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Are you planning for a dope dopamine tattoo? You have stepped into the right place to find an exceptionally tailored list of dopamine tattoos just for you!

dopamine tattoo
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Being happy and maintaining good mental wellbeing is what each and every person in the world aim for in their life.

But it is not possible for millions to do so because of various situations and that is the reason people most often get dopamine tattoos, serotonin tattoos and much more to elevate themselves. Now people may think what does dopamine have to do with getting a tattoo, and the answer is pretty simple.

On one hand, getting a tattoo on your body releases a lot of feel-good hormones which include dopamine, serotonin, and a couple more, and on the other hand, getting a dopamine tattoo or a serotonin tattoo acts as an inspiration that happiness and feeling good emotions is possible for anyone and everyone. Now there are thousands of tattoo designs that can be created and have been based on these molecules. But here is a super curated list of the top-rated tattoo designs just for you.

Branches And Leaves Dopamine Molecule Tattoo

branches and leaves dopamine molecule tattoo
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This is where chemical science and plants become one with each other. This Tattoo Design is a representation of the chemical compound named dopamine but this has been made with inspiration from plants. The walls of the chemical structure are made to look like branches and the extensions of the structure are small delicate leaves and flowers.

The making process of this tattoo is very simple. It comprises just thin lines which form the branches, leaves and miniature flowers. But it has to be made sure that the linework in this tattoo is up to the point. Tattoos like this are best suited for the forearms, upper arms, wrist, or even the shoulder regions but can be done almost anywhere.

Honeycomb And Honeybees Dopamine Molecular Structure Tattoo

honeycomb and honeybees dopamine molecular structure tattoo
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This tattoo is one of the most unique designs you can see. The molecule tattoo represents the honeycomb and a couple of bees have been added and are shown to store honey. The interior filling of the complete comb represents honey. And to give natural feelings a few flowers have also been added to the tattoo.

This Tattoo Design has been made using traditional tattooing techniques so people in love with modern tattoos, this is not for you. The borders are made with bold black lines and the shading work has been done using only necessary colours. This is a tattoo that will look good when visible so choose spots like the forearms, wrist area, and ankle regions.

Dopamine Chemical Structure Tattoo with Floral Background

dopamine chemical structure tattoo with floral background
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If you are in search of an elegant and simple Tattoo Design then this is something that you might love. This molecule tattoo is a straightforward fine line structure of dopamine with a beautiful delicate floral design in the background. The floral design is also a completely Fineline and shading-based picture.

The tattoo artist needs to be very careful about the fine lines or might completely destroy the nice look and the feel of the Tattoo Design. This is also a small tattoo so is completely suitable for most body spots. But the most recommended spot would be the shoulders, neck, or anywhere on your arm. The fine line tattoo form is a modern technique so anyone in love with fine line tattoos can also choose something like this.

Beauty Of Nature Shaded Molecule Tattoo

beauty of nature shaded molecule tattoo
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Most people in the world are fond of a direct or straightforward style of tattoo but it is also necessary that some creative experimentation of always done, and this Tattoo Design is an excellent example of that. The borderline of the structure is definitely a dopamine molecule but the inside portions of the two hexagons are filled with images of sunrise at the beach and a full moon view of the mountains. A few flowers have also been added so it does not look bland.

The complete tattoo idea is completed just by the shading process and no colours other than black and grey have been used to get this tattoo idea done. If you love experimenting creatively then this is a great tattoo option. The best possible body spot to get this tattoo would be the forearms or at the arms joint but is also suitable for the wrist, shoulders or shoulder blades.

Elements Of Nature Dopamine And Serotonin Molecule Tattoo

elements of nature dopamine and serotonin molecule tattoo
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This Tattoo Design comprises both dopamine and serotonin but this also is a very good example of the creativity that can be inculcated. The three hexagons of the chemical messenger have been added with the important elements of life which are fire, water, and fresh air. The thin line extensions have been made to resemble the mountains or earth, and also the solar system.

