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Ex name tattoo cover-up tattoo ideas are cheaper than the removal of unwanted body art containing your ex‘s name and indicate a fresh start in life.

Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up Ideas
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When it comes to ex name tattoo cover-up it should be mentioned that it is the art of tattooing over a dumb tattoo to indicate a new beginning.

There are generally two ideas to get rid of name tattoos displaying the name of your ex-partner and your ex’s memory. The solid way to get rid of the past relationship that is emotionally draining you is to cover it up with a new tattoo.

Life becomes harsh when one holds on to memories. Before drooling over past relationship regrets, get a vibrant makeover yourself inked with some marvellous cover up tattoo designs that will erase your previous body art.

Below has been provided with a series of cover-up tattoo designs that you can select and your ex’s name would be completely erased by these.

Creative Ex Name Cover Up Tattoos

Creative Ex Name Cover Up Tattoos
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The tattoo has been inked on the body of the man and is filled with deep colours. The new image signifies the new beginning of the person. The crafty tattoo artists are potential enough to completely hide the old tattoo. It is worth mentioning that the cover of the tattoo idea is coming under the category of a dragon tattoo which perfectly suits the person. Filled with vibrant colours like blue and red, it is the work of a literal genius.

Different tattoos represent different ideas along with the values and perceptions of life. The symbolism of Japanese culture has its own royalty. This reflects the idea of the protection of the family along with the home. In Japan, dragons are considered guardians who bring happiness and longevity. In addition to this, the Japanese dragon is also symbolic of wisdom along with the force of good and blessing. According to an old saying in Japan, dragons are capable of manipulating elements for the benefit of people along with the good in this world.

Heartbroken Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up

Heartbroken Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up
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Well inked and covering the entire arm of the man, the black ink tattoo is considered to be one of the wave tattoo ideas that are potential enough to hide the name of the person met during summer happening with your ex. The numerous waves covering the arm of the man reflect the best life one can have.

It should be highlighted that when it comes to wave tattoos, they symbolize life’s constant motion. Waves are the symbol of the unstoppable force of nature. A force that never ceases and goes on. What is important to note is that water is an unstoppable force of nature, that moves accordingly to the course of time. Therefore, deep colours can be used to signify waves. So, if you want to get rid of your ex-partner’s name from your body then you can always go for a creative ex name tattoo cover-up.

Ex-Boyfriend Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up

Ex-Boyfriend Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up
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The tattoo artist has been successful enough to cover up the name of the ex-partner of the woman with that colourful rose. The cover-up tattoo design is also falling under the genre of rose tattoo ideas and is a perfect tattoo cover-up. The way, the tattoo artist has covered the name of the person and converted it into a gracious rose is something a piece of beauty. The initials inked on the hand of the woman are completely erased and of course, are a sign of new beginnings.

Lights should be shed on the fact that when it comes to a rose it stands for its royalty. Moreover, a beautiful rose has a long history that dates back to the 1930s. A rose tattoo can be worn by both, one won in love or lost love. In addition to this, a few roses are symbolic of the highest level of passion for ages. This flower is well-etched with emotions as well as beauty. No other flower can replicate the beauty along with the historical importance of a rose flower. If you want to share similar faith, then you can always go for a rose tattoo cover-up.

Specific Idea Cover Up Tattoo

Specific Idea Cover Up Tattoo
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This wonderful and specific tattoo coverup has been well inked by the tattoo artist and is covering the entire arm of the woman. The self-designed tattoo is truly unique. Generally speaking, this amazing piece of art is associated with bees and beehives. In addition to this, with the help of the new ink, the woman has also added the word ‘peace’ along with a face of a woman.

One must not forget that each and every cover-up tattoo design has its own meaning. When it comes to a bee tattoo it reflects loyalty. The tiny creatures are always loyal to their queen as well as other members of the beehive. Therefore, the bee tattoo indicates one is a person who prefers loyalty or is loyal to a specific person. This when associated with the word ‘peace ‘ simply shows the woman’s yearnings for a peaceful life. The gloomy face of the woman can also stand for the relationship that is over, the desire of the woman to lead a peaceful future.

Beautiful Rose Tattoo Cover Ups

Beautiful Rose Tattoo Cover Ups
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The wrist ex name tattoo cover-up is of black colour and can completely hide the name of your ex-partner. The rose is covering the entire wrist of the man and is giving him a distinguished look.

When it comes to rose tattoos it has got its historical significance and no one can replicate the beauty of a rose. Rose when worn by a man stands for romantic love or true love. Whenever a man tattoos himself a rose it symbolises unconditional love for his partner. A rose tattoo is a sign of celebration of a relationship. It also signifies a balance of beauty and emotions. Roses are poignant symbols of a high level of passion. Appreciation for beauty and femininity is well portrayed through rose tattoos.

You can easily cover up your ex’s name with roses as it will add a charm to your appearance.

Completely Hide Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Completely Hide Cover Up Tattoo Ideas
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Inked on the arm of the guy, the tattoo is portraying the image of Cuba and the Cuban revolution. The tattoo of Che Guevera represents the argentine Revolutionary leader. He was the lieutenant of Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution. He was captured as well as executed by the Army of Bolivia. The cover-up tattoo can be well used by someone who has rebellious thoughts and wants to bring changes in their life and society.

Inking the same on your body part will represent you as a rebel as well as a decent person. his will portrays someone who demands change. You can easily convert your partner’s face into Che Guevera’s which will completely give the message to the onlookers, as you are the harbinger of change.

Permanent Reminder Cover Up Tattoo

Permanent Reminder Cover Up Tattoo
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The armband tattoo is surely going to create an everlasting impact on the tattoo recipient. The traditional tattoo design is well inked on the arm of the man is like a band.

According to an old saying, a traditional solid black ink armband cover-up tattoo reflects the permanent loss of a partner. Black is the colour that is associated with mourning and death. The shape of the tattoo is a permanent reminder of properly memorialising a loved one.

Old Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas

Old Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas
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The colourful flowers are worn by the girl on her arms. The flowers are inked in soothing colours. Nowadays, the flower tattoo also represents the love between two people.

Flower Tattoos can be a good choice for covering up an old tattoo with a new tattoo. The fine details of flowers reflect the ancient indication of God’s containment.

New Tattoo Ideas

New Tattoo Ideas
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The colourful, cute little tiger is very unique. Besides, the deep colours are also adding an extra charm to the body art of the person. Name tattoos are difficult to be removed but can be well replaced by a flower tiger colourful tattoo.

Tiger has been inked on a woman beholding the meaning of good health, stability, worship, and fortune alongside magnificent beauty. On the other hand, flowers show the containment of God. It is a perfect symbol of spirituality along with an attempt to safeguard endangered species.

Free Bird Cover-Up Idea Of Tattooing

Free Bird Cover-Up Idea Of Tattooing
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The cover-up tattoo is inked on the neck of the girl and is reflecting the idea of emancipation from a toxic past. The gorgeous feather of a bird is well inked in black.

In addition, the tattoo cover-up has utilised the imagery of several birds flying high. This symbolises family value, optimism and ease. It signifies joy and freedom.

Tattoos always reflect one’s total faith along with their values. It gives a vivid idea of one’s perception of life. Cover up tattoos helps in hiding the names of your ex-partner so that you can forget your past forever and continue your life with your current partner. Here are a few pieces of tattoo cover-up that you can select.

  • Car Tattoo.
  • Scary Spider Cover Up Tattoos.
  • Faded Hearts And Smudgy Initials Tattoo.
  • Old Saying Tattoo Cover Ups.
  • Even Tattoo Wedding Bands.

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