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Looking for dragon thigh tattoo designs and ideas? Check out these 10 amazing dragon thigh tattoos that will surely take your breath away!

Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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A dragon is a fire-breathing mythical creature, known for its fierceness and grandeurthroughout the world.

The dragon symbol has become an integral part of various pop culture materials. Additionally, dragon tattoos have reached the greatest heights of popularity with time.

What Do Dragon Tattoos Mean?

Even though dragons are mythical creatures, they still carry quite deep and profound meanings and symbolism. Interestingly, several cultures have ascribed different meanings to dragons. A Chinese dragon tattoo is symbolic of good fortune, strengthand wisdom. On the other hand, a Japanese dragon has been viewed as a guardian and protector of familiessince ancient times. In the western culture, in a traditional Celtic context, these majestic creatures are an example of those who carry the universe’s secrets. Finally, in European cultures, a dragon is used to depict masculinity, nobilityand power.

How Much Does A Dragon Thigh Tattoo Cost?

Since the thigh provides quite a sizeable canvas, most people opt to get big and elaborate dragon tattoo designs on their thighs. An intricate dragon tattoo that has been filled in with different colours will cost in the range of thousands of dollars. However, smaller dragon tattoo designs on the thigh can be much cheaper.

With all this information about the many different dragon tattoo meanings and the approximate cost of dragon thigh tattoos, you can surely form a more informed opinion before getting a thigh dragon tattoo, yourself! Check out these images given below, and pick any design to get inspired by.

Watercolour Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Watercolour Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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Watercolour tattoo designs will forever hold an aesthetic essence, that cannot be compared to any other style of tattoo art. So, if you want a dragon tattoo that carries both the powerful image of a dragon and the softness of watercolour tattoos, then this tattoo design is your best option. While the dragon here has been inked boldly and with black colour, the flowers and leaves are mimicking a painting. The subtle pink of the petals is contrasting well with the bold dragon, with a fierce expression on its face. As you can see in the image, the tattoo is extending from the hip to the upper thigh. Such a dragon tattoo can be ideal for those who want to convey their softness, as well as fierceness.

Colored Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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If you like more colourful designsthen here is the perfect alternative to the first one. The green-blue dragon, flanked by pink flowers is giving off a very artistic vibe. This colour combination is also similar to how certain traditional Japanese dragon tattoo designs are portrayed. Hence, a tattoo of this sort will also incorporate the meanings associated with the Japanese dragon. This tattoo is also covering a sizeable portion of the thigh and looking quite spectacular. For both men and women, this dragon tattoo inspired by Japan will work wonders.

Floral Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Floral Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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Floral tattoos have only gotten better with time. So, if you are looking to get inspired by a tattoo design that combines a powerful dragon and pretty floral patterns, your search can stop right here. In this tattoo, the fine use of black ink has led to a black dragon with a thin outline. The big red flowers are further enhancing the dark features of the dragon. A tattoo of this scale will fit perfectly on top of the thigh, as pictured. The black and red lines are popping out against the skin, quite beautifully. Both men and women can opt for this tattoo.

Black Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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If you want your thigh dragon tattoo to look even more fierce, then you can opt for this design. Here, the way the black ink has been used is giving a very bold and dark appearance to the dragon. Even the flowers surrounding it are quite dark, exuding power and strength. Such ideas will look great on both men and women, as they are nothing short of art.

Chinese Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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As you already know by now, in the east, in China, a dragon is symbolic of a lot of positive meanings. So, a traditional Chinese red dragon tattoo will not only incorporate those elements but also impart an art-like feel to your skin. In this tattoo, the red outline of the elaborate and majestic dragon is spanning across the hip and upper thigh. The positioning of this mythical creature is making it look like it is emerging from the body of its wearer. Additionally, every tiny detail in this tattoo, including the expression on the dragon’s face is exceptionally brilliant. A dragon tattoo of this kind is an example of perfection.

Amazing Dragon Tattoo
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If you are more fond of black inkthen you can get a Chinese dragon tattoo created in that colour. Here, the dragon seems to bear a softer expression on its face. However, that is not taking away from the fierceness of its nature. The tattoo has been created in an artistic way, with a bold outline and subtle detailing inside, which are contrasting well against each other.

Vibrant Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Vibrant Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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A vivid and vibrant green dragon tattoo on the thigh can be all that you need to add a dash of exuberance to your skin and personality. Here, the dragon has been inked predominantly with green ink, with yellow, red, white, and black detailing. This is quite a traditional design and is inspired by how dragons are portrayed in China. A tattoo of this scale will easily cover up your thigh and look nothing short of amazing.

