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Bored with the same old butterfly tattoos? Check out our top 10 dragonfly drawing tattoo designs and find a cool alternative instead!

Dragonfly Drawing Tattoo
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A dragonfly tattoo design is not a common choice when it comes to drawing insects on the skin.

But for us tattoo lovers, what could be better than a unique look that has hidden meanings? A dragonfly design is versatile, and can be styled in a number of ways!

But what does a dragonfly tattoo symbolise? A dragonfly tattoo meaning stands for transformation and adaptability. The dragonflies belong to the Odonata family and are often lauded for their spectacularly shiny wings and thin body. Dragonfly tattoos are an indication that you understand yourself well and acknowledge your personal growth. Dragonflies are a symbol of peace, maturity, luck, growth, and harmony, but above all, they categorise the wearer as a person who understands the mechanics of life and as an emotionally adept person who grows through the hurdles of life. Keep reading to find out how you can style a meaningful dragonfly tattoo on your skin and stand out from the crowd!

Dragonfly Tattoo Drawing On Chest

Dragonfly Tattoo Drawing On Chest
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A dragonfly tattoo on the chest is one of the best placement ideas for this insect. This tattoo design is skillfully crafted with black and grey shading, while the ornamenting patterns are to zhoosh up the mundanity of a monochrome idea. This dragonfly tattoo makes an impeccable feminine appearance and can be placed in sites like the clavicle or the arms.

Dragonfly Tattoo Drawing On Chest ideas
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Did you know that dragonfly tattoos were first thought to be exclusively for women? But now men are rocking these dragonflies with equal calibre! This dragonfly tattoo is akin to the one above but with simply defined four wings. Such an idea is especially complimentary for guys who have a bulky physique as it adds a soft touch to the whole look.

Floral Themed Dragonfly Tattoos

Floral Themed Dragonfly Tattoos
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Capture your dragonfly amidst nature using various floral images. Here, the tattoo artist catches the insect entwined between twigs, with its full body gracefully exhibited with intricate patterns. The idea is kept monochromatic to highlight the intensity of the subject, but you can always display your playful side with some green, orange, or blue colours in the backdrop.

Floral Themed Dragonfly Tattoos ideas
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This dragonfly tattoo looks more put together with three definite elements that present a scenic picture. The peony and hummingbird alongside the mid-flight dragonfly design enliven the look. Throw in some colours like pink, purple, yellow, and some green to further accentuate your tattoo design. Body art like this can easily fit near the shoulder or back for best placement ideas.

Dragonfly Tattoo Design On Hand

Dragonfly Tattoo Design On Hand
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Etching a dragonfly near the wrist is one of the excellent ways you can showcase your personal growth. Since this area is almost always bare, your dragonflies will be able to exhibit their beauty with full potential. For instance, the artist here creates a small tattoo entrapped within circles and straight lines. Such geometric additions can impart an effortless depth to a simple dragonfly tattoo without the use of colour or much jazz.

Dragonfly Tattoo Design On Hand ideas
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The wrist is also a well-defined canvas for dainty tattoos. This tiny dragonfly has its body drawn in a thin line and wings made of dot work is such a delicate tattoo that you can try in this area. This one leans more on the feminine side and can also be inked with a pink or yellow outline.

Small Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Small Dragonfly Tattoo Designs
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If a neat and tiny dragonfly tattoo sounds like your forte, opt for a loopy design with line work. Here, the artist dodges the banality of a plain outline tattoo with a laid-back tattoo design made out of fine lines. Such a tattoo could also categorise the wearer as a no-nonsense, clutter-free individual who accepts their life transformations with open arms.

Small Dragonfly Tattoo Designs ideas
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Or you can take it a notch higher and shape yourself a fully defined dragonfly tattoo. This tattoo design features an intricate network of lines that add more depth to the body and wings of the dragonfly. Either way, both these dragonfly tattoos are a great pick if you are looking for smal dragonfly designs on the arm.

Delicate Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas

Delicate Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas
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The image of a delicate dragonfly shapes the meaning of innocence and undisturbed peace. However, it falls short in portraying their adaptability in the world. Dragonflies are born as insects of water, but as they grow, they develop wings and take off on a new phase of their lives. This tattoo design resorts to hand poke techniques to get a picture-perfect dragonfly design. The idea is dainty but presents a comprehensive image of a dragonfly.

