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Looking for cool dragonfly tattoo designs to your body? Your search comes to an end here with the plethora of dragonfly tattoos we have curated just for you.

Dragon Fly Tattoo
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Dragonfly tattoos rank high among the most popular insect tattoos in the world only after various butterfly tattoo designs.

Insect tattoos have attained quite a large fan base among many people who are looking to get tattoos on their skin. Spiders and beetles have also got a dedicated fan following among the most requested tattoo art and many tattoo artists love making them.

The history of the dragonfly goes back millions of years, even before dinosaurs ruled the earth. Hence, getting a dragonfly tattoo might make you question what does a dragonfly tattoo symbolize. An expert tattoo artist will tell you all about the dragonfly tattoo meaning ranging from its symbolism to hidden facts about the dragonfly.

The most common meaning of dragonfly tattoos is that they are a symbol of change and transformation. This is quite similar to the meaning of most butterfly tattoos and one of the major reasons why people prefer getting dragonfly tattoos.

You can interpret the change in your own way, whether it is a physical transformation or a mental change. It can also be a time when you decide to get a new tattoo. You might have never got any tattoo inked on the skin before but now you want to try and experiment with tattoos after hearing from some colleagues. Keep in mind that a tattoo, whether it be of a dragonfly or a dragon, is going to be an almost permanent spot on your body. So you must think carefully before getting tattoos and should not get a tattoo on a whim.

Dragonflies take flight and almost conquer the skies in the way they wander from trees to trees. They signify freedom from any shackles of life. If you wonder what does a dragonfly tattoo mean, it can be a sign of freedom – of letting your imagination rein free. If you have freed yourself from a toxic relationship or a lifestyle that drains you, a dragonfly tattoo can be a way to flaunt that freedom and be proud of yourself.

Follow the list of dragonfly tattoos given below which has more designs than you can hope for. Pick out a gorgeous tattoo that look like the best fit for you.

3D And Realistic Dragonfly Tattoo Design

3D And Realistic Dragonfly Tattoo Design
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This beautiful dragonfly tattoo features 3D dragonfly is sitting on the shoulder casting its shadow on the skin. If you want a realistic tattoo then this dragonfly tattoo is recommended for you. Using blue colour for the dragonfly is a masterstroke by the tattoo artist as it really brings out the depth of the design.

The placement of this dragonfly tattoo is best suitable for the shoulder but it is not the only place. Try the lower part of the neck for an even more detailed and tiny design making ample use of dragonflies and realism.

Black Dragon Fly Tattoo
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One of the gorgeous tattoos featuring dragonflies is this work of art. The intricately detailed wings of the dragonfly make it seem realistic. Speaking about eyes, have you noticed the glaring eye and leaves above the dragonfly in this forearm tattoo?

The symbolism attached to this tattoo is that people will always look down on you. It is your duty to fly above them and soar high in the limitless sky of possibilities.

Small Dragonfly Tattoo

Small Dragonfly Tattoo
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Looking for a minimalist and simple dragonfly tattoo idea? You could pick this tattoo design for its simplicity that has been created using only clean strokes. The outline of the dragonfly is quite small and perfect for those who want dragonfly tattoos as a personal statement.

Minimalist Dragon Fly Tattoo
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Another small dragonfly tattoo idea, this tattoo is ideal for those who search for a specific kind of tattoo art. In general, dragonflies show freedom and so, you can break away from traditional dragonfly tattoo ideas and move forward with some other kind of tattoo idea. You may even use your wrist instead of the arm if you are looking for placement ideas.

Flying Dragonfly Tattoo

Flying Dragonfly Tattoo
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Dragonflies tend to take rest and hover above water bodies like lakes and rivers. Dragonfly tattoos thus symbolize the love for water and all aquatic beings. They represent the unfolding of your metaphorical wings, new perspectives as you soar high and away from the approvals of people.

Red Dragon Fly Tattoo
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A flying dragonfly tattoo in Japanese culture symbolises agility and victory defying all odds. People are becoming more conscious about the different cultures of the world and Japanese culture happens to be a famous one among many. The black stars and red dragonflies make this design not only a meaningful one but colourful as well.

Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo Designs
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Geometry is present around you in everything that you see. The buildings, the roads, the forests, the spider web, and even dragonflies – the geometric pattern can be seen in everything!

Try this dragonfly tattoo on your body that has strategically woven geometric patterns in it. The blue and yellow ink makes this design a bright one. A skilled tattoo artist can add more shapes to this design and yet make it look classy.

Mandala Dragon Fly Tattoo
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Mandala tattoos are very much in vogue in 2021. A dragonfly mandala tattoo is one of the most intricate tattoos that you will ever come across in your life. Using black ink for the geometric mandala pattern is a great idea to make it pop out as blackwork. The colourful dragonfly complements the black mandala making it pleasing to the eye.