Blue Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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If you are more interested in pastel shadesthen this majestic blue dragon tattoo can be your ultimate design inspiration. Every element in this tattoo looks like it has been made to be a part of the larger picture. The blue colour is looking stunning against the purple, blue, green, pink, and yellow pastel shades. This design is also representative of how Japanese dragons are depicted. You can ask your tattoo artist to include more symbols relating to the culture of Japan, to make this tattoo more traditional. Not only is this design covering the thigh quite brilliantly, but it is also transmitting a unique style of body art.

Small Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Small Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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If you are more into smaller designsthen this idea can be yours in no time. This dragon tattoo is much smaller when compared to the other designs, yet it is conveying the ideas of power and strength that these creatures hold, perfectly. Apart from the dragon, the tattoo is also featuring a crescent moon and floral motifs. The way in which every element in this tattoo design has been placed closer together is making the whole motif look quite compact. Additionally, the use of black ink has been done in a masterful way, drawing a certain mystique around this tattoo.

Adorable Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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If you want the boldness of your small dragon tattoo to have a symbol of purity and peacethen flowers can be the best addition. In this design, as you can see, the dragon symbol has flowers all around it, creating a unique combination of aesthetics and strength. The beauty of this dragon thigh tattoo is further enhanced by its dark appearance, which has been achieved by the skilful use of ink.

Fierce Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Fierce Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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The true meaning of a dragon is associated with the might and vigour it displays. So, a dragon tattoo conveying the fierceness of these creatures can be a symbol of strength, worth having on your skin. As you can see, the dragon here has an angry and aggressive expression on its face, as if it is about to attack someone. You can also ask your tattoo artist to include fire in this design, to make it all the more fierce. Such a tattoo is ideal for both men and women and will do justice to your body.

Awesome Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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In this tattoo, the dragon has a ghostly expression on its face. The intensity of this tattoo design is further increased in the way the eyes of the dragon has been portrayed, without any iris or pupil. To add to that, the black ink is making this tattoo all the more mysterious and fierce. Such dragon tattoos are rare to come by. You can get this inked on your body to extend from the hip to the thigh, or fully on the thigh, itself.

Chic Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Chic Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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While most dragon tattoos incorporate various symbols and patterns, there are tattoo designs that are quite chicyet eye-catching. For example, in this dragon thigh tattoo, the fine line work is truly commendable. No elaborate designs or patterns have been utilized, and yet, this dragon body art is exceptionally striking. The black ink is pairing well with the orangish-red ink, creating a beautiful symphony of the two colours. The minimalistic approach is also making this an exceptionally unique dragon tattoo.

Intricate Dragon Vase Thigh Tattoo

Intricate Dragon Vase Thigh Tattoo
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If you want your dragon tattoo to feature other elaborate elements, then this dragon thigh tattoo is ideal for you. This tattoo is quite picturesque, with the dragon forming an elaborate pattern on the vase. Such a tattoo is making the dragon an ornamental elementinstead of the main design. Each flower and leaf in this tattoo has been shaded lightly with grey and black ink, creating a sketch art like appearance for the tattoo.

Elaborate Dragon Thigh And Leg Tattoo

Elaborate Dragon Thigh And Leg Tattoo
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For those who are looking for elaborate dragon tattoo ideasthis image right here can be a perfect inspiration. Here, the dragon tattoo is not only covering the thigh, but also the entire leg. Given the powerful nature of dragons, a tattoo of this size can truly depict their magnificence and grandeur. The entire tattoo has been done using black ink. As you can see, some parts of the tattoo have been inked fully black and grey, to create a contrasting backdrop for the dragon, which has only been outlined. Such a body art tattoo will take a considerable amount of time to be completed, but will surely be worth it.

Cute Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Cute Dragon Thigh Tattoo
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Away from the typical dragon on thigh tattoo designs, if you want to get inked with a dragon that looks cutethis is the right design for you. Here, the dragon is not that big and is bearing an endearing expression on its face. The clouds and sparkling signs are further underlining the cuteness of this tattoo. Such a dragon tattoo is perfect for those who want to show their lovable and adorable sides, as well.

Now that you know about the dragon symbol meaning both in eastern and western cultures and the various kinds of dragon thigh tattoo ideas, you can easily pick the best dragon on thigh tattoo for yourself. There are various ways to create a dragon tattoo that suits your personality. Here is a quick guide to the different kinds of dragon thigh tattoo ideas-

  1. Japanese dragon tattoo.
  2. Celtic dragon tattoo.
  3. Dragon tattoo done in watercolour style.
  4. Dragon tattoo covering the thigh and leg.
  5. Chich dragon tattoo with fine linework.
  6. Outline red dragon tattoo incorporating symbols from the Chinese culture.
  7. Colourful and fierce blue or red dragon tattoo.
  8. Dragon tattoo with fire.
  9. Dragon tattoo with floral patterns.
  10. Dragon tattoo using black or grey ink.

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