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Looking for the perfect tattoo design to portray your broken heart? Then here are some amazing crying heart tattoos for you to check out.

crying heart tattoo
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The traditional crying heart tattoo design was originally created by tattoo artist Bert Grimm.

A lot of people wonder about the crying heart tattoo meaning but it has the most basic answer. The crying heart tattoo shows a broken heart caused by the end of a romantic relationship.

Different types of heart tattoos may portray different types of emotions and feelings. For example, a lot of people wonder “What does a blue heart mean?” or “What is a blue heart meaning?” Blue heart is generally used to denote love, support, happiness and excitement for the people in our lives.

However, if you are looking for the perfect broken heart tattoo, then you should check out these amazing designs that can last forever.

Minimal Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas For Amateurs

minimal crying heart tattoo ideas for amateurs
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time and are not sure of how much pain you can tolerate, then you should look at a simple tattoo design. The design in the picture above is one of the most popular and classic designs of this century. The style is pretty simple and cool and will definitely portray how sad you are after losing someone in your life who said they would always love you and stand with you.

Awesome Crying Heart Tattoo Designs With Spiked Fence Motif

awesome crying heart tattoo designs with spiked fence motif
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If you want your crying heart tattoo to look a little unconventional, you can add a spiked fence in order to add more details and features to your tattoo. Spiked fence is a popular way of showing that you are now guarding your broken heart and will not let anybody else break it regardless of whether they are your friends or lovers.

Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas With A Sad Phrase

crying heart tattoo ideas with a sad phrase
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Some people often also include a sad, relevant phrase with their crying heart tattoo related to their painful experience after facing heartbreak for the first time. As seen in the picture, the wearer has added the phrase ‘Delusional in Love’ in black ink so people can read the bit from afar. If you are interested in tattooing a phrase, you can also include an encouraging or inspirational phrase to help set you free from pain.

Crying Heart Tattoo Designs With Floral Motif

crying heart tattoo designs with floral motif
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Some people often look to include something more in their crying heart tattoo design. Consequently, you can add the name of the person who you lost or some beautiful flower tattoo designs. The flowers will elevate the beauty of your tattoo design.

Here are some amazing Yellow Rose tattoo designs that you can check out for some inspiration.

Funny Crying Heart Tattoos

funny crying heart tattoos
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A broken heart does not always have to lead to sadness. Sometimes, all we can do is stop crying and pick up the pieces of our heart and look towards the future with fresh hope and expectations. In order to always keep the optimism in your heart alive for years even after facing some tough years, you can bring in a cheerful twist to your crying heart tattoo. By making it quirky and funny, you will be carrying a positive message wth you that the sun always rises after a dark night.

You can also ask your tattoo artist to provide you with some unique designs in case you are not sure what kind of design you would like.

Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas With A Sword

crying heart tattoo ideas with a sword
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If you feel terribly betrayed by your past lover, you can also add a sword to your tattoo. The symbol of the sword running through the crying heart will show the depth of the pain you have felt.

Many tattoo artists who have made a name for themselves may replicate this design for you. You may also choose one or two among them whom you know well.

Here are some broken heart tattoo designs if you want to visualize how yours might look.

Melancholic Crying Heart Tattoos For Your Chest

melancholic crying heart tattoos for your chest
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We all know how much a metaphorical broken heart can literally cause a pain in our chest and body. We often don’t feel like eating, sleeping or even taking care of ourselves. If you want to show how much the pain has affected your heart, the best place to put the crying heart tattoo would be right on your chest.

Dark And Edgy Crying Heart Tattoo Ideas

dark and edgy crying heart tattoo ideas
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As seen in the picture, a heavily shaded crying heart tattoo with black ink creates a mysterious, dark and gothic effect. After all, heartbreaks can put us through a really dark time in our lives when we don’t feel any hope. If you want to remember that dark time and how you made through it successfully, this will be the perfect tattoo to get.

Realistic Crying Heart Tattoos For Your Arm

realistic crying heart tattoos for your arm
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One of the most traditional and classic crying heart tattoo designs is to get it on your arm sleeve. A lot of people choose this awesome heart tattoo design because the style looks amazing as it covers the entire arm. In addition to that, some also write an important date in their life with the tattoo.

Crying Heart Tattoo Designs For Your Lower Abdomen

crying heart tattoo designs for your lower abdomen
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There are very few tattoo designs that can fit on your lower abdomen. Firstly, it is not a very popular place to get a tattoo at and it is also not quite visible unless you wear a crop top. In addition to that, tattoos on your lower abdomen, stomach or sides also have a higher possibility of hurting a lot because of the sensitive skin in the region.

However, if you are looking to add something new to the same old crying heart tattoo that is repeated so often, you can choose to place it on your lower abdomen. As seen in the picture, with an elaborate tattoo design, people will definitely stop and see your crying heart tattoo in order to admire it.

There are many types of great tattoo designs available on the internet if you are looking for the most wonderful design to show your broken heart. However, if you want to get a design that is unique and eye-catching, you should definitely get a crying heart tattoo. You may also go through one or two websites on the internet to check what kind of designs you would prefer. Otherwise, you can also go to a trusted tattoo artist and ask them to create a lovely design for you. So go ahead and find a tattoo that works for you!

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