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If you are thinking of getting a floral tattoo that signifies purity and innocence, then these daisy tattoo designs are for you.

daisy tattoo
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The daisy has been an object of fascination for man for a long time in history.

We find the mention of daisy flowers in many mythologies and legends of different ancient cultures. The daisy has been featured in Roman, Norse, and Celtic myths and folk tales.

According to Roman mythology, a nymph had to transform herself into a daisy to escape from the clutches of the pursuing Roman gods of seasons, Belides and Vertumnus. The Celtic myths narrate how God used daisy flowers as means of consolation to grieving parents who lost their children. The Norse legends, on the other hand, consider the daisy to be the sacred flower of Freya who was their goddess of fertility and love. It is also believed that the word ‘daisy’ is taken from the phrase ‘day’s eye’ which comes from the behaviour of the daisy blooming in daytime only but closing its petals as soon as night falls. In Middle Ages, in Europe, the phrase ‘fresh as a daisy’ was a common utterance.

So what does a daisy tattoo mean? The daisy tattoo is a popular tattoo among the tattoo community and symbolises positivity, femininity, love, beauty, innocence, and purity. The daisies with their yellow centres and vivid white petals are usually considered a symbol of unity and peace. They are also now associated with motherhood and parenting. Red daisies are all about passion and romance. Gifting a bouquet of daisies is presently a common way of supporting and celebrating the beginning of a new life. With such powerful symbolism and so many different cultural myths associated with it, getting a daisy tattoo is natural for most. If you also want to get a daisy tattoo, this specially curated list of various daisy tattoo designs is for you.

The Personal Lavender And Daisy Tattoo

the personal lavender and daisy tattoo
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Lavender flowers symbolise silence, loyalty, grace, purity, and calmness. The purple colour of the lavender is also the colour of elegance, luxury, refinement, and royalty. The colour is often correlated with the energy centre within our body, the crown chakra, believed to be a source of spiritual connectivity and a higher purpose. The white coloured daisies are also a symbol of virtue and simplicity and, coupled with these purple lavenders, form a work of art that is appreciated by all tattoo enthusiasts. This lavender and daisy tattoo requires little space to be executed and could be placed on your arm or shoulder for you to boast off to your buddies.

Daisy Foot Tattoo For Women

daisy foot tattoo for women
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The daisy tattoo is a powerful symbol of femininity and all feminine traits such as gentleness, sincerity, kindness, and chastity. While many tattoo enthusiasts are choosy about the placement of their tattoos as they want to show off to others, some do not care about showing off and consider tattoos to be more personal. If you are one such strong-willed and independent woman, then this daisy tattoo is apt for you. The placement of these daisy tattoos is unique as they cover most of the skin area of your foot normally covered by shoes or socks. You can show off this unique piece of body art to your close friends or loved ones.

The Gerbera Daisy Tattoo Of Elegance

the gerbera daisy tattoo of elegance
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The gerbera daisy boasts bold colours and is available in both miniature sizes (known as Gemini) as well as large ones. This type of daisy finds it being mentioned in different ancient cultures. The Celts believed that the gerbera daisy can diminish the stress and sorrow of everyday life, while the Egyptians equated it with a symbol of devotion to the sun and closeness to nature. Ordinarily, gerbera daisies symbolise loyalty, optimism, love, innocence, and purity. Get this simple yet elegant daisy tattoo design if you think you abide by the virtues it symbolises.

The White Daisy Tattoo Of Purity And Innocence

the white daisy tattoo of purity and innocence
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The white daisy is one of the most beautiful flowers in nature with its white petals and yellow centres. The white daisies are a symbol of innocence, austerity, and purity like all other coloured daisies. They signify a new beginning, life, and hope, and hence are a classic gift for parents giving birth to newborns and in wedding ceremonies. The white daisy is also associated with motherhood and even has a Biblical connection – white daisies are linked with the Virgin Mary and are considered a sign of her chastity and virtue. Even the flowers were linked with baby Jesus during the Renaissance period to symbolise His pureness and innocence. If you are a devoted Christian, newly married, or an expecting parent, then this daisy tattoo is for you.

