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If you are a crazy fan of Dragon Ball Z, we have got a treat for you. Here are the best dragon ball z tattoo, Goku tattoo, Vegeta Tattoo, Master Roshi Tattoo and many more to keep you hooked.

Dragon Ball Anime Tattoo
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Dragon Ball is a Japanese media franchise that was created by Akira Toriyama.

The dragon ball series was created in 1984 and soon become a cult hit as it became one of the most popular manga series for that time thanks to its epic fighting and powerful cast of characters. The series has a huge fan following not only in Japan but all over the world and the series would go on to become humongous after the manga was adapted into an anime.

The series follows the story of Son Goku who is the main character of the series who was sent to Earth by his parents following the destruction of his home planet by the treacherous Lord Frieza. Son Goku is immensely powerful compared to the humans on Earth thanks to his Saiyan origin and soon as a kid, receives martial arts training from Master Roshi as he meets his lifelong friends Krillin and Bulma. The series follows Goku and his struggle to protect Earth from all sorts of powerful villains in the entirety of the show as he fights a different enemy in each arc and continuously trains his body to gain strength to defeat his adversary.

The dragon ball franchise is such a well-created franchise that every character, be it a hero, anti-hero, or villain will live in the memory of fans forever! Over the years the series has brought to screen some of the best anime characters in history in the form of Piccolo, Gohan, Majin Buu, Perfect Cell, Frieza, Bulma, Master Roshi, Krillin, the android siblings Android 18 and Android 19, and some of the many other characters who have helped out in the popularity of this long-running franchise.

The manga series is still in publication to this day and hopefully will continue in the future as the universe is expanded with more epic character introductions and fascinating arcs that will continue to carry on the legacy that the franchise has managed to create over its long run time.

Dragon Ball tattoo ideas have become a great way for people to display their admiration for the much-loved series.

Awesome Shenron Dragon Ball Tattoo Design

Awesome Shenron Dragon Ball Tattoo Design
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The Eternal Dragon Shenron has been a mainstay of the series since the original Dragon ball series and is one of the fiercest beings in existence in the dragon ball universe appearing in the anime and manga in several arcs such as the Frieza sage, Namek saga, Majin Buu saga, and the most recent Broly saga among the many other times he has been summoned with the help of the seven dragon balls.

This Shenron design is one of the many Shenron tattoos that are available in the industry as it showcases the majestic nature of Shenron with its fierce-looking design that is complemented with the simple black and red ink tone. The dragon balls around the portrait of Shenron adds a bit of lore to the tattoo and make it a great design to get tattooed with.

Large tattoo designs like this are best suited on the shoulder, arm sleeves, or back and will make you look cool to the core!

Dragon Ball Tattoo Design With Bulma, Goku, And Krillin For Fans Of The Original Dragon Ball Show

Dragon Ball Tattoo Design With Bulma, Goku, And Krillin For Fans Of The Original Dragon Ball Show
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This gorgeous tattoo design is one of the several dragon ball z tattoo ideas that use the idea of telling a story through a tattoo. This tattoo design takes you back to the beginning of the show when a young Son Goku becomes the next big thing under the tutelage of Master Roshi and becomes friends with Bulma and Krillin who go on to become close friends with Goku.

The tattoo uses the characters around whom the story revolves and adds a realistic touch to it with the amazing ink work with Goku, Krillin, and Bulma being the main attraction of the design. If you are one of the many people who is a fan of the first dragon ball anime then you will most probably like the look of this dragon ball tattoo design on yourself.

If you love to show off and don’t mind prying eyes on you, then you can get this inked on quite a few different places on your body, like the arm sleeves, shoulder, or chest. Tattoos like this are tough to make so do make sure you are determined to sit through the entirety of the time you get this tattooed.

Awesome Frieza Tattoo For Fans Of The Sinister Character

Awesome Frieza Tattoo For Fans Of The Sinister Character
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Before you say it, no, it is not weird to be a fan of this sinister character! Frieza or Lord Frieza is a popular character and is one the best antagonist that Goku and his friends have faced. As we get on with the story, Frieza is introduced as one of the most unlikable characters in the world of Dragon Bal as he rules over the galaxy with ruthless aggression and does not hesitate to even kill if it helps him achieve his goals. His first appearance in the series is on Namek where he fights Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta and easily beats them before Goku turns up to fight him.

For years, people have seen Frieza as a symbol of evil in the show who acts as a great nemesis for Goku as defeating him was the reason why Goku went through rigorous training. The Frieza saga is the origin of one of the most iconic scenes in the history of anime as during the fight Goku finally achieves the much revered Super Saiyan form. The entire fight scene between Goku and Frieza was so popular that it set a high standard for people in the manga industry to try and match.

This colorful tattoo is one of the best dragon ball z tattoo ideas and if you are an admirer of the character, then we will recommend you to get this inked on yourself. The placement for this dragon ball tattoo will be best on the back, or arm sleeves. The tattoo can be resized as a small tattoo and it will still look great!

Dragon Ball Z Fusion Tattoo Design For The Gotenks Fans

Dragon Ball Z Fusion Tattoo Design For The Gotenks Fans
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The fusion technique was introduced back in the Majin Buu saga and is a popular transformation in the dragon ball z franchise. Soon after its introduction, Fusion became a great addition to the dragon ball z storyline as it is something that most people love and adore!

This fusion tattoo design is based on the Majin Buu saga when Trunks and Goten, sons of Vegeta and Goku respectively, perform the fusion dance in an effort to take down Majin Buu as Goku, who chooses to remain dead by the end of the previous saga, teaches Trunks and Goten the technique so that the kids fuse together and fight Majin Buu to protect their loved ones and the Earth.

