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Looking for crown tattoo ideas? Look no further! Find the best crown tattoos for men and women that will give you a sense of royalty and leadership!

Crown Tattoo
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A crown is a headgear that is worn by rulers or monarchs.

Crowns represent many meaningful elements and symbols that as a combination symbolize glory, power, leadership, control, authority and are mostly associated with royalty. Crowns are made from precious metals and are decorated with jewels and give their wearer a sense of superiority and authority.

Crowns have, for years, held a great degree of importance in human civilization as there have been wars over the right to wear a crown by countless rulers and institutions. Crowns have many variations that have been aptly recorded throughout history in texts, testaments, and in general human history. In the present day, crowns have been discovered throughout the world with some still intact, and in pristine quality. In Christian tradition in Europe, the crown represents the appointment of a new monarch as the crown is placed on the head of the new monarch who ascended the throne.

The crown is also seen as a symbol of martyrdom as a crown of thorns was placed on the head of Jesus Christ before he was crucified. In Roman Catholic tradition, Virgin Mary on ascending to heaven was crowned as the Queen of Heaven. The crown on her head can be seen on statues in churches.

The Three Crowns symbol is known to refer to the three wise men who went on to become the symbol of the Swedish Kingdom and the wearer of the crown, the King, became a figure of authority, power, leadership, and royalty.

In the present day, like most elements, crowns have become a part of the body art genre with a combination of meaningful symbols associated with power and authority that people all around the world get tattooed on their bodies.

Since the body art genre is adjustable in size, design, and style, many people use this convenience when they get inked with the crown tattoo as they can choose the elements that they wish to add to their crown tattoo designs and in turn, create their own symbol and make it meaningful in their own way by adding different meanings that are associated with them.

Lion With Crown Tattoo Full-Arm Tattoo Design

Lion With Crown Tattoo Full-Arm Tattoo Design
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Just like in the animal kingdom, the Lion stands supreme in the world of animal tattoo designs. This lion is known as the King of the jungle and is one of the most feared animals to grace the Earth. Getting a crown tattoo with the lion as the main feature of the sketch is a great way of paying tribute to the graceful animal that is associated with courage, bravery, and authority. It also has bit of a Narnia effect, with Aslan being the king and the redeemer.

Tattoo designs with a Lion wearing a crown symbolize the status quo the animal has in the animal kingdom.

The placement for full-sized tattoo designs like this is best suited to the shoulder, arm, back, chest, or legs.

Queen Crown Tattoo Design For The Risk Takers

Queen Crown Tattoo Design For The Risk Takers
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This amazing tattoo idea is for both men and women and if you are a person with a creative mind you will easily notice that this tattoo design is associated with the game of cards. The portrait of the woman takes centre stage in the creation of this tattoo and the tattoo design is intricate enough for the tattoo to pop! The heart on the eye and the crown that the portrait is wearing represents the Queen of Hearts card.

The card represents women who are sincere and loving and are always behind their significant other to support them. Getting a tattoo like this tattooed on your body is the perfect way to show your love to your partner as it symbolizes love and loyalty as this crown tattoo is worn with pride.

A full-sized crown design like this takes a lot of patience to be inked so make sure you are calm and composed in the process of getting this tattooed on your body. The perfect placement for this tattoo is the chest, back, arms, wrist, or shoulder.

Skull Crown Tattoo Design For People Who Enjoy Eerie Things

Skull Crown Tattoo Design For People Who Enjoy Eerie Things
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If you are a person who wants to get a crown tattoo on your body as a way to show your love for the supernatural, then this is one of the many crown tattoo designs that you should consider get tattooed!

This skull crown design is an absolute beast of a tattoo design as it uses several designs that come together and bring out the imagination of the artist.

The skull takes the center stage and it is full of details with the flowers playing the part of the eyes of the skull. The nose is created in such a way that it represents the Ace of Spades card which acts as a symbol of death and fear, which in turn perfectly fits the eerie and cool theme of the tattoo design.

Large tattoo designs like this are limited in placement and will look cool on the chest, back, arms or shoulder.

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo For The Religious

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo For The Religious
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The crown of thorns is one of the most renowned crown tattoo designs in the market as it pays tribute to Jesus Christ, who prior to being crucified was made to wear a crown of thorns.

The artist has done an amazing job of pouring his soul into this tattoo design. The art style and stunning ink work are simply amazing as it allows the rich details to pop. The portrait of Jesus is detailed to absolute perfection with the bloody tears rolling down his eyes and the cuts from the scars are shown well enough for prying eyes to make out all the intricate details. The crown of thorns is inked nicely and the combination of the flower and the palm in which the entire tattoo design fits snuggly gives the tattoo a great look.

If you want to show your love for Jesus and are looking to get a crown tattoo, then this crown tattoo design will be perfect for you as it symbolizes the burden, guilt, and anxiety that was felt by Jesus Christ.

A medium-large tattoo design like this loses all its meanings if it is hidden, so as a wearer, make sure you flaunt this tattoo. The placement for this tattoo style is perfect for the chest, back, wrist, or shoulder on the body. Not to forget that thanks to the adjustable nature of tattoos you add your tattoo artist to make this tattoo small or big and even add details like more flowers or the holy cross.

King And Queen Tattoos For The Couples Who Are Not Shy To Show Their Love

King And Queen Tattoos For The Couples Who Are Not Shy To Show Their Love
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The King and Queen crown tattoo design is one of the best examples of a tattoo idea that could be worn by couples. This tattoo design is a great way to tell the world that you are in control of your own lives and destiny and nobody else can control you.

