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Are you in search of the perfect dragon tattoo for your next ink? Here are some of the best dragon tattoos for women you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Best Dragon Tattoos
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A dragon tattoo is a symbol of protection, strength, and good fortune.

Dragons have their origin in the mythologies in Europe and China. The word dragon is coined from the Greek word ‘draconian’ meaning to watch.

These mythological creatures, resembling giant serpents, killed enemies with their venomous breath. Thus, they are considered to be powerful protectors of mankind. However, they could also be dangerous and destructive. Thus, the duality in their characters makes them all the more mysterious. Dragons have become a popular theme when it comes to body art owing to their enchanting appearance and mythical interpretations. You can portray your Chinese dragons or Japanese dragon tattoos with other interesting symbols to further enhance their significance. Take a look at the following dragon tattoo designs and pick one for your next ink!

Black Dragon Tattoo

Black Dragon Tattoo
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The enticing tribal dragon tattoo is intricately designed in black ink near the ankle of the wearer. Its wings have crisp mesh work detailing. The wonderful watercolour effect on the backdrop beautifully highlights the black tribal dragon tattoo. Apart from being a stunning design, a tribal dragon tattoo also symbolizes spiritual connection.

Black Dragon Tattoos
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It seems like the small black dragon is arising out of the pages of the book in this design. The wings of the dragon are intricately detailed in black ink. The blend of pink and blue hues creates a beautiful backdrop to the design. The tiny stars add to the beauty of the design. Perhaps, the small dragon tattoo design, emerging out of the book, symbolizes its origin from the fables.

Dragon Tattoo With Roses

Dragon Tattoo With Roses
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The monochromatic dragon is inked with the vibrant red rose to create a play of contrast in this design. The dragon is inked with fine mesh work detailing along with tiny leaves growing out of its skin. The rose is shaded in a crimson red hue and paired with black leaves. Together, the dragon with the rose tattoo symbolizes intense feelings of passion and love for someone. You can also portray your dragon in a vibrant hue to make the design look even more enticing.

Dragon Tattoo With Roses ideas
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The feminine shoulder tattoo design portrays a small dragon with a bunch of mystical blue roses. The dragon is shaded in a grey hue and outlined in black. The glint in its tiny eyes is highlighted in white ink. The petals of the roses have a subtle blue shade and are paired with green leaves. Both the dragon and the blue rose are not found in nature and thus depict the concept of fantasy.

Dragon Frame Tattoo

Dragon Frame Tattoo
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The brilliant frame tattoo portrays a black dragon in a moonlit night sky. The skin of the dragon is intricately detailed in grey ink with subtle white highlights. The moon certainly enhances the mystery associated with the design. The dragon is a symbol of strength while the moon represents transformation.

Dragon Frame Tattoo ideas
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The Chinese water dragon is portrayed in a bluish hue in this frame tattoo design. The dragon is detailed with pale white striped underparts. The oceanic waves and sunlit sky in the backdrop add to the beauty of the tattoo. Moreover, the tiny cherry blossoms and snow covered mountains are not to be missed either! According to Chinese culture, the dragon is considered an embodiment of water influencing floods and rains.

Vibrant Dragon Tattoo

Vibrant Dragon Tattoo
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The Japanese dragon tattoo design portrays the mythical creature in a gradient of red and blue ink. Its wings have a bright red hue that blends with the bluish skin on its underparts. The dragon is highlighted with specks of white ink on its mottled skin. Its tail ends into fine feather like structures. Apart from your leg, you can portray this vibrant Japanese dragon tattoo on your arm or back.

Vibrant Dragon Tattoo
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The Chinese dragon is detailed with geometric structures in this tattoo design. Its skin is inked in a combination of pink and blue ink that beautifully fades into each other. The tattoo artist has emboldened the geometric patterns in black to create a contrast. You can pair your geometric dragon tattoo with floral motifs or celestial bodies to accentuate its charm.

Blue Dragon Tattoo

Blue Dragon Tattoo ideas
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The blue Japanese dragon is inked with contrasting red flames on the skin of the wearer. The crisp detailing of the dragon with white highlights makes the design look exceptional. Moreover, the yin yang symbol at the bottom adds depth to the dragon tattoo. Perhaps, it conveys the duality in the meaning of the dragon tattoo representing the good and the evil.

Blue Dragon Tattoos ideas
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It seems like the elegant Chinese dragon is flying in the night sky filled with stars. The dragon is inked in a tranquil blue hue with black detailing. The backdrop is shaded in a watercolour inking style with a contrasting shade of pink and purple. The blue dragon tattoo represents the vastness of the sky and is considered to be a powerful protector.

