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If you are interested in tools and weapons of the primitive age, then an elegant female arrow Tattoo Design can be a great choice for your skin.

elegant female arrow tattoo
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The usage of bow and arrow for hunting and territorial protection has been used even before recorded accounts of history.

The bow and arrow were once considered to be a major weapon for battle, but with the passage of time, their purpose of use has changed. In modern times, bow and arrow are specifically used for sports and hunting in some parts of the world.

The one who shoots an arrow with the bow is known as an archer. The maker of a bow is called a bowyer, and the creator of arrows is called a fletcher. Though their use has declined for the purpose of war, they have found extreme importance in the world of the tattoo industry. Check out some of the best arrow tattoos curated for women specifically and take your pick.

Simple Female Arrow Tattoo

simple female arrow tattoo
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The simple arrow Tattoo Design mostly consists of a single arrow, and its size ranges from small to medium. They are mostly done using black ink, and the best place to put these tattoos on the body is the ankle, forearm, wrist, side belly, bicep, neck, and calves. Sometimes to make the design more enriching, a bow is also added with the arrow.

The simple arrow tattoo can have a range of meanings and totally depends on the tattooer on what she wants to represent. Arrows are meant to reach their target when shot with a bow and hence can represent the tattooers’ aim to reach their wanted goal. Arrow was once used as a weapon of protection and can also represent defense from something evil.

Female Feather Arrow Tattoo

female feather arrow tattoo
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The feather arrow tattoos are quite a common design when considered from the perspective of arrow tattoos. These arrow tattoos blossom extremely well when done in medium or large sizes. The medium ones are put in the wrist, ankle, and neck, while the large ones are inked in the back, forearm, bicep, shin, and calves.

The ink color used for this Tattoo Design is mostly black, but sometimes the feather is done with colorful ink. Arrows are considered to be a weapon of war and represent conflict. Adding a feather to an arrow tattoo totally changes that meaning and demonstrates victory over the conflict or struggle the tattooer was facing. Other geometric designs like a circle or triangle can be added to further enrich the meaning of the tattoo.

Female Arrow Finger Tattoo

female arrow finger tattoo
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In recent years, arrow finger tattoos have become quite popular among females. These arrow tattoo designs are mostly small owing to the area of the finger but look extremely cool. Black ink is mostly used for these arrow tattoos and is often fused with other objects.

This arrow Tattoo Design blossoms extremely well on the index, middle, and ring finger. Objects like a flower, fire, or an eye are mostly added to make it more interesting. Putting an arrow on the finger reflects that the tattooer wants to remind others and herself that it is important to move forward in life. The tattoo also reminds them to be true to themselves.

Female Crossed Arrow Tattoo

female crossed arrow tattoo
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The concept of crossed arrows Tattoo Design can be traced back to the Native Americans. For these people, arrows played a key role in their life and, in a way, a tool of survival. From protection to hunting, arrows served all purposes without failing. Now, crossed arrows are a great symbol and an extremely important one in the native American culture.

Two crossed arrows in the native American culture meant an alliance formed with tribes among themselves. But when a single arrow was broken into two pieces and kept in a cross sign, it meant peace among the tribes. A similar meaning can be generated and represented by the tattooer who has inked this Tattoo Design on their body. The best place to put these arrow tattoos is on the forearm, calves, shin, chest, back, and wrist.

Female Three Arrow Tattoo

female three arrow tattoo
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The three arrow tattoo designs are often done as a matching tattoo with family members, friends, or siblings. The three arrow tattoo meaning is often associated with the symbol of bonding and friendship. The best place to put these arrow tattoo designs is on the forearm, chest, shin, calves, and back.

This arrow Tattoo Design is mostly done using traditional black ink, and the size mostly ranges from medium to large. Often a rope or ribbon is attached to the three arrows, which demonstrates the meaning that the relation among the tattoo holders has a strong foundation. An infinity sign can also be added to demonstrate that their bond will be intact till eternity.

Female Broken Arrow Tattoo

female broken arrow tattoo
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A great tattoo choice for a person who wants to show a positive transition in their life. The size of the broken arrow tattoos often ranges from medium to large and is mostly done using black and grey ink. The medium ones are inked on the forearm, shin, and calves, while the large ones are done on the back, chest, and thighs.

Often inking arrow tattoo designs show aggression or conflict, which can be either external or internal. A broken arrow tattoo is like a breeze of fresh air, which demonstrates the concept of putting aside an argument or conflict for the greater good. The resolution that is reflected in this design can be among friends, family members, couples, or siblings.

Female Infinity Arrow Tattoo

female infinity arrow tattoo
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The mathematical infinity symbol shows something that is unlimited, and the infinity tattoo often represents eternity. But when the arrow is done in the form of an infinity tattoo by the tattoo artists, the meaning totally changes. These arrow tattoos look extremely cool when placed on the wrist, neck, back, chest, forearm, and ankle.

This design is a meaningful tattoo choice and is for people who want to radiate positive vibes. An arrow, when shot by pulling backward, reaches its target by moving forward. Keeping this concept in mind, the tattooer wants to reflect that the conflict or struggle someone is facing is temporary. With time they will find their happiness and will have a new beginning.

Female Downward Pointing Arrow Tattoo

female downward pointing arrow tattoo
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The arrows pointing downwards mostly come with a feather attached to their rear end. This particular Tattoo Design is based on native American traditions. When an arrow tattoo faces downwards with a feather, it means that there is peace after conflict. Arrows were not only weapons for these tribes but also a way to express their culture.

The best place to put these tattoos is on the forearm, bicep, back, shin, calves, thighs, and chest. The ink used for these tattoos can be either traditional black or any color according to the tattooer’s choice. Often name initials, infinity signs, or geometric shapes are further added to this Tattoo Design to express varied meanings.

Female Arrow With Semicolon Tattoo

female arrow with semicolon tattoo
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The arrow with semicolon tattoos is extremely special and has a very important meaning attached to it. The semicolon is a symbol of solidarity and declaration against depression, suicide, addiction, or other health issues. At the same time, an arrow symbolizes the concept of moving forward in life.

When these two concepts are fused, it reciprocates a beautiful meaning of moving forward in life without looking back at the past. It is an extremely motivational piece and best blossoms on the wrist, forearm, ankle, chest, and back. They are mostly done using black ink, and the size of the tattoo ranges from small to medium.

Female Small Arrow Face Tattoo

female small arrow face tattoo
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Though minimal in stature, small tattoos are always in demand in the market for their crisp and clean design. The small arrow tattoo is one such piece that looks extremely cool when done in the proper places. Mostly black ink is used for this design, and the best place to put them is on the face, back, neck, ankle, finger, toe, and behind the ear.

To further make it mesmerizing, beautiful and intricate patterns can be made on the arrow. Objects like a bow, a barbed wire, a love sign, or an anchor can be fused with this design. These tattoos are often done by people who are introverted in nature or do not like to showcase their tattoos all the time.

While doing an arrow Tattoo Design, you must visit an experienced tattoo artist. If the arrow tattoos are not done in a proper straight way, then they will not look good on your body. Also, the place of the tattoo must be selected carefully, along with the direction of the arrowhead.

The other tattoo designs that can be done using the concept of a bow and arrow are:

  • Female green arrow tattoo
  • Female watercolor arrow tattoo
  • Female floral bow and arrow tattoo
  • Female cupid’s arrow tattoo
  • Female mandala arrow tattoo

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