of drawing your Critical Role magic tattoo.

For more magical tattoos, check out these beautiful and mysterious castle tattoo ideas.

Awesome Tattoo Ideas For Critical Role Fans

awesome tattoo ideas for critical role fans
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Most of the Critical Role tattoos are with phrases, symbols from the game or the characters. However, if you want a bit more mature and dark tattoo, you just have to let your tattoo artist know about your vision. If you give him a draft of your ideas, he can build the perfect dark, edgy and shaded Critical Role tattoo for you as seen in the picture.

Ideas For Tattoos With The Critical Role Logo

ideas for tattoos with the critical role logo
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The most convenient way to show your appreciation for the Critical Role show would be to get a tattoo of their logo. After all, the pentagon geometric structure along with a sword would also create a fantastic tattoo.

Colorful Critical Role Tattoo Designs For Dungeons And Dragons Fans

colorful critical role tattoo designs for dungeons and dragons fans
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The best way to add vibrant colours to your Critical Role tattoo would be to add gemstones to the design. Gemstones like sapphire, diamond, ruby, emerald and aquamarine are one of the most important parts of the game since these can be used to derive strength and dexterity. Thus, most players need these gemstones as well.

You may often feel that ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ is not a very popular game but ‘Critical Role’ proved that the game has a massive fan following across continents. So if you were influenced by the show or followed it regularly, you should go ahead and get an amazing Critical Role tattoo to show your appreciation for the show!

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