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo
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The stunning Chinese dragon is inked with red flowers in this sleeve tattoo design. The glint in its eyes, inked in a red hue, conveys its inner ferocity. The horns in its head and sharp fangs inside its mouth further enhance its fierce appearance. The red hue of the flowers enhances the stunning visual of this sleeve dragon tattoo.

Animated Dragon Tattoo

Animated Dragon Tattoo
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You can get creative with your dragon tattoo by portraying them in an animated style! The Spyro dragon, inspired by the protagonist from the PlayStation game ‘Spyro’, is inked on the arm of the wearer with vivid detailing. Its bright yellow wings with an orange undertone stand in contrast to its purple body. This Spyro dragon tattoo can be a fun body art.

Animated Dragon Tattoo ideas
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Haku dragon from the anime Spirited Away is beautifully inked on the arm of the wearer. The skin of the dragon is inked in a combination of blue and purple ink with white. The pair of horns in its head is inked in yellow. The fluid watercolour inking style used in portraying the animated dragon accentuates its beauty.

Small Dragon Tattoo

Small Dragon Tattoo
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If you are looking for a concise dragon tattoo design then you should opt for this one! The cute purple dragon holding a bucket of flowers is bound to catch your attention. The bluish tint on its purple skin makes the dragon look even more charming. The tiny white flowers on its bucket are inked with intricate detailing. In many cultures, a purple dragon represents royalty. Perhaps, it conveys that the wearer possesses the quality of being a benevolent leader. You can place this small purple dragon anywhere on your body according to your preference.

Watercolour Dragon Tattoo

Watercolour Dragon Tattoo
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The dragon tattoo portrayed in a watercolour inking style can be a great feminine tattoo idea! It seems like the multi-hued dragon flying upwards with its wings stretched out in the air. The blue shade in its wings gradually fades into a yellow tint. The blend of colours in the design accentuates its aesthetics. The spikes in its back are inked with crisp detailing. Apart from your shoulder, you can ink this vibrant watercolour dragon on your arm or chest.

Watercolour Dragon Tattoos
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The tattoo artist has beautifully combined the mythical dragon with galaxy tattoo art on the skin of the wearer. The dragon is beautifully detailed with a shining constellation on its skin. The fluid blend of colours on the skin of the dragon resembles canvas art. Perhaps, the mythical dragon tattoo design depicts the vastness of the universe and the mystery surrounding it.

Cherry Blossoms And Dragon Tattoo

Cherry Blossoms And Dragon Tattoo
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The dragon is inked in a vibrant green hue with a tint of yellow on its skin. The intricate patterns on the skin combined with the gradient of colours make the dragon look extremely stunning. Its fiery eyes are inked in bold hues of orange and yellow ink. The dragon is embellished with purple cherry blossoms which brings a feminine appeal to the tattoo design.

Cherry Blossoms And Dragon Tattoo ideas

You can also opt for a classic monochromatic dragon tattoo inked in black like the one shown in the picture. The red cherry blossoms add a pop of colour to the monochromatic design. The intricate detailing of the black dragon combined with the beauty of the delicate cherry blossoms makes the tattoo stand apart. Perhaps, the cherry blossoms are a reminder to enjoy the beauty of the transient life while the dragon symbolizes strength to overcome the adversities in life that only lasts for a short while.

Dragons are mythical creatures possessing magical powers. You can portray these legendary creatures in the form of tribal tattoo art or pair them with delicate floral motifs to add a touch of femininity. The amount of time that would take to complete the dragon tattoo completely depends on the design that you opt for. An elaborate dragon sleeve tattoo would take longer to complete in comparison to a small dragon tattoo art. Dragon tattoos are not considered to be bad luck. In fact, according to Chinese culture, dragons are thought to bring good luck to the wearer. Take a look at the curated list of suggestions of dragon tattoo ideas for women in a multitude of inking styles that will get you inspired for your next ink!

  1. Chinese dragon tattoo for women with floral motifs on the arm
  2. Flying dragon with vibrant phoenix tattoo on the chest
  3. Chinese dragon tattoo design for women with a tiger tattooed on the back
  4. Japanese dragon tattoo for women in monochrome
  5. Tribal dragon tattoos for women in bright colours
  6. Red dragon tattoo designs for women on the arm
  7. Animated baby dragon tattoo in a watercolour inking style
  8. Vibrant Chinese dragon tattoo sleeve for women
  9. Tribal dragon tattoos detailed with Celtic art on the chest
  10. A small dragon head tattoo paired with sea serpents on the arm
  11. Realistic dragon eyes tattoo on the shoulder
  12. Tiger paired with red dragon tattoo for women
  13. Chinese dragon tattoos with lotus flowers on the back
  14. Japanese dragons with burning flames on the chest
  15. Abstract Japanese dragon tattoos in a bold hue
  16. Tribal design of dragon chest tattoo for women

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