The Moon And Yellow Daisy Tattoo Of Friendship

the moon and yellow daisy tattoo of friendship
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Yellow is the most radiant of all the colours of the spectrum and conveys optimism, creativity, enlightenment, and serenity. Thus yellow daisies symbolise joy, gaiety, and friendship. These daisy tattoos can be a perfect way to show your friendship, with you and your best friend getting matching tattoos of yellow daisies on the shoulder or wrist. The yellow daisy tattoos are very eye-catching and will usher in a lot of positive vibes in your life as well as make you stand apart in a crowd. This particular daisy tattoo is coupled with that of a moon which is the universal symbol of femininity. The moon also represents intuition, reincarnation, wisdom, as well as spirituality. Match this yellow daisy tattoo with a floral dress and you are good to go!

The Blue Daisy Tattoo Of Loyalty On Wrist

the blue daisy tattoo of loyalty on wrist
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Blue is one of the most soothing colours of the spectrum and signifies loyalty, wisdom, depth, stability, sincerity, and faith. Staying true to their colours, these daisies with their electric blue petals are symbols of confidence, trust, and eternal loyalty. Most men, who are not afraid to show their emotions in front of others, opt for these daisy tattoos. They are confident and elegant and can socialise with both genders equally well and are not afraid to be emotional or do not need the feel to hide them. These daisy tattoos are quite appealing and a great way to catch the attention of people and can also bring positive vibes in your life as well as make your stressed mind calm. Go for these tattoos if you think you imbibe these virtues. Place this daisy tattoo on your wrist or on the arm where it can be seen by others.

The Pink Daisy Tattoo Of Romance

the pink daisy tattoo of romance
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Pink has been a colour associated with romance, love, and the feminine traits of gentleness and tenderness since time immemorial. Hence, pink daisies will be perfect matching flower tattoo designs for budding couples to get to symbolise their deep love and affection for each other. Pink daisies also signify powerful feminine energy and can be a great choice of tattoo if you are a strong and independent woman with high ambitions. These pink daisy tattoos are also ideal flower tattoo ideas for new moms and best friends as well as newlyweds.

Laptop And Daisy Tattoo For Working From Home People

laptop and daisy tattoo for working from home people
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Ever since this global pandemic has hit, it has enforced lockdowns, quarantines, and a whole lot of panic and fear. With new variants of the virus coming out every few months or so, our normal life has taken quite a hit as everything from schools to office have shifted to the digital space instead of physical classrooms and work desks. For most of us, working from home has become the new norm and our laptops have been transformed into our make-shift workstations as we plough on and on the keyboard to complete our assignments. This daisy tattoo, coupled with a laptop, is the perfect tattoo for all such working from home people who could really do with a little bit of positivity and cheerfulness in life right now. It has been a difficult couple of years and this daisy tattoo might be the right bit of indulgence we can have in our lives in these dark times.

The Tiny Daisy Tattoo For First-Timers

the tiny daisy tattoo for first-timers
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Getting complex tattoos can be a difficult and tough experience for all those getting inked for the first time. These large and elaborated tattoo designs require a level of commitment and pain endurance level that most first-timers cannot muster. Also, such designs can put quite a dent in your savings as they require a lot of money as well as a highly trained tattoo artist to be executed perfectly. Hence, simple and minimalistic tattoo designs have been in vogue for quite a time now as they do not demand any of the above criteria. This tiny, minimal daisy tattoo on the neck is one of the most ingenious examples of minimal tattoos and can be apt for you if you are getting ink on your skin for the first time or on a tight budget.

Butterfly And Daisy Tattoo For Nature Lovers

butterfly and daisy tattoo for nature lovers
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This daisy tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoos on this list. While the daisies do make the tattoo more beautiful, the main focus of this tattoo is the butterfly in the middle. The butterfly is one of the most gorgeous creations with various native American tribes interpreting them in accordance with their own legends. However, the general consensus is that these beautiful creatures can usher in positive energy, hope, change, comfort, and transformation in your life. Some legends centring on the butterfly narrate how they are a link or source of communication between us and our ancestors, while other myths consider their presence as an auspicious or hopeful sign. If you are a botanist, animal lover, or someone who needs change and positivity in life, then this daisy tattoo is perfect for you.

The daisy flower has fascinated men and has made its place in many ancient cultures and legends. While daisy tattoos have been initially considered for women only, men are also flaunting them nowadays, thus putting an end to all gender stereotypes and prejudices. The daisy flower is a great way to express your confidence and candour to the world and carrying forward the idea of gender inclusiveness. As always, go for these daisy tattoos if they suit your style and personality. Choose an experienced and professional tattoo artist to put ink on your skin to save yourself from future rashes and other skin complexities. You could also consult your tattoo artist for ideas to make your tattoos personal, where to place them in accordance with the space they demand, and other tattoo related queries. Happy inking!

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