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Do you have what it takes for an elbow ditch tattoo? If yes, then here are some of the best designs of the same that you can choose from for your next tattoo.

elbow ditch tattoo
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Most tattoos, if not all, hurt quite a lot.

An elbow ditch tattoo, in particular, is one of the most painful of all tattoos. To put it simply, ditch tattoos refer to body art on the inner part of the elbow or back of the knee.

Some people go as far as getting a tattoo on their armpits even. Gone are the days when some of the most common tattoo placements included the wrist, thigh, forearm, or ankle. Today, tattoo lovers are going for some unconventional placements for their body art. The elbow ditch tattoo is surely one of them. Before delving deep into the different designs and styles available for these kinds of tattoos, let’s learn a few important facts first. The elbow ditch tattoo pain is excruciating and definitely not for the faint of hearts. Below are some of the most elbow-ditch tattoo designs you can check out.

Mandala Elbow Tattoo

mandala elbow tattoo
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The above-mentioned image contains quite an aesthetic design of a mandala tattoo etched on the elbow of this individual. For those who don’t know, the ‘mandala’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, which basically refers to the circle. In some cultures, they are believed to carry certain religious or spiritual connotations. As a Tattoo Design, mandala art has been growing in popularity because of its unique patterns and aesthetic look. You can several designs like floral designs, or geometric shapes to your mandala tattoo, to make them look unique. A lesser-known fact about mandala art is that no two mandalas can ever have the exact same design. Thus, you always have room for customization and experimenting with different looks. In this picture, we can see one such beautiful example of mandala art on the body of this individual.

Elbow Sun Tattoo

elbow sun tattoo
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The Sun is a very common and powerful symbol in the tattooing world. It represents strength, light, warmth, and power. Some even associate this symbol with masculine energies or a representation of new beginnings. In this image, we can see one such beautiful example of a sun tattoo, designed on the elbow crease of this individual. One of the key highlights of this design is the artist has simply drawn the Sun’s rays and placed them in such a way that the elbow joint mimics the structure of the Sun. The whole tattoo has been created using black ink. However, if you want a more vibrant look, you can also add different colors like yellow, orange, and red to your Tattoo Design.

Dot Work Elbow Tattoos For Men

dot work elbow tattoos for men
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As mentioned earlier, people have experienced different pain levels for an elbow tattoo. While for some it was excruciatingly painful, others found it somewhat tolerable. If you want an elbow tattoo, but want to avoid a high amount of pain for the same, getting a dotwork tattoo can solve all your problems to some extent. For those who are new to the tattooing world, dot work tattoos basically refer to a tattooing technique where the tattoo artist uses several dots to create a Tattoo Design. The execution is typically quite delicate and soft, and therefore it is considered to be one of the least painful techniques of tattooing.

In this image, we can see one such beautiful example of a dotwork Tattoo Design, imprinted on the elbow of the individual. The design is quite interesting and can be a great idea especially for those, who like these kinds of large and dramatic tattoos.

Elbow Heart Tattoos

elbow heart tattoos
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Here is another stunning example of an elbow ditch Tattoo Design. As we all know, the heart is one of the most popular designs among tattoo lovers. It is one of the most classic representations of love, passion, beauty and elegance. The colors that you use to design a heart tattoo, can also change the whole meaning of your body art. For example, a black heart symbolizes pain and grief, whereas a yellow heart denotes warmth, and friendship. In this image, we can see a bright red-colored heart drawn on the elbow of the individual. To further give this design a unique look, the artist has incorporated a huge web-like pattern that encompasses the whole heart symbol. The creative use of negative space and fine lines to design this whole look, is indeed praiseworthy.

Blue Flame Elbow Tattoos

blue flame elbow tattoos
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A flame tattoo is a very popular choice among men and women. This is because they are quite easy to design and can also be customized into different styles and sizes, according to the preference of the wearer. In this image, the artist has chosen a bright shade of blue ink to design the flame tattoo. One important thing to remember before getting a tattoo on your elbow is that, they are quite hard to design for any tattoo artist. Any wrong execution can lead to a full elbow ditch tattoo blowout. Therefore, ensure that you choose someone with proper expertise and knowledge. Furthermore, after getting an elbow tattoo, it is also very crucial to give the area the required time for healing. The elbow ditch tattoo healing process can take a lot more time than other body parts. Therefore, take proper care of your Tattoo Design, in order to avoid any kind of serious health problems, or any damage to your Tattoo Design.