Even though this tattoo is associated with couples, it can also be used solo as many men and women get inked with this design. In women, the crown tattoo symbolizes freedom and independent life. In men, the crown tattoo is used to symbolize your own status and how you treat yourself like royalty in life. In both cases, the crown tattoo could be used to show off your own strengths and weaknesses as it is the wearer that brings out the best of the tattoo and not the other way around!

As placement goes, this crown tattoo fits perfectly on the arm sleeve, or if you want it on your wrist or shoulder, you can ask your artist to change the shape before you get inked. You could even get a small crown tattoo on your neck or finger if you are not into showing off.

Artistic Crown Tattoo Design For The Art Lovers

Artistic Crown Tattoo Design For The Art Lovers
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This mesmerizing tattoo is just stunning to the core! The amazingly inked crown design is perfect to the core as it captures the essence of the sword and crown design put together.

Aside from being the symbol of royalty, the start of a royal era, or the coronation of a King, the crown also means power, loyalty, and authority. The sword portrait in the form of a cross going through the crown is used as a representation of victory that is often pursued by kings and queens.

If you want to commemorate your victory in life over a difficult circumstance, then we would recommend you to get inked with this amazing tattoo as it will fill you with a sense of power and dominance and give you the confidence to overcome more hurdles in life and to be at your very best.

Also, in case you want this tattoo and are not sold over it, then don’t worry as thanks to the flexibility of artworks like this, you can add as many elements into the design as you want! You can add flowers or a larger cross or ask your tattoo artist to use coloured ink or change the defining feature of this tattoo from a medium-sized crown to a small crown. The possibilities are limitless!

The placement for this tattoo design is perfect for this royal crown tattoo is the shoulder or the arms.

Art Nouveau Queen Bee Crown Tattoo Design For The Art Appreciators

Art Nouveau Queen Bee Crown Tattoo Design For The Art Appreciators
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This gorgeous tattoo design is one of the many crown tattoo designs that use the art nouveau style to bring their creation to life! The tattoo is rich with intricate details and the entire design is done with only black ink, showcasing the fact that tattoos do not need to be full of colours to look good!

The flowers, vines, and the traditional art style of the tattoo act as the perfect frame for the bee to take centre stage. The crown and the bee are in close proximity to each other as the bee reaches for the crown. The symbolism of this tattoo stands for the struggle that gentlewomen have to go through in their daily lives to stand at the top of society!

This tattoo will fill you with a sense of power and pride so make sure you flaunt it after you get it inked on your body!

Civic Crown Tattoo Design For The History Geeks

Civic Crown Tattoo Design For The History Geeks
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The Civic Crown played a major role in the ancient Roman empire as it was used as a military decoration. Roman citizens who put their lives at risk in an effort to save their fellow citizens were awarded this leaf crown by the King himself as a way to pay tribute to their bravery and selflessness. Soon after, the Civic Crown became the second-highest decoration that could be awarded to a common citizen.

The recipient of this crown was required to wear the crown at public gatherings and all the men were to applaud them. Originating from Roman Emperor Augustus, it became compulsory to award Roman Emperors with the Civic Crown.

This crown tattoo represents the human qualities of selflessness and sacrifice and if you think you are one of the people who won’t hesitate to help others, then this tattoo will be the perfect fit for your personality!

Jewel Embedded Red Crown Tattoo Design For The People Who Have A Thing For Beauty

Jewel Embedded Red Crown Tattoo Design For The People Who Have A Thing For Beauty
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If you are someone who often finds yourself mesmerized by the beauty of things around you, then you will absolutely love this crown tattoo design!

This crown idea takes its inspiration from the English Crown and recreates the design in a great way that makes the tattoo pop. The sketch of the tattoo can be described as absolute perfection as the crown is displayed in a realistic tone with the design of the sketch. The artist has done a great way in creating this tattoo and working on it as intricately as possible to bring the design close to reality.

The portrait of the crown is stunning to look at thanks to the amazing usage of colored ink. The jewels inscribed in the tattoo design are so well drawn that they look real! The small jewels at the base or the band of the crown followed by the larger jewel in the middle and the golden Fleur-de-lis design is a treat to look at! The large red jewel adds to the beauty of the tattoo as it stands out as one of the major pieces of attention grabbers. The cap is bright red as it follows the English crown example and the arch is embedded with tiny jewels that are easily visible. The upside-down half-moon under the crown adds a bit of mystery to the design.

A crown tattoo design like this can only be made by an expert who has an array of skills and experience to bring out the beauty of such an amazing piece of work. In case you want to get this inked, do remember you might have to pay a lot of money as tattoos like this take a lot of time to finish as a result of which you might have to book several appointments!

Small Crown Tattoo Design For The Minimalists

Small Crown Tattoo Design For The Minimalists
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Just because it is a crown tattoo doesn’t mean it always has to be big! This tattoo doesn’t just look beautiful, it feels beautiful too and it will bring out the beauty of the person who has it inked on their body.

This small yet detailed fill tattoo serves as an example of how tattoos can be eye-catching even with their small size. The artist has done an amazing job fitting so many colours and details into such a small portrait. The colourful flowers on the crown with the vines and butterflies add to the beauty of the tattoo and help it to shine out.

In case you want a small tattoo that fulfils all your basic needs from a tattoo design, then this gorgeous tattoo will be perfect for you!

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