Delicate Dragonfly Tattoos Ideas
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Or you can just focus on a dragonfly wings tattoo that gives the impression of a softer version of the regular dragonfly tattoos. These wings are carefully drawn with thin lines, producing an ethereal aesthetic that just looks too awesome to miss! When placed on the arm, these dragonfly tattoo designs particularly symbolise spiritual growth and the positive side of transformation and change and can be an effective reminder to continue straight on your journey.

Decorated Dragonfly Tattoo Design

Decorated Dragonfly Tattoo Design
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One of the many reasons why dragonflies are such a big inspiration for tattoo snobs is the creative room they have to offer. Here, the artist experiments with two different ways of embellishments to leverage the beauty of this dragonfly tattoo design. The upper wings present an abstract take with flowy lines in black and grey ink, while the ones below are beautified with black and red beads. Though the two styles are completely different from each other, they complement each other well against a simple black body. You can add these artsy touches to realistic dragonfly tattoos and strike a balance between realism and tattoo art.

Decorated Dragonfly Tattoo Design ideas
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Ditch the black ink for a blue dragonfly tattoo design and get yourself a dreamy tattoo design that you cannot help but keep looking at! The use of blue in the outline and throughout the body creates a subtle yet impactful idea. If blue is not your colour, use green and get the same pastel images as this dragonfly tattoo. You can place these gorgeous tattoos at the side of the neck or shoulder and watch them drop jaws.

Dragonfly Tattoo Design With Sword Motif

Dragonfly Tattoo Design With Sword Motif
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Pair a small dragonfly with a sword to have an awesome tattoo design that is rich in meaning and visual appeal. For instance, this black and grey dragonfly camouflages so well with the body of the sword that a quick look might be misleading. A dragonfly on a sword tattoo could mean that the wearer had to face terrible hardships and that led to their growth. A sword is a mark of strength and bravery and a dragonfly tattoo with this weapon will only accentuate the virtues of the wearer.

Dragonfly Tattoo Design With Sword Motif ideas
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Similarly, the hilt of the sword can be decorated with wings instead of the whole insect. This design carries the same essence but with a muted approach in execution. Powered with detailed blackwork and delicate patterns, this game-changing dragonfly tattoo can be best displayed on the side of the wrist!

Abstract Dragonfly Tattoos

Abstract Dragonfly Tattoos
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Inspired by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, this dragonfly tattoo idea is suitably fitted inside the classical frame. The dragonfly is posed as is the Vitruvian Man inside a circle and with arms stretched alongside. The design also includes microscopic writings based on the original portrait that further fits the tattoo in a historical stance.

Like the classical painting bridges the human body with universal powers, this dragonfly is a similar spiritual reminder of the value of one’s being. It also produces a powerful resonance with the lives of humans and the dragonfly flying about in the world.

Large Dragonfly Tattoos On Back

Large Dragonfly Tattoos On Back
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If a large design is your primary criterion, ink a giant dragonfly on your back and etch your journey in its full grandeur. The artist here keeps the tattoo design simple yet alluring with the use of well-defined outlines and shading within the wings.

You can keep the design as is and add more vibrant additions or add colours to make the design pop up. These giant dragonflies can also be placed between the neck and shoulder for a more edgy dragonfly tattoo design that will be a great conversation starter!

Dragonfly Tattoos In Black Ink

Dragonfly Tattoos In Black Ink ideas
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The classic black is an apt fit for colouring your dragonflies in. Black dragonflies are intense and give off a sense of strength after going through immense pain. Here, the artist captures the whole dragonfly on the sternum and with such minute details in the body and the wings. The ends of the wings are shaded grey to add more dimension to the appearance of the dragonfly.

Dragonfly Tattoos In Black Ink
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A black dragonfly tattoo on the arm shows that the wearer is unafraid of putting out the ugly side of their journeys. It is both a mark of victory and a lament for the past hurdles. But a tattoo design on arm demands more attention than anywhere else on the body. This dragonfly tattoo is subtly embellished only towards its head, so as to not hurt the integrity of the tradition of black dragonflies.

Guy or girl, a dragonfly tattoo design is a prized pick in your body art collection. A dragonfly can gracefully embody the changes in your life and help as a reminder to keep evolving for the better. Honour your journey and compliment yourself with a dragonfly tattoo from the following suggestions:

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  • Dragonfly drawing tattoo in white ink
  • Multiple dragonflies tattoo sleeve
  • Dragonfly tattoo with tarot card
  • Dragonfly tattoo with the all-seeing eye

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