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Looking for some tattoos representing your life as a diabetic? Well, we have some simple and subtle designs that will definitely appeal to you.

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Many people, and some outdated books, consider that people with diabetes should not roam around the house barefoot or think about getting a tattoo.

Over the years, everything has changed, and getting a tattoo for a diabetic patient has become a point of pride. Getting a tattoo for such patients is a very personal choice and can have a very deep meaning attached to it.

Although it is okay for a person with diabetes to get a tattoo, it is also necessary for them to consult their healthcare provider or their doctor before getting one. Every person has the right and desires to express their inner self and thoughts, and making a tattoo of your choice is a great way of doing that. Some people get a diabetic tattoo to identify their disease so that in case of a medical emergency, the person in charge will know that they have diabetes and will act according to that. Many people like to get a diabetic tattoo to raise awareness about the disease or to support a loved one who has gone through this. Because diabetes can affect an individual’s daily life and the people around them, it is necessary to spread awareness and get more and more people to understand the importance of the disease.

There can be certain risks involved with getting a tattoo for a person who is already diabetic, so it is necessary to consult a medical professional and an experienced tattoo artist. It is necessary for you to conduct a thorough investigation and make an informed decision.

We have curated a list of very simple and subtle diabetic tattoo designs that will help you support people around you and create awareness. So what are you waiting for? Read on and select your favorite design for your next body art.

Diabetes Awareness Tattoo

diabetes awareness tattoo
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It is important for every person to know about diabetes and how it can affect a person. For people who are suffering from this disease, some tattoos will remind them to live with positivity. This particular tattoo consists of symbols representing, ‘I am greater than my highs and my lows. This tattoo is a daily reminder for every individual that even though there are bad days in life, it does not particularly mean that they are a bad diabetic. These people are not defined by diabetes, they are much more than that. Since this is a motivational tattoo, it is placed on the forearm of the person right under the elbow so that it is visible. Looking at it every day will remind you to stay positive and happy in life.

Type 1 Diabetic Tattoo

type 1 diabetic tattoo
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When somebody has the name of their disease tattooed on their arm, it is usually a medical identification. This tattoo plays a role similar to that of an alert bracelet. Although it does not give you an alert reminder or an alarm, it does explain to the person who is treating you what disease you are going through, and they will give you medication accordingly. To be on the safer side, it is necessary to consult a doctor so that the risk of infection reduces, your health is safe, and your blood sugar levels are secure.

This particular tattoo consists of a diabetes checking machine and a skull made on top of it. A skull is generally a representation of rebellion and the afterlife. On this machine is a ribbon tied which says type one diabetes. The tattoo artist has used black and grey ink to complete this design. Such designs are generally placed where it is easily visible, and this one has been placed on the forearm of the person.

Sword And Snake Tattoo

sword and snake tattoo
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For any person who has the slightest interest in tattoos, then understand the meaning of a snake wrapped around a sword tattoo. According to this design, a snake is a representation of wisdom and fertility, while a sword is a representation of protection, fearlessness, and courage. For someone going through a disease like diabetes, it is necessary for them to keep a positive attitude and have courage.

This tattoo is a kind of self-expression, which means that when you look at it, you will understand the importance of good health and what you can do to keep it from all sorts of risks. The entire tattoo has been made with black and grey ink. The design also consists of the words diabetic T1, which means type one disease. If you are looking for a diabetes-related tattoo, this design is something that you can consider.

Inspirational Tattoo

inspirational tattoos
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An arrow is generally a representation of the struggles and triumphs a person has gone through in their life. This particular design features an arrow and a dotted circle. A dotted circle is a representation of the present, the past, and the future. The blue strokes in the center of this design formed the Infinity symbol. This tattoo is a beautiful representation of a person trying to overcome their disease. People with diabetes can think about getting this tattoo as a beautiful representation of their healing process. This is a simple and customizable design and you can consider getting one!

Simple Diabetes Tattoo

simple diabetes tattoo
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Getting a tattoo is not necessarily dangerous. However, if you are a diabetic patient, it is necessary for you to consult a doctor or a medical professional so that your blood glucose levels are in check and there is no poor blood circulation due to the Tattoo Design. It is necessary for people with diabetes to go to the tattoo parlor and make sure that the tattoo artist knows about their diabetes. This design is a simple design that says the word diabetic in black ink. This tattoo is for an emergency purpose so that healthcare professionals can understand that they are diabetic and treat them accordingly.

Insulin Bottle Tattoo

insulin bottle tattoo
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An insulin bottle is one of the most common awareness tattoos that you can make. It is the easiest way to understand the disease that the person is going through. Insulin helps in the blood sugar management of the person. This tattoo is a simple and subtle tattoo made with black and grey ink. The plant, on top of the bottle, symbolizes new life. The combination of this design means that a person who is going through diabetes can still have a better life if they maintain the blood sugar levels in their body.

Type 2 Diabetes Tattoo

type 2 diabetes tattoos
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This Tattoo Design is another symbol of an awareness tattoo. Not only does this design consider the blue ring, which is a universal symbol of diabetes, but it also consists of the words diabetes type 2. This is a way to alert the medical team working on this person during the time of emergency. Before getting such tattoos, it is necessary for them to consult a doctor so that they do not catch a skin infection and heal properly. This tattoo also works as a medic alert jewelry.

Blue Circle Tattoo

blue circle tattoo
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Many diseases have their own point of identification. For example, a pink ribbon is used for breast cancer, a red ribbon is used for AIDS, and the yellow ribbon is used for ‘bring home the troops’ in the same way a blue circle is used for diabetes. A blue circle is a universal symbol of the unity of the global diabetes community. The color blue was selected because it reflects the sky, which is the point that unites the entire world. Blue is also a significant color of the United Nations flag. This beautiful design is an abstract version of the Blue ring of diabetes. The tattoo artist has used different shades of blue around the circle to make it look more elegant and majestic.

Simple Blue Circle Tattoo

simple blue circle tattoo
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If this is going to be your first tattoo, you can decide on a simple blue ring design that will not only create awareness about diabetes but will also act as a medic alert bracelet. While the American Diabetes Association has said that piercings may have a risk factor for diabetic patients, they have not issued any statements about getting body art or tattoos. Before you consider getting a tattoo, it is necessary for a diabetic patient to go to a doctor to reduce the risk of skin infection.

This tattoo does not consist of a lot of things. It is a simple light blue color ring placed on the wrist where it is very visible.

Heart Tattoo

heart tattoo ideas
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This design is one of the simplest medical alert tattoos that you will find. This design consists of a blue circle and a heart within it. The tattoo artist has made the blue circle in the form of brush strokes and a blue heart in the middle. This tattoo is a representation of diabetes management. It is a constant reminder that even though you are suffering from a disease like diabetes, it is important to love yourself and move forward with a positive attitude.

If you are here to show support to someone you love, who is going through diabetes, then getting a tattoo is a very safe and beautiful option. If you are someone who is going through diabetes, you can consult a doctor and think about getting a tattoo for yourself to spread awareness about the disease and also to show people that you are strong and get through this phase.

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