This spectacular drug tattoo is made using fine and smooth lines. The elements and the solar system structure are made using intricate black colour shading and dot work. This tattoo is meant to be on the forearms because this design could help out with maintaining great mental health. But you can also get it done on almost all spots on the body.

Dopamine Chemical Structure Tattoo with Water Colour Splash

dopamine chemical structure tattoo with water colour splash
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This tattoo is one of the most straightforward tattoo designs available but the dopamine molecule has been made in a study book or a textbook format. This also includes the scientific formula of dopamine. The most amazing segment is the bright and radiant watercolour splashes that have been made.

The molecule structure is made using just bold black with a twist of red and blue splashes. The importance of the splash is that it makes the tattoo more vibrant. This is also the same as most other tattoos because it requires a smaller skin area it is suitable for most body spots but it is necessary that such a beautiful science tattoo piece is visible to people and is not covered by clothing.

Constellation Concept Dopamine Tattoo

constellation concept dopamine tattoo
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This tattoo is definitely a fun way to make a cancellation tattoo and a dopamine molecule so it is a constellation dopamine combination tattoo. This shows that artists these days are far more creative than they were before. On the whole, the tattoo structure does represent and focus on dopamine but the overall design work is based on the constellations. A tattoo like this will for sure increase happiness in people.

Making this tattoo is not as simple as it looks. The lines in this tattoo will need a lot of perfection or the money you invest will go to waste. The usage of colours completely depends on the person because both black and colours will suit this tattoo. The ribs seem to be the best skin location for this tattoo but shoulders, shoulder blades and your arm is also not a bad option.

Multiple Chemical Structures Water Colour Tattoo

multiple chemical structures water colour tattoo
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Watercolour-style tattoo ideas have now become a craze in people. This tattoo does include four different molecules that are dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and phenethylamine. The basic borderlines of the tattoo have been made using both Fineline, rugged and bold black lines and dots but the vibrancy of the tattoo is all because of the watercolour patterns.

This tattoo definitely will cover a longer space on your skin so the best places to get it done include the thighs, ribs, shoulder blades area or even the entire back. It is of utmost importance that you inculcate many vibrant colours and the artists have to make sure that the colours do blend well.

Small And Simple Dopamine Tattoo

small and simple dopamine tattoo
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This Tattoo Design is exactly what is called the small, cute but cool idea. If you are the type of person who does not like to show off huge vibrant tattoos but also wishes to have a small cool looking tattoo then this is exactly what you are looking for. This simply comprises the molecule and nothing else.

This tattoo has been made using only black colour but if you like you can also go for a bigger space and add a gradience of different colours. Tattoos like this also do not require much time to get done so a small visit to the tattoo parlour will do the job. Small designs like this will fit anywhere on the skin but it is better to choose the wrists, elbows or ankle region.

Unique Serotonin And Dopamine Tattoo In Water Colour Background

unique serotonin and dopamine tattoo in water colour background
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This Tattoo Design is more of an animated style of showing dopamine and serotonin. Tattoos like this look incredibly cool so people in search of tattoos that are fun to even look at can choose something like this. The basic structure of the molecules does exist but the hexagons are filled in with elements like smileys and hearts.

The background of dopamine and serotonin is completely made of shades of watercolours, and the drippage of the watercolour is definitely a cool touch. This tattoo definitely belongs to the shoulder area but can also be inked on your thighs, stomach, ribs, and also on hips. The selection of proper colours will matter the most so it is better to select a bright and vibrant mix of colours. The line work also has to be done with ultimate precision for the best results.

Dopamine and serotonin tattoo are a few of the mental health anxiety tattoo designs that actually represent and mean joy, calmness, and good mental health. So people around the world are crazy interested in getting tattoos like these on their bodies. Although the above-mentioned tattoo designs are very unique and the best, here are a few more tattoo designs that could actually impress people.

  • Chemistry-inspired ADHD tattoo
  • Watercolour concept DNA with dopamine and serotonin molecule tattoo
  • Music-themed dopamine and serotonin molecule tattoo
  • Floral representation tattoo of DNA, dopamine and serotonin
  • Chemical structure of dopamine couples matching tattoo

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