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Explore some unique and gorgeous floral neck tattoo ideas with the fantastic list of tattoos that we have created for you!

floral neck tattoo
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Floral tattoos are one of the most meaningful and popular tattoo designs for not only women but also men.

Whether you want to honor somone you love or just express your feelings, a floral tattoo will do more than what words can. Over the years since the technology has evolved, floral tattoos have become more and more detailed.

There are numerous flowers, and each tattoo means something very different. You can select a flower of utmost importance to you and research its deep meaning. The more general meaning of a flower tattoo is femininity, beauty, and love. There is no specific body placement of a floral tattoo. However, if you want to show off your tattoo at all times, the best place to get it is on the neck.

There have been various stigmas related to neck tattoos that it is risky. But there are so many experienced and talented tattoo artists whose expertise lies in the area of neck tattoos. It is necessary that before going for a neck tattoo, you must consult your tattoo artist and understand any kind of risks involved in these tattoos. Neck tattoos can range from small compact designs to larger ones that move onto your shoulder and arm. It can be difficult to choose from these tattoos. This is why we have created a list of some amazing floral neck tattoos for you.

Go through the list below and select your next body art now.

Traditional Flower Tattoo

traditional flower tattoo
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A traditional floral tattoo generally comes with gold strokes and colors. However, the tattoo artist used only black ink for this one. Many flowers are used to describe a person’s feelings. However, one of the most popular choice is a rose tattoo or a Peony flower. Peony is a representation of positivity in life. They are also symbols of beauty, love, honor, and nobility. Several cultures, like the Chinese and Japanese, use a Peony flower as a very important part of their traditions.

The tattoo artist has created this beautiful design with fine line work of black ink. The tattoo placement is such that it will easily be visible at all times. It is placed in the section that connects the neck and your chest. The tattoo starts in the center with a large Peony flower and grows into a vine drawn on the collar bones. This beautiful and decorative necklace you can consider for your next tattoo.

Classic Peony Flower Tattoo

classic peony flower tattoo
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This design is another very classic Peony flower design. It is tattooed on either side of the neck. The tattoo artist. He used fine lines and strokes of black ink to create the design. The tattoo is placed in such a position that it starts from behind the year, down the neck, and goes on to the shoulder. To fill the Peony flowers with some realistic effect, the artist has used black and grey ink in dotwork style. Since it is one of the bigger designs in a sensitive area, such designs can take a few settings to complete because the process is slow. You can also add various colors to the design to make it more appealing.

Botanical Art Tattoo

botanical art tattoo
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This tattoo is old-school style and has a very elegant design. This is a simple-looking design where the tattoo artist has used fine line work of black ink to create this delicate beauty. Although the flower species is not unmistakable, its meaning is very clear. It represents the natural elegance and beauty of the person. While colourful flower tattoos are very popular, such black and white tattoos give a delicate vibe. You can definitely consider this design for your next tattoo.

Small Flower Tattoo

small flower tattoo
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This design is a very small and minimalistic flower bouquet. There are different kinds of flowers which mean different things. The tattoo has been placed on the nape of the neck. The placement is such that you may not be able to see this design regularly. However, when you tie your hair up, this design will be visible to other people. Instead of going for the regular colorful bouquet designs, the tattoo artist has created a delicate-looking black and white tattoo. To add to the element of the design, they’ve added grey shading within the flower and leaves. If you are searching for a straightforward tattoo, this could be the design you go for.

Unique Floral Tattoo

unique floral tattoo
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There have been a lot of designs that show a peony flower. However, this is one of the unique designs. The tattoo artist has created a large design that extends from behind the yard down to the neck and the shoulder. It also covers some parts of the back of the neck. The design may contain only one peony flower, but leaves are all around it. There is no space in the design, so you can also use it as a cover-up tattoo. The design has been made in black and grey. If you look at it carefully, you will not be able to spot a particular outline, which is the beauty of the design. This Peony flower tattoo is something that will always remain in style, and you can consider it for your next tattoo.

Minimalistic Floral Tattoo

minimalistic floral tattoo
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This is one of the most amazing and delicate designs you will find on the Internet. The tattoo artist has made this beautif design with fine line style. This is a unique tattoo design because it starts from one shoulder, extends to the back of the neck, and then onto the other shoulder. This design is such that it will be visible at all times, and if you want to flaunt it further, you can wear a dress that will highlight your back and shoulders. No color has been added to the design to maintain elegance. To add to the element of the design, the artist has also added leaves on the collar bone, also made in black ink. If you are into dramatic and elaborate tattoos, then this design is the perfect tattoo for you!

Simple Flower Tattoo – Roses

simple flower tattoo - roses
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Rose tattoos are the most common flower tattoo designs. Roses are popular not only for their beauty but also for their complex nature. A rose tattoo can represent many things, but its main meaning is love and passion. There are a lot of cultures in which the Rose is seen as the symbol of beauty and balance. Rose tattoos have evolved over the ages. Traditionally, it is made with bright colors like red, pink, and white roses. However, a very common design is a black and white Rose.

This is one of the smaller rose tattoo designs placed on the side of the neck. The tattoo artist used fine line work of black ink to create the entire design, just like an actual rose, they have replicated the thorns on the stem. This is a sweet and simple design with a beautiful meaning; you should consider this for your next tattoo.

Lotus Floral Tattoo

lotus floral tattoo
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This design is of a beautiful Lotus in the form of mandala art. A Lotus tattoo has a beautiful representation. Just like this beautiful flower blooms from muddy water, every individual can also rise above temptation and be on a path to becoming a better person. A Lotus tattoo represents your spiritual awakening and the purity of your soul. Amandala art, on the other hand, is a representation of balance and beauty in life. The combination of a Lotus and mandala art is beautiful and can lift your spirits whenever you look at it. The design placement is such that when the person looks above the sky and the neck is stretched, you can see the entire design. The tattoo artist has made this design with many intricate and delicate strokes. They have used black ink for the entire design, which looks outstanding.

Rosehips Floral Tattoo

rosehips floral tattoo
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Many of you may have heard that the Rose tattoo is a very common design, but have you ever thought about the rosehip being a vital part of the plant? Rosehip is also a part of the Rose flower and is placed right under the petals. It is believed to be contained vitamins. Just like this, a rosehip helps a person with painful surgeries, a rose hip tattoo means that you’ve gone through some painful times in life and have overcome them like a powerful woman.

This simple and elegant design was created with bold strokes of black ink. No color has been added to the design, which adds to its richness. You can consider this design for your next tattoo.

Chrysanthemum Floral Tattoo

chrysanthemum floral tattoo
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Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower used to celebrate a lot of traditions. Chrysanthemums are a popular choice for weddings and birthdays as they represent positivity, joy, peace, rebirth, and love. These flowers spread joy and love for family, friends, and children. In Japanese culture, the chrysanthemum symbolizes the light of the sun. They believe that if you have a chrysanthemum tattoo on your body, you will be reported with a happy life.

The tattoo artist has created a very beautiful design with strokes of black ink. The border of the tattoo has been made with bold strokes, while the insides have been covered with fine lines. The shading of black and grey provide richness to the design. The tattoo’s placement is such that you can show it proudly at all times.

The neck can be a sensitive part of the body, so before getting a tattoo, you must consult a tattoo artist. We hope that the designs above were appealing, and if you want to explore further, you can also check out –

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