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Looking for the perfect tattoo to show your love for the bank Pink Floyd? Then here are some amazing ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ tattoos for you to see.

dark side of the moon tattoo
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The ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is one of the finest albums released by the English rock band Pink Floyd.

The eighth studio album of the band was released on 1st March 1973 by Harvest Records. The album was critically acclaimed around the world and dealt with issues of time, death, mental illness, and conflict.

The cover of the album was designed by graphic designer Storm Thorgerson. Thorgerson had made a prism spectrum design for the cover after the keyboard player of the band, Richard Wright, had requested him to draw a simple but bold design that reflected the theme of the album.

Simple ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Tattoo Designs For Amateurs

simple 'dark side of the moon' tattoo designs for amateurs
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, then you might want to choose a design which you know will not hurt much. After all, it is important to gain experience to understand how much pain you can tolerate. Thus, if you want to get a tattoo of the album cover of ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ by Pink Floyd, then you may want to choose a simpler and more minimal design. Your tattoo will definitely stand out in a crowd regardless of its size.

Amazing ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Tattoos With The Lyrics Of The Songs

amazing 'dark side of the moon' tattoos with the lyrics of the songs
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If you really like any song of the album more than the others, you can also add the lyrics of that song with the album cover tattoo. If you are thinking of getting a ‘Pink Floyd’ tattoo, then you might also want set tattoo of some good lyrics around the prism tattoo. It will look really good from afar and people will also know of your love for the band.

Vibrantly Colourful ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Tattoo Ideas

vibrantly colourful 'dark side of the moon' tattoo ideas
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The most beautiful aspect of the album cover is the rainbow that bursts out from the dark triangular prism. Subsequently, if you are looking for a colourful music tattoo, this will be the best design to choose. However, the price for a colourful tattoo might be a little more than monochromatic tattoos as the price of coloured ink is more expensive.

Unique ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Tattoo Designs

unique 'dark side of the moon' tattoo designs
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Among all Pink Floyd tattoos, the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album cover is the most popular. However, if you do not want to follow everyone else but would prefer a slightly more unique tattoo, you can put your own spin on the design. As seen in the picture, the wearer has modified the album cover in their own way.

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Unconventional Ideas For Pink Floyd Album Tattoos

unconventional ideas for pink floyd album tattoos
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There are plenty of tattoo artists out there who have an amazing eye for art. Consequently, if you would prefer a darkside tattoo with a unique twist, you can ask the tattoo artist to suggest their own interpretations on the classic design and you can note it down and accept it as well.

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Coolest ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Tattoo Ideas For Your Bicep

coolest 'dark side of the moon' tattoo ideas for your bicep
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Most of these tattoo designs look amazing on the upper part of your hand above your elbow or on your bicep. Putting the tattoo here will also allow people to be able to see your amazign tattoo from afar.

Awesome Pink Floyd Prism Tattoo Ideas For Your Arm

awesome pink floyd prism tattoo ideas for your arm

You can also put the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ tattoo design on the lower part of your arm or on your wrist. As seen in the picture, the burst of colours will be definitely an eye-catching tattoo.

Funny ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Tattoos

funny 'dark side of the moon' tattoos
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If you are someone who likes quirky and fun tattoos, then you can also put your own hilarious reinterpretation of the album cover as a tattoo. As seen in this picture, the small cartoon character upholding the prism looks adorable and will reflect your fun personality.

Best Pink Floyd Album Cover Art Tattoo Ideas

best pink floyd album cover art tattoo ideas
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If you want to combine all the classic Pink Floyd songs, symbols and cover arts into one tattoo, you can do that as well. As seen in this picture, the wearer has put the album art inside a wall made of bricks alluding to the other iconic Pink Floyd song named ‘Another Brick in the Wall’. Therefore, if you want to combine one or more references in one tattoo, you just have to be smart and creative about it.

Elaborate ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Tattoo Designs

elaborate 'dark side of the moon' tattoo designs
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If you are going to get an elaborate and gorgeous music tattoo, then you may want to check out some Pink Floyd tattoo designs as well. There are plenty of good ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ tattoos which can easily cover up a lot of space on your arm or chest.

If you are a great fan of the album by Pink Floyd and find that their songs have changed your life, then you can definitely go ahead and get a tattoo based on the album. It might be difficult to find the best and most friendly tattoo place where you can be assured of the tattoo artists providing good service. However, you can learn and read the various websites on the internet or use the phonebook for calling up a number. Consequently, if you know you would like to get a Pink Floyd ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ tattoo, go ahead and get one!

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