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Looking for some meaningful pokemon tattoos to quirk up your style? We have created a list of Eevee tattoo ideas for you to get started!

Eevee Tattoo
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Eevee is a cute pokémon known for its evolutions under different circumstances owing to its unstable genetic code.

Fans might be aware of its nature and capabilities from the game Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! where it serves as the mascot and starter. Eevee has become a favourite to Pokémon fans and many people have chosen to get this love etched permanently!

Ariana Grande is a thorough lover of Pokémon and she proudly shows that via her tweets on Twitter. She claimed to have spent her “me time” with a Pokémon spree lasting 15 hours! In the year 2019, Ariana took the internet by storm as she posted her first Pokemon tattoo of Eevee on her forearm. The tattoo and the Pokémon she chose are symbolic in relation to the tumultuous year that she faced in her personal life. It could perhaps be seen as her own self embracing the changes and evolving with Eevee. Ever since the Ariana Grande Eevee Tattoo, the hype for Eevee tattoos has reached its peak and more and more fans are keen to join in. If you are someone who absolutely adores this character and would like to ingrain your sentiments, or if you just want to add it to the existing tattoo collection, you might like to see what we have in store for you. Read on to find some of the brightest tattoo ideas surrounding Ariana’s favourite one!

Natural Eevee Tattoos

Natural Eevee Tattoos
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This is how Eevee rolls in its natural, stable state. With brown skin and creamy white fur, Eevee’s rabbit ears, tiny paws, and gleaming eyes are sure to melt your heart in a puddle. If you wish to ink the classic Pokémon on your skin, this design could serve as an inspiration. You can place this tattoo on your arm, forearm, and thighs as is shown in the picture itself.

Eevee with Pokeball Tattoo
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The Pokeball is an addition to the classic tattoo of Eevee here. It adds an element to complement Eevee and fills up the negative space that the first design carries. Simply outlined in black, the ball in red and grey is a golden reminder to our young selves geeking over Pokémon.

Eevee Evolutions Tattoo

Eevee Evolutions Tattoo
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Here the artist has skillfully portrayed the eight evolutions of Eevee in the form of bubbles that circle around it. The evolved variations have distinctive names and characteristics that are unique from the other. Starting from the top these are Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Jolteon, Flareon, and Sylveon. All these transformations have their set of skills that helps the Eevee to sustain under adversities. You may refer to this piece if you want to portray the entirety of its character in a single frame. Arm or the calf would be the best places to ink this one.

Evolve Eevee Tattoo
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Now, if you want to showcase only the evolutions that reverberate with your own self, you can refer to this tattoo design. Covering the arm from shoulder to elbow, this off-beat tattoo portrays a slender canvas divided into three sections for the three characters. Presenting Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Leafon, against the backdrop that suits their characteristics, the artist hits jackpot with this tattoo. Choose the characters that you can associate with the most, and get set inking!

Eevee Tattoos For Ankles

Eevee Tattoos For Ankles
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This monochromatic Eevee is no less cute than the coloured ones. Primarily focusing on shading and dot work in black ink, this tattoo does full justice to the cuteness of the Pokémon. This tattoo would definitely look good on your forearm but this dainty little thing wrapped around your ankle will draw attention to it even more.

Vaporeon Tattoo
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Here, Vaporeon is devoid of any colour but the essence is no different than the original one. The water droplets form a beautiful pattern overhead and draw attention to the main piece. With fine shading and intricate detailing, this piece of art comes very close to its coloured counterpart.

Spooky Eevee Tattoos

Spooky Eevee Tattoos
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Can’t be? Well, tattoo artists are capable of the impossible and can reverse the popular notions associated with any object. This tattoo Eevee seems to have been prepped especially for Halloween. Paired with the dark moon, cobwebs, and a jack-o’-lantern, the Eevee seems to have transformed for the holidays and is about to go rogue. The detailing on this piece increases its gothic charm. You can place this tattoo on your upper arms for better exposure.

Eevee Purple Tattoo
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What if you were equipped with x-rays and could look into your favourite Pokémon without actually dissecting it? That’s exactly what this artist thought of before going aboard with this out-of-the-box design and actually pulling it off pretty well. This purple Eevee looks as adorable as it always does on the outside, but at the same time, you can glance in on its inside and see what it might possibly look like. The butterflies in black serve as an apt embellishment on this curiously designed body art.

