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cross and roses tattoo
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Rose and cross are elements or symbols that have meanings to represent in the religion of Christianity and its tradition and culture.

A rose represents purity, love, martyrdom, joy, etc. The cross and Jesus Christ are some of the religious symbols that they use in many places.

Together, try combining these beautiful flowers and their cross to reduce the pain of the image and make it more appealing. The combination of roses and a cross is widely seen in tattoo designs, which Christians love to show their religious beliefs and beauty. There are plenty of options for such creative designs, and we have a curated list of the best Cross and Roses tattoo ideas that are really great and popular! So, let’s check them out!

Cross And Roses Tattoo Designs

cross and roses tattoo designs
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This simple cross rosary tattoo by the tattoo artist is a fine piece of artwork. The word wealth is written as a line in this cross tattoo design. The other line of the cross is the roses and the branch from which they are growing. Even though the word wealth is written in the tattoo design, a more happy feeling is felt through this simple yet powerful roses and cross tattoo. The pink-red roses are inked beautifully by the tattoo artist.

Also, this tattoo on arms with roses and crosses adds more beauty to your skin and the pretty dresses you wear. You could feel yourself at peace watching this calm tattoo design on your arms.

Firm Foundation

firm foundation
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Among popular designs for cross tattoos for men, you might have come across these cool coffin cross tattoos of flowers. This cross-arm tattoo of great beauty symbolizes the coffin and the flowers we often go and keep at these coffins while you visit. Also, a sheet of paper is shown in this holy spirit, a significant symbol of a cross tattoo. The roses and other flowers, as shown in this cross tattoo, are placed substantially in places that fit them right in. The whole coffin and the cross tattoo are given black ink. The flowers or rose tattoo designs are red. Grasses and other flower plants are shown growing all over the cross tattoo in green ink. The overall tattoo is quite colourful and has impressive tattoo designs.

Rose, Cross, And Quote

rose, cross, and quote
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You can get this cross tattoo as a bold statement on your arms or shoulder. The painful but beautiful quote, “every rose has its thorn”, is written as a vertical straight line forming a cross with a horizontal line with a rose growing over it.

Rose tattoos and cross tattoo design are excellent and different concepts of design with enough space to get in a cross from cross tattoo designs. This particular design has a unique font for the quote. Even though the quote and the other elements have different styles, the single rose and the quote have been merged very well as one artwork with a rose tattoo and a simple cross tattoo. The whole cross forearm tattoo is given a black colour. The cross tattoo and the rose tattoo both together make an excellent aesthetic look like a half sleeve tattoo with roses and cross for women.

Jesus Christ Cross Tattoo

jesus christ cross tattoo
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Many Christians believe in their religious symbolism. They worship Jesus Christ. According to Christian faith and belief, Jesus died on a cross. Their holy order speaks volumes of how Jesus Christ suffered in his last days on the cross. The representative symbol of Jesus being tied to a cross has been used in Christianity for a long time. They feel their God’s love in their holy chains and symbolic deity. Their lost loved great God is remembered and worshipped through this sacred symbol.

In this cross tattoo with roses and banners, the roses are designed as a background grey image. The foreground has a plain white space image of Jesus Christ tied to the cross: a unique design is being created in this cross tattoo. This Christian symbolism is done as body art by some Christians to showcase their religious beliefs.

Designed Cross With A Rose

designed cross with a rose
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The symbols and styles used in this red roses and cross tattoo are pretty enchanting. At first glance, we felt this cross tattoo was inspired by the classic movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with the beautiful rose tattoo designs.

The symbols used for the cross design are excellent and match the rose leaves patterns. The main body of the cross, the connected centre part, is where the rose tattoo is placed in these cross tattoo designs.

Roses bring such a beauty of life makes this simple cross tattoo more beautiful. You can have this as a tribal cross tattoo by adding darker and fabulous colours and backgrounds.

These rose tattoos can be done as a cross-chest tattoo on your body. You can also have this tattoo done on your shoulders, arms, legs, etc.

Forearm Roses And Cross Chain Tattoo

forearm roses and cross chain tattoo
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The flower rose is created as the background for these detailed tattoo designs. As a national flower, you can see them in Irish cross designs in their flags. The geometric shapes of the cross fit right in perfectly in these cross and rose tattoo designs. You can get this as a full forearm tattoo. This cross-hand tattoo is entirely given dark black shades of colours.

The Jesus cross tattoo is famous among Christians. They get these cross tattoo designs done on their bodies to show their religious beliefs, practices, and traditions. They think of the cross as an infinity symbol. This cross-shoulder tattoo design covers a lot of places, and they are used as a cover-up tattoo.

Maltese Cross Tattoo

maltese cross tattoo
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Roses and cross tattoo forearms have always been a favourite for some. Well, this cross tattoo with a single rose tattoo on it is simple and shows complicated emotions. Maltese cross tattoos like these give a bright colour and show that there has been some thought put to these tattoo designs.

This unique cross tattoo with an upside-down cross can be done as a neck tattoo or a cross necklace tattoo. The red rose brings a smile to your face and warmth in your thoughts. This cross-neck tattoo of rose tattoos can be made as a cross-finger tattoo if its size is reduced slightly.

Such a small cross tattoo can be done as a cross ankle tattoo as well. Also, this small cross tattoo is colourful, with the red rose and green leaves growing onto the simple cross.

Colourful Graffiti Heart Cross Tattoo

colourful graffiti heart cross tattoo
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This rose bush tattoo can be created as a finger tattoo. These cross tattoos are one of our preferred tattoo designs. Even though they are simple cross tattoos, the colours pop out so many elements in these colourful graffiti-style cross tattoos.

This cross-face tattoo can be done in small as well as large sizes. The various shades of blue, yellow, red, turquoise blue, and green are used in this cross with wings and roses tattoo. Two meanings are shown by the selection of ink of different colours. The rose taking the centre of the cross brings the meanings of the universal concept of love and the bright ink used in this wings tattoo.

Infinity Cross Tattoo Of Roses

infinity cross tattoo of roses
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This simple rose bush tattoo has a horizontal line written to make it a form of a cross. The bar is spelt as ‘memento mori.’ This Korean black and grey tattoo are so good. The artist has created it with some aesthetic sense as well. The cross tattoo is given a grayscale ink. Also, the leaves and the roses are drawn in an accessible style manner. You can get this tattoo on your arms or shoulder. Also, you can get them on your thighs in a larger size.

The Rose In The Cross

the rose in the cross
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This cross tattoo has an image of roses in the outline of the cross tattoo. Also, the whole cross, along with the roses inside, is given a grey-black ink colour. This neck tattoo can also be done as a leg or arm tattoo design. You might also try sharing some red colours to highlight the roses in the cross tattoo outline. Overall, this is an excellent tattoo to choose from if you are looking for a cross and roses tattoo that is dope in design as well as traditional.

A cross is one of the most recognizable Christian symbols globally, and combining it with any other profound motifs can give you the happiness you desire after getting inked. Check out some more inspirational rose, cross, and such motifs for body artwork that speak volumes to you.

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