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In search of flower bouquet tattoos? Check out some of the most gorgeous and popular flower bouquet tattoos right here!

Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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Flowers are truly some of the most aesthetic and gorgeous things on this planet.

So, it is really not surprising that almost everyone loves receiving a flower bouquet. However, nowadays, a lot of men and women are taking their love for flower bouquets a step further and getting inked with one.

While each and every flower has some kind of symbolism attached to it, flower bouquet tattoos are most often gotten for their beautiful and elegant visual appeal. Additionally, depending on the flowers you choose to add to your flower bouquet, the meaning of the whole tattoo can keep changing and evolving. Some flowers which are very regularly seen in flower bouquet tattoos are rose, sunflower, lotus, daisy, and daffodil. Each of these flowers is symbolic of love, good fortune, enlightenment, innocence, and new beginnings, respectively.

While most people believe floral designs are feminine in nature and exclusively for women, a lot of men also sport eye-catching floral tattoos. So, as a man, if you are wondering if a flower bouquet tattoo will suit you, the answer is yes, it surely will. The beauty of flowers should be not be limited, and hence, if you love floral tattoo designs, then you can certainly opt for a flower bouquet tattoo.

Will all this information in mind, let us now jump into the most aesthetic flower bouquet tattoos, which will certainly uplift the definition of beauty for you.

Vibrant Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Vibrant Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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The immense beauty of flowers lies in the various colours and shades they are seen in. So, if you want to recreate that effect on your skin, you should definitely get a gorgeous and bright flower bouquet tattoo, like this one. Here, the flowers have been inked in a way to mimic watercolour art. Each of the flowers is standing out due to its perfect colouration. The realistic leaves and tiny little ladybird aren’t going unnoticed either. The purple dahlia at the back is not only beautiful to look at but is also a symbol of royalty and dignity. So, with a flower bouquet tattoo like this one, you can bring out the regal side inside you.

Colored Flower Tattoo
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In comparison to the first tattoo, this design looks much more vibrant and vivid. A tattoo design of this kind will pop out against your skin. The bright yellow, blue, red, and purple hues are all going well together, making the whole design stand out. Even the green leaves behind the flowers have been created in a way to draw attention to the tattoo, immediately. To add to that, the meanings associated with each flower in this tattoo is further enhancing the value of the design. Such a flower bouquet tattoo design would look great on the arm or on the shoulder.

Small Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Small Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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A dainty and delicate flower bouquet tattoo can be just as brilliant and gorgeous as an elaborate one if the right design is picked. So, if you are into delicate tattoos and love floral designs, combine the two to get a tattoo like this one. Here, mainly the outlines of the two flowers have been inked, with their stems and leaves. The placement of this tattoo is also perfect, as a tattoo of this size should certainly be inked on a visible body part. A delicate tattoo like this represents the delicate nature of its wearer.

Daisy Tattoo
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This tattoo is a different take on dainty floral designs. Here, the two flowers are much farther apart, with one of the flowers drooping down, while the other is in full blossom. The meaning behind such a tattoo could be attributed to how as humans, our day-to-day lives are filled with happiness and sadness at the same time. The beauty of this tattoo has become even more pronounced due to the contrast of the colourless petals and subtly shaded leaves. You can get this inked on your arm, or on your ankle.

Traditional Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Traditional Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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Traditional tattoos are like a classic song, that will never go out of style. So, if you want to get inked with a conventional tattoo design, this option is the right one for you. Here, the flower bouquet has been placed in a vase. The beauty of this tattoo is not only due to the pretty flowers but also because of the intricately designed vase. The light flowers and dark vase are forming a wonderful interplay of the two shades. A design of this kind will look good anywhere on the body with a large space.

Colourful Traditional Tattoo
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If you are more interested in colourful traditional tattoo designs, then this flower bouquet tattoo can be your best option. The tattoo here features sunflowers, roses, and a few other kinds of flowers. The green leaves and brownish-green stem are the perfect elements to be inked in combination with the flowers, as they are enhancing the realism of the design. Apart from all this, the rope tied around the end of the flowers is making this design resemble a classic flower bouquet.

Dark Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Dark Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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While most people might not associate flower bouquet tattoo designs with black, bold, and dark features, it is entirely possible to get inked with such a tattoo that looks absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. As you can see here, poppy flowers have been inked and filled in with black ink dots and lines. There is some subtle use of white ink to accentuate some of the elements, but overall, this is a dark style of tattoo. You can get this inked on either of your arms or even on the side of your ribs.

Flower Bouque Tattoo
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If you want a flower bouquet tattoo that is not as dark as the first one, then you could opt for this tattoo design right here. While the outlines done in this tattoo are quite bold, contrary to the first one, the flower petals are not filled in with black ink. Hence, there is a subtle monochromatic effect going on, which is adding a unique charm to the overall design. This tattoo is quite large in size and covering the entire thigh. However, you can ask your tattoo artist to recreate this in a smaller size for you.