Cute Eevee Tattoos For Your Forearm

Cute Eevee Tattoos For Your Forearm
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This baby Eevee is oozing out all things cute and squishy. Lazing on a cushion with a wink on its face, this tiny one is as if the Pokémon we are used to seeing has magically turned back years. If you are a fan of baby Pokémon, this tattoo may do something to your heart.

Eevee Mirror Tattoo
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First, what an amazing way to frame the two different versions at the same time! This Eevee evolution tattoo is the latest take on creative Pokémon designs. Based only on shading and outlines with fine black ink, this tattoo strives much more than what is seen. Being a Pokémon fan you know the sentiment when Pikachu met his mutated version or even Charizard for another reference. This Pokémon art hits close to the memory box and simultaneously contains layers of meaning hidden underneath the other. Get this one inked on your forearm or the upper arm for maximum exposure.

Eevee With Friends Tattoo

Eevee With Friends Tattoo
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Pokémon fans love their Pokémon among their friends rather than secluded. What if you could ink that love on your skin? This design is such a fun tattoo to look at! Eevee is happy and beaming while Psyduck…well, Psyduck is Psyduck and that’s all about it. This tattoo design almost humanizes these two Pokémon and shows them in a new light, chilling and glaring one at the other. The careful shading, stars, and flowers over Eevee’s head increase the appeal of this tattoo.

Colored Pokemon Tattoo
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We did not know that we needed this so bad! First, they put Eevee, then a Snorlax AND a Jigglypuff!? We were not prepared for this much cuteness and neither were you. This tattoo design turns back time and takes us back to the year we first saw this trio together. If this tattoo invokes the same emotions that you experienced as a child, you won’t regret getting this piece inked. The bicep, the back of your arm,, or your upper back may turn out to be great places for these tattoos.

Eevee Tattoos With Florals

Eevee Tattoos With Florals
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Eevee tattoos are often seen to have been decorated with various flowers, flowers acting as a complementing trope for the Pokémon. Here, the Eevee is surrounded with pink flowers petals, and the crescent moon glowing softly. The design has an overall touch of pastel and natural aesthetics that is bound to appeal to your love for Pokémon.

monochromatic Pokémon
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Here, the moon of the first image is replaced with a crescent bough of colourful leaves and flowers that beautifies the monochromatic Pokémon. The tattoo might seem overly simplified with not many elements present to cover, but when observed up close, you can see the minute details that are present on the Pokémon and its surroundings. You may ink both these tattoos on your upper arm or forearm and it would look good without any difficulty.

Eevee Tattoos For Your Back

Eevee Tattoos For Your Back
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If you are an Eevee fan and love its natural state more than the others, this grande-sized (pun intended) Pokémon is a great choice for your back tattoo. Here, the artist has captured this Pokémon character in its natural state, displaying close association with the anime. You can also turn this Pokémon monochromatic and it would still look great with close detail work.

Cute Eevee Tattoo
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This tattoo is almost similar to the first one except for its colourful background. The Pokémon is also a little smaller and is set against the backdrop of three colours that can be well associated with Eevee’s evolutions. Also, if you prefer your back tattoos to cover the whole of your back, you might want to devote it to the eight evolutions of Eevee with extended embellishments up to the upper arms.

Minimal Eevee Tattoo

Minimal Eevee Tattoo
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The design is a treat for the Pokémon lover and fan of minimal arm tattoos. Outlined in plain, bold black ink, this piece of art captures the Pokémon by its silhouette. You could pair your Eevee with one of its friends or can even leave it alone to gather all the compliments and appreciation. Try to keep these minimal tattoos within the length of your arm for the spotlight to fall on them.

Eevee Tattoos For Your Calf

Eevee Tattoos For Your Calf
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Your calf can be one of the most amazing places, besides the arm, to showcase your tattoo Pokémon. If your arm is already filled with art, you might want to start inking your legs with this cute little floral Eevee. Outlined with black and within a circular frame, this vibrant Pokémon is sure enough to bring you bags of compliments.

cheeky Eevee
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The full-length calf tattoo of this cheeky Eevee is another way of inking your legs. A full figure Eevee with all its body parts neatly drawn might just be one good way to pay tribute to your younger self. This design in particular would also make a great arm tattoo.

Pokémon has been the subject of body art for since long. However, with each passing year, more and more creative additions are included in this arena to bring out the best of Pokémon art that may ever be conceived. We also have included a few suggestions for more tattoo ideas:

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