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Are you looking for the perfect tattoo to show the deep love between parents and their children? Then here are some amazing cubs tattoos for you to check out!

cubs tattoo
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Cub tattoos are tattoo designs with a parent lion or tiger along with their cubs.

Cubs tattoos have a universal appeal and are popular throughout the world because of their beautiful portrayal of parent and child relationship. The cubs tattoo generally shows that even strong, tough people can be amazing parents to their children.

In addition to that, the cubs tattoos also represent strong parental instincts. Most of the cubs tattoos have the parent animal in a fierce, protective pose. This means that the parent animals in cubs tattoos are ready to defend their children from any harm whatsoever. While there are plenty of animals in our environment who do not take care of their children after birth but leave them alone to become independent, many carnivorous predators like lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and jaguars display strong parental affection. After giving birth to their cubs, the female parent can be seen roaming with their children in the forest. She teaches her cubs to become independent and self-sufficient. The male parent also comes to teach the cubs more about hunting and hiding from bigger animals who might cause them harm. After seeing such a beautiful relationship, many people will be reminded of the close bond they have with their own children. Therefore, the cubs tattoo are very popular as tattoos among parents.

However, for baseball fans, the words cubs tattoo takes on a whole different meaning. Chicago Cubs are a very famous North American baseball club which is based out of Chicago in the United States of America. The people who are extreme fans of the baseball club often also get Chicago Cubs tattoo. Through their Chicago Cubs tattoo, they express their deep loyalty and love towards their favourite baseball club. Thus, if someone truly loves the game of baseball and are a big fan of the team Chicago Cubs, you can definitely suggest them to get a Chicago Cubs tattoo.

Gorgeous Lion Cub Tattoo Designs

gorgeous lion cub tattoo designs
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If you are a new parent and have recently had a child, you might want to get a tattoo to celebrate the happy occasion. You might also be someone who has had children for a while but are thinking about the kind of tattoo you should get. There are undoubtedly many tattoo designs on the internet that you can look at and decide what kind of tattoo you want in order to show your love for your children.

However, one of the most popular cub tattoo designs in 2021 are the ones with a lion or a tiger with their cubs. The beautiful tattoos look amazing if they are done properly by an expert tattoo artist. Therefore, before you embark on your tattoo journey, you have to ensure that you approach a reliable tattoo artist who can do the design pretty well. After all, it is also a bit difficult to get the exact contours of the lion and the cubs along with their faces exactly right. In addition to that, the price or cost of these tattoos is also quite high because of their huge size.

Shaded Cubs Tattoo Designs For Your Arm

shaded cubs tattoo designs for your arm
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The traditional cub tattoo design is very well-known among all tattoo artists. If you want to get this cub tattoo design, you should also decide beforehand where you want to place it. After all, the conventional cub tattoo design is quite large and requires a lot of space for the tattoo to be completed properly. If there is not much space for the cub tattoo, there are high chances that the ultimate result may not turn out so good as the tattoo artist did not get adequate space to etch out the details.

Consequently, if you want your cub tattoo to look fantastic, you can get it on the upper part of your arm or on your bicep area. The bicep area has a lot of space where such tattoos can be done without any trouble. Another advantage of getting tattoos on this area is easy visibility. The bicep is a very visible area of your body and everyone can see your tattoo easily. In addition to that, many people also get cub tattoos on their chest or their back. These are also great areas on the body with a lot of space to accommodate an elaborate and gorgeous tattoo.

Adorable Bear Cub Tattoo Ideas For New Parents

adorable bear cub tattoo ideas for new parents
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If you think you are a quirky and fun parent, then your tattoo must also reflect that side of your personality. After all, you may be a strong and fierce parent for your children but at the end of the day, you also know how to have fun with them. Consequently, if you want to get a cubs tattoo, you might want to think about the kind of design you are getting. Rather than the traditional cubs tattoo, you can also get a cute and adorable cubs tattoo design. As seen in the picture, the lovely mama bear and cubs tattoo is looking very pretty. It is also showing that you love your children but also have a wonderful sense of humour. If you are a new parent and are teaching your child how to read, you can also get a lion and cubs tattoo based on the story books your child sees before going to bed everyday. You can pick one story with cubs that your child likes and get a tattoo based on that one heartwarming story. This will also cheer up your child as they will see a cartoon character they love in your cubs tattoo.

Wonderful Cubs Tattoo Ideas With Floral Motifs

wonderful cubs tattoo ideas with floral motifs
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The most wonderful way to add on to your cubs tattoo is by adding different flowers to the design. You can add roses, carnation, bluebonnet, sunflower, marigold and more to your tattoo. Many of these flowers also present different types of positive human emotions and sentiments like love and affection. Therefore, you may want to read up on the meanings of the symbolism of each flower and ask your tattoo artist to include it in your cubs tattoo as well!

Realistic Cub Tattoo Designs

realistic cub tattoo designs
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In the picture above, the cub looks extremely realistic and alive. With the help of expert, precise, neat and fine strokes, the tattoo artist has created the big cub tattoo with geometric patterns. If you are looking for such wonderful cubs tattoos, you need to find the best tattoo artist in your area who can be entrusted with the job. Such a tattoo will definitely draw admiration towards you and people will definitely ask you more about your tattoo.

Along with bears, lions or lionesses, and tigers, wolves are also known to be extremely caring towards their cubs. If you are looking for inspiration for some more animals, you can also check out these beautiful Celtic Wolf tattoo designs that you can incorporate into your own tattoo!