This cute and small tattoo is a great way for people to pay tribute to the great fight sequence between Majin Buu and Gotenks. This dragon ball tattoo is one of the best dragon ball z tattoo ideas that can either be his and her thing or something that you and your BFF can get inked with!

If you are one of the people who like to keep your tattoo simple and neat, then this tattoo should be on your menu as it works great with just its black ink design.

Full-Sized Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Idea Based On The Cell Saga

Full-Sized Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Idea Based On The Cell Saga
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With the introduction of the cocky Android siblings 18 and 19, the Dragon Ball world saw the advent of the wicked and cunning Cell. The large size of the tattoo pays the perfect tribute to three of the most important characters in the entire Cell saga as he devours Android 18 and 19 to transform into the Perfect Cell, who at the time was one of the strongest adversaries of Goku among the many villains that he fought.

This mysterious character was introduced into the dragon ball z series after the post Namek saga and quickly became one of the best Dragon Ball Z antagonists. With Goku fighting death, the Z fighters, including Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta gather in an effort to defeat Cell who is unbeatable even in the Super Saiyan form of the Saiyans. The saga serves as a great character development for Gohan who grown from a small kid to an unbeatable Super Saiyan by the end of the arc.

This dragon ball tattoo idea has a realistic look thanks to its amazing black ink and will fit perfectly on your legs.

Badass Trunks Tattoo Idea From Dragon Ball Z

Badass Trunks Tattoo Idea From Dragon Ball Z
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Future Trunks was introduced at the beginning of the then Android saga as the pupil of adult Gohan and was supposed to play a small role as he went back to his timeline after warning the Z fighters of the danger of the Android siblings. Trunks eventually return to the present timeline to help the fighters out and is surprised to see how things have changed due to his interference in the timeline. As a result of this, Trunks chooses to stay behind and in return, we get one of the most badass Super Saiyan in the anime.

The tattoo is a well-drawn artwork of the young Super Saiyan as it captures the essence of Trunks’ badassery in a realistic black form with Trunks’ signature purple hair.

This dragon ball tattoo will work in a small or even large form as it will fit right in on your arm sleeves, shoulder or legs.

Gohan Super Saiyan 2 Tattoo Idea From Dragon Ball Z

Gohan Super Saiyan 2 Tattoo Idea From Dragon Ball Z
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Gohan was introduced in the series during the Vegeta saga as a small shy kid. He also happens to be the son of Goku and eventually develops into one heck of a fighter thanks to the Saiyan blood in him. In the entirety of the early sagas of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan plays the role of a timid young boy and as the story progresses he becomes a beast by the end of the Perfect Cell saga as he ascends in form by being the first Saiyan to reach the Super Saiyan 2 form. Gohan has a merciful heart and even goes as far as to bestow mercy onto the worst antagonists in the series.

In this tattoo idea, Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 form is perfectly recreated with the black outline and the color tone of the tattoo that captures Gohan’s rage perfectly.

Dragon Ball Super G0ku Ultra Instinct Tattoo Idea

Dragon Ball Super G0ku Ultra Instinct Tattoo Idea
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If you are still an avid follower of the Dragon Ball franchise then you will surely recognize the idea behind this Dragon Ball Super tattoo. In recent years, the dragon ball universe has expanded with the introduction of the Gods of Destruction and the universes they preside over.

Goku befriends the Omni King Zeno and convinces him to hold a tournament of power with all the other universes involved and much to Goku’s amazement, there are characters who are way powerful than him. During his fight with Universe 11’s Jiren, Goku is beaten easily by Jiren before he achieves the new Ultra Instinct transformation.

This Goku tattoo is an amazing piece of art with its colorful nature as it perfectly captures Goku’s struggle to maintain the Ultra Instinct form. The silver hair comes with the transformation and the red and blue energy sparks add an extra edge to the tattoo.

If you are an admirer of the new transformation then this tattoo idea should be at the top of your menu of tattoos to choose from!

Stunning All Black Vegeta Tattoo Idea From Dragon Ball Z

Stunning All Black Vegeta Tattoo Idea From Dragon Ball Z
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Ever since his introduction, Vegeta has been a mainstay of the Dragon Ball franchise even though he was introduced as a villain. Vegeta plays the role of Goku’s rival and they push each other to achieve more power in order to outdo one another.

This Dragon Ball tattoo is based on the Majin Buu saga where Vegeta lets himself come under the spell of the magician Babidi who revives Majin Buu. Vegeta chooses to be under his control in order to bring out the darkness from within and fight Goku in his Majin form which grants him additional power. By the end of the fight between Vegeta and Goku, Vegeta comes on top and eventually decides to sacrifice himself for the sake of his loved ones as he self-destructs in an effort to kill Majin Buu.

This all-black tattoo idea brings out the best of the iconic scene as it perfectly showcases Vegeta’s badass nature.

Cute Bulma Tattoo Idea From The First Dragon Ball Anime

Cute Bulma Tattoo Idea From The First Dragon Ball Anime
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Bulma has been one of the closest friends of Goku and became a mainstay of the story after she was introduced as the resident genius trying to collect the dragon balls. Introduced as a young girl, Bulma grows up to be a fine young woman as the series progresses and eventually marries the most badass character in Vegeta.

Throughout the entirety of the series, Bulma has helped out the Z fighters in various ways through her inventions and brilliant mind.

This colorful dragon ball tattoo captures her cheerful nature and brings out the best of the sketch by the use of bright colors and a perfectly drawn outline.

With all that said here are some points to factor in before getting inked:

  • Get yourself checked for underlying skin issues that might get triggered by the needle.
  • Do thorough research on the tattoo artist you choose.
  • The final draft of the tattoo is up to you so use this freedom to get the best out of your tattoo

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