Watercolour Dragonfly Tattoo

Watercolour Dragonfly Tattoo
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Watercolour tattoo ideas occupy a special place among tattoo lovers due to the bright splash of colours making the tattoo vibrant. A tattoo artist has to be skilled enough to do watercolour tattoos to mix and match the thin dark strokes with the contrasting colour splash.

This pair of small tattoos features a hummingbird on the left foot and the right foot portrays a dragonfly. The dash of colours peps up the tattoo and makes it look amazing.

Watercolor Dragon Fly Tattoo
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A vibrant dragonfly using single lines on a watercolour base can never go wrong. You can try out various ink ranging from yellow and blue to red and purple to get that perfect dragonfly tattoo you have been searching for. You could also add some tribal art to this design that looks best on your wrist.

Moon With Dragonfly Tattoos

Moon With Dragonfly Tattoos
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Who would have thought that dragonflies and moons would fuse together to make a perfect tattoo design? The phases of the moon symbolise the cycle of birth and death whereas the dragonfly is a universal sign of change. If you are going through huge life-altering changes, then you may choose this design for your dragonfly tattoo as a reminder of what you had to go through to become the person you are today.

Dragon Fly with Moon Crescent Tattoo
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A dragonfly tattoo featuring the blackwork art form along with the crescent moon and stars in one design can be special. This tattoo can be small or large depending on your preference. Try out a number of designs, maybe add some more dragonflies or add the sun design to the tattoo.

Colourful Dragonfly Tattoo

Colourful Dragonfly Tattoo
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Colours indicate joy. Bright colours like red and yellow are symbols of cheer while pale colours like blue and green are associated with loneliness and depression.

A design like the one here looks delicate and stylish. Flowers, dragonflies and bees come together in this dragonfly tattoo done near the ankle. The tiny dragonflies are full of vitality and liveliness. Usage of various flowers provides their own meanings to the final design.

Dragon Fly with Bible Verse Tattoo
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This beautiful blue dragonfly looks almost alive especially due to the daisy flowers. You can add a line of your favourite quote from a book or a film for a personalised touch to this dragonfly tattoo design.

You can add a biblical quote with this tattoo or a quote that you love and make it look amazing too. This can be a great dragonfly tattoo art.

Gorgeous Tattoo Sleeve with Dragonflies

Gorgeous Tattoo Sleeve with Dragonflies
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Tattoo sleeve designs are not for everyone. If you are confident that you can flaunt a bold tattoo, then you can opt for a tattoo sleeve. This rose and dragonfly tattoo uses many elements in one design for a breathtaking tattoo art.

Forearm Dragon Fly Tattoo
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A similar dragonfly tattoo using the forearm sleeve, this design makes use of geometry, butterflies, flowers, and of course, dragonflies. A bold style statement, a complex design such as this has to be detailed with the use of intricate strokes to make it pop out.

Eye Catching Dragonfly Back Tattoo Design

Eye Catching Dragonfly Back Tattoo Design
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Show your creative side with this amazing dragonfly tattoo on your back. The design not only uses dragonflies but other beautiful elements like butterflies and plants to create a huge tattoo design. The butterfly and dragonfly can be identified by their different wings – one being beautiful and the other having a thin paperlike structure. Both the butterflies stand for maturity and transformation.

Back Dragon Fly Tattoo
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A totally different dragonfly tattoo for the back is this one. The colourful wings of the dragonfly have so many details on them. They look like they are just about to flap and the insect will come apart from the body of the tattooed person. You could get this tattoo if want to stand out from the crowd making your own place. If you make this tattoo at the back, it can look amazing when you stretch your hands out and extend your lats – it would almost like the dragonfly is flying.

Dragonfly Tattoo Black and White

Dragonfly Tattoo Black and White
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Monochrome tattoos can never ever go wrong. This realistic greyscale dragonfly tattoo ideal for your forearm is a simple yet impactful design.

Monochromatic tattoos can be detailed and even without the use of colours, they can look amazing. Try adding a few tribal designs to this tattoo that can be placed on your wrist if you chose to.

Black DragonFly Tattoo
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Wear this black dragonfly tattoo at the back of the neck or near the shoulder if you want to flaunt it. You can also keep it snuggled behind the ear if you want to keep it out of sight.

Dragonfly tattoos with a monochromatic theme look all the more amazing due to the intricate designs that can be applied to the dragonfly.

The range and variety of dragonfly tattoos with dragonfly designs are not limited to just the ones you have seen above. There are plenty of other designs like:

  • Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo Design
  • Japanese Dragonfly Tattoo
  • Dragonfly Belly Tattoos
  • Intricate Dragonfly Arm Tattoos
  • Delicate Dragonfly Tattoo Idea

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