Lovely Tattoo Ideas For Colourful Cubs

lovely tattoo ideas for colourful cubs
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A lot of the popular cub tattoos in 2021 follow the same pattern of monochromatic designs. However, a lot of people do not prefer the same, old monochromatic colour palette. For them, the best way to elevate the beauty of their tattoos is to add a splash of colour! A dose of colour would look beautiful and make any tattoo instantly more attractive and eye-catching.

As seen in this picture, the entire tattoo looks much more wholesome because of the light colourful shading by the tattoo artist. It almost looks like a lioness is holding her cubs lovingly right in front of our eyes. The yellow-ochre colouring of the tattoo also gives it a more realistic feeling. In addition to that, the tattoo artist has also added some beautiful roses to the tattoo to complete the design. You can also choose roses of any other colour to portray love and affection for your children.

tiger cubs tattoo
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You can even choose a different tattoo design like the one in this picture. Here, the design is quite unique as it looks like the mother or father tiger is playing with their cub on top of them. The stunning colouring of the tattoo makes the tattoo pop out. In addition to that, the drawing is also very heartwarming as it expresses the playful side of any parent and child’s relationship. Any parent will know how fun and adorable it is to play with your small toddler when they are just learning to walk or figure out how different games work. Similarly, the tiger parent also plays with their babies to teach them about the realities of life in a playful, jovial manner.

Vibrant Watercolor Cubs Tattoo Designs

vibrant watercolor cubs tattoo designs
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If you do not want a conventional or traditional colourful tattoo, you can also check out the watercolour tattoo effect. In the conventional sense, a tattoo is filled up by different coloured ink to make it look more real and beautiful. However, this procedure takes a lot of time to complete. In addition to that, it also costs a lot to fill in the entire tattoo with multicoloured ink. On top of that, not all tattoo artists can expertly execute a colourful tattoo. Consequently, many people choose to not get a colourful tattoo but stick with a monochromatic, black or dark coloured tattoo.

However, if you are prepared to take a risk and experiment, you can ask your tattoo artist to show you some samples of watercolour tattoo. In watercolour tattoo effect, it looks as if an artist has actually started watercolour painting on your body. The dose of colours are artfully placed all over the design so they look stunning from afar. As seen in this picture, the outline or contours of the design has been done with black ink but it is the lovely splash of colours which is really setting this tattoo design apart from the rest.

If you are looking for some more inspiration on big carnivorous predators to get, you can also check out tattoos of another amazing animal. Here are the best cheetah tattoos for you to use for your own cub tattoo.

Unconventional And Unique Cub Tattoo Designs

unconventional and unique cub tattoo designs
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While a lot of people prefer to leave the design of their tattoo at the hands of their tattoo artist, many people also like to have a more active hand in the creation of the design and choosing the colours and more. After all, a tattoo can be the best place for you to unleash your inner creative potential. In addition to that, it is also a sign or a symbol that reflects your personality, your likes or dislikes. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to try out unconventional ideas, you can also ask your tattoo artist to create a totally different kind of cub tattoo design for you. You may also add your own inputs and modifications into the design. The picture above is an excellent example of how a common idea for a cub tattoo can also be made exceptional by using creativity.

Detailed Chicago Cubs Tattoo Ideas For Baseball Fans

detailed chicago cubs tattoo ideas for baseball fans
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A lot of people support baseball teams of their hometown because of the special feelings attached to the team since their childhood. They grow up watching the elder people in their family be interested in the games and supporting the team. Many people also start going to actual baseball teams to stadiums since they are very young. They play baseballs in school and within themselves in parks. The more talented players harbour dreams of becoming a baseball player and representing their hometown team on a national level. They also look for amazing baseball tattoos which will show their love for the game.

Consequently, if you want to show your love for the Chicago cubs team through a baseball tattoo, you can ask your tattoo artist to prepare a detailed tattoo. As seen in the picture, the wearer has added the Chicago cubs logo along with the name of the Wrigley field where the hometown matches are played. You can also ask your tattoo artist to add the Chicago Cubs logo on it. Such a detailed Chicago Cubs tattoo will let everyone know how much you love the Chicago Cubs team.

Awesome Chicago Cubs Tattoo Designs For Fans Of The Club

awesome chicago cubs tattoo designs for fans of the club
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The Chicago Cubs team was named after cubs because of the overwhelming youth of the Chicago Cubs team members who used to play in the early 20th century. Very fittingly, the logo of the Chicago Cubs team also has a bear cub on it. Therefore, fans of the Chicago Cubs team also get cubs tattoos with the Chicago Cubs tattoos with the logo.

As seen in the picture of the Chicago Cubs logo tattoo, you can also get a colourful cubs tattoo with the blue, red and white colours of the Chicago Cubs team. The bear cub in the middle of the logo will represent the Chicago Cubs team. In addition to that, you can also add green coloured leaves to the logo to create a wonderful contrast with the rest of the Chicago Cubs tattoo. There can be various Chicago Cubs tattoo designs but you have to find out exactly which Chicago Cubs tattoo works for you based on your likes and preferences. You can either choose Chicago Cubs tattoos with the logo on them, you can also choose Chicago Cubs tattoos with the actual bear cub on them.

In 2021, people are getting tattoos which have a deep meaning for them. Consequently, they are getting tattoos with their partner’s names, paw tattoos of their pets, birth date of their children or the day they got married or achieved an important milestone in life. Similarly if you feel the urge for getting tattoos that mean a lot to you as well, you can look at various cubs tattoo designs on the internet. Any parent who wants to reflect the protective side of their personality can get a cubs tattoo.

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