Fine Line Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Fine Line Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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A fine line sunflower tattoo in combination with other delicate leaves and flowers is nothing less than gorgeous. Such a tattoo is the perfect symbol of the delicateness that is often associated with flowers. Additionally, the meanings and symbolism associated with sunflowers are happiness, honesty, peace, and devotion. So, to have such beautiful and symbolic meanings on your skin forever will undoubtedly be worth it.

Cute Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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This fine line flower tattoo has much more space in between the flowers, making the design appear quite neat and clean. As you can see, the outlines done in this tattoo by the tattoo artist are quite thin, making the whole design very dainty. In addition to the gorgeous linework, this tattoo also has subtle dotwork, which is further underlining the elegance of the whole motif.

Vintage Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Vintage Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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Vintage flower tattoo designs are not only gorgeous but also bring about a charm belonging of a different era. So, if you are looking for a floral tattoo design that can stand out due to its style, here is the perfect option for you. As you can see, the vintage effect in this tattoo has been created by using the ink in a way to mimic old and faded paintings. The flowers created here are anemones. An anemone flower represents anticipation. So, if you are eagerly waiting for something in life, then this tattoo would be perfect for you.

Bunch of Flower Tattoo
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A perfect alternative to the first vintage tattoo is this one. Here, a bunch of daisy flowers have been depicted. Daisy represents new beginnings, beauty, love, and even the birth of a child. So, if you can relate to any of these meanings, you should definitely get this inked on yourself. Here too, the colour of the ink is making the tattoo look vintage. Additionally, the white petals are forming the perfect contrast against the yellow centre of the flower, with the green leaves adding the ideal finishing touch.

Snake And Flower Bouquet Sleeve Tattoo

Snake And Flower Bouquet Sleeve Tattoo
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A floral tattoo design is the perfect example of grace and elegance. So, combining a flower bouquet tattoo with a slithering snake will make for quite a contrast. Here, the snake seems to be wrapped around the bouquet of sunflowers and lilies. Even though the entire tattoo has been done with black and grey ink, the design is as gorgeous and realistic as ever. The size of this tattoo is also making it into a sleeve design. So, if you are interested in a spectacular tattoo covering either of your arms, go for this one!

Flower Bouquet Back Tattoo

Flower Bouquet Back Tattoo
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The back of the neck is quite a delicate and sensitive spot. So, the placement of a flower design here will be symbolic of the nature of the spot. As you can see in the image, this tattoo is quite small and minimalistic. Even then, the colour combination is making the flowers look out of this world. This tattoo is quite art-like and feminine and hence, would be a gorgeous piece to add to your body.

Amazing Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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If you don’t like coloured designs, then this flower design will certainly appeal to you. The placement of this tattoo is slightly different from the first one, as this tattoo is much longer. This design is mainly an outline tattoo, however, there are subtle detailing done by the tattoo artist.

Hand Holding Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Hand Holding Flower Bouquet Tattoo
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A cute flower bouquet tattoo, with a hand holding a bunch of flowers, has to be one of the most endearing designs. No matter where one is in the world, receiving flowers is always a special feeling. So, with a tattoo like this, you could feel like you are being offered a bouquet. Additionally, this gorgeous tattoo could be a reminder for you to give flowers to the loved ones in your life, to make them feel special and wanted. This design is quite simple, with varying boldness of the outlines and subtle detailing and shading. Given the size of this tattoo, you can get this inked anywhere on the body.

Abstract Flower Buoquet Tattoo

Abstract Flower Boquet Tattoo
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For artists, a tattoo can be a way to express themselves. So, if you are an artist and looking for an abstract flower design, that not only looks gorgeous but holds a deeper meaning, then this flower tattoo is perfect for you. Here, a flower bouquet has been placed on the top half of a body. This tattoo is representative of the fact that with good and positive thinking in life, one might feel like flowers have grown out of their head. So, not only does this tattoo look like art, but it also has an artistic meaning. You could get this inked on your ankle, or on the arm, as pictured.

In conclusion, there are a variety of tattoo styles that can be used to create a flower bouquet tattoo. A flower bouquet can look feminine or masculine, depending on the design that has been picked. They can be used to represent anything from birth to death. So, a flower bouquet tattoo can be the perfect way to symbolise any event in your life. Here is a quick list of the different flower bouquet tattoos-

  1. Colourful and gorgeous flower bouquet tattoos
  2. Minimalist flower bouquet tattoos
  3. Bright yellow sunflower bouquet tattoos
  4. Flower bouquet tattoos done in vintage style
  5. Artistic and abstract flower bouquet tattoos
  6. Fine linework flower bouquet tattoos

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