Rose Elbow Tattoo

rose elbow tattoo
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The image mentioned above contains a very beautiful design of a rose, etched on the inner elbow of the individual. The tattoo looks impeccable, especially because of the artist’s black shading near the flower’s petals. The rose is a very popular symbol of feminine qualities like beauty, grace, and elegance. Thus, this makes it the perfect design for females or those who want a feminine Tattoo Design. An inner elbow tattoo is usually quite hard to design. However, looking at this image, you can tell that the artist has done a marvelous job and delivered the perfect body art piece. The outermost part of the elbow has a very thin skin layer, which makes it quite a sore spot to get inked. Furthermore, the inner elbow contains a lot of pain receptors, and the close proximity of the needle and the skin at the crease can also cause quite a huge amount of pain.

Traditional Skull Elbow Ditch Tattoos

traditional skull elbow ditch tattoos
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The unconventional placement and the bold design of this tattoo make this tattoo a definite must-have for those who like to display the wild side of their personality through body art. The artist here has created quite a unique design of a skull tattoo and paired the same with different kinds of cute designs and elements. Furthermore, he has also used various colors to highlight certain aspects of this design. For example, white ink is used to highlight the teeth of the skull, and pitch-black ink is used to color the hollow eyes of the skull. The tattoo definitely looks quite ornamental and aesthetic. One of the biggest advantages of elbow crease tattoos is that, they are easily noticeable and quite pleasing to the eyes. The elbow tattoo’s cost depends on the artist and the tattoo parlor. If you are going for a large Tattoo Design, the cost will automatically be higher than the small and minimalist designs.

Butterfly And Skull Elbow Tattoos

butterfly and skull elbow tattoos
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Here is another unique example of an elbow Tattoo Design, that you can check out for your next tattoo. The artist has combined two distinct elements, the skull and the butterfly, in this Tattoo Design. If you look closely you can see that for the butterfly’s wings, he has included some distinct aesthetic patterns, and placed the skull design right in the middle of the butterfly’s body. Furthermore, he has also incorporated leaves and a moon to give this design a more attractive look. All these elements have different meanings. For example, the butterfly is a symbol of purity, and innocence, whereas the skull denotes death and grief. The moon on the other hand, is a classic representation of beauty, and mystery. Wen combined together in one single tattoo; it provides a deep and meaningful Tattoo Design.

Sunflower Elbow Tattoos

sunflower elbow tattoos
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If you are looking for some colorful and vibrant tattoo designs, this one can be the perfect design for you. The above-mentioned image contains quite a large and dramatic design of a sunflower tattoo, etched on the outer elbow crease of the individual. The artist has chosen a bright shade of yellow ink to design this whole look. Furthermore, he has also added the eye right in the innermost part of the flower, so as to make the design look more interesting and unique. You can also easily customize the shape and size of this design according to your preference.

Butterfly Elbow Tattoos

butterfly elbow tattoos
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For those who want to add that certain feminine touch to their Tattoo Design, this can be the perfect way to do so. The artist has beautifully placed small butterflies near the elbow of the individual. To highlight the wings of this insect, he has also used several unique patterns. Although the whole tattoo has been drawn in black and grey ink, you can add any color of your choice to make the design more vibrant and prominent.

After getting an elbow ditch tattoo, you need to give it the required time to heal properly. It is not an easy task to maintain a tattoo on such a complicated spot on your body. Therefore follow the advice of your tattoo artist religiously so as to retain the fresh and crisp look of your design. Here are a few other examples of elbow ditch tattoo designs that you can also check out.

  • Traditional Elbow Ditch Tattoo
  • Adventure Time Tattoo
  • Candle Elbow Tattoo
  • Dragon Elbow Tattoo
  • Paws Elbow Tattoo

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