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Looking for a beautiful tattoo that will be delicate, dainty, and gorgeous as well? Then check out these amazing flower collarbone tattoo designs!

flower collarbone tattoo
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If you are looking for a bold and feminine tattoo that will always be visible, then you might just want to get a flower tattoo on your collarbone.

Getting a tattoo on the collar bones has always been a risky proposition for people who cannot handle pain well. However, it still continues to be one of the most popular tattoo designs for how amazing it looks.

If you are curious about why a collarbone tattoo can hurt so much, the answer lies with how the collar bone and clavicle is usually a sensitive area with really thin skin. The bony area often has very less fat. Hence, the collar bone is one of the most painful parts of the body for a tattoo placement as it can hurt amateurs quite a lot. However, if you are sure that you can handle the hurt and pain, then you can definitely try out a floral collarbone tattoo. A floral collarbone tattoo is one of the most popular types of collarbone tattoos because of how easy it is to mould the shape of the flowers to fit the area.

Thus, if you want a gorgeous and eye-catching tattoo that will draw admiration and appreciation, you should take a look at these flower collar bone tattoo ideas!

Minimal And Simple Flower Collarbone Tattoos

minimal and simple flower collarbone tattoos
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If you have decided that you want a flower tattoo on collarbone, then you need to find a design that is the most suitable and appropriate for you. Most people look for collar bone tattoos that fits their aesthetic and style. If you are someone who greatly admires cool, and minimalistic art – then you will love a simple and minimal floral collar bone tattoo. Rather than opting for a large and complex Tattoo Design, you can ask your artist for a very minimal tattoo that will be quite cute nonetheless!

Lovely Colorful Collarbone Tattoos With Floral Motif

lovely colorful collarbone tattoos with floral motif
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If you are in search of a wonderful flower tattoo on collarbone, then you can also do some research by looking up some popular designs on the internet. Once you search for some ideas online, you will find that a lot of people prefer to get colorful flower tattoos on their collar bones. After all, the beauty of the flower stands out only when the body art tattoo can properly express the multiple shades and colors of the flower. Therefore, you need to find a good tattoo artist who specializes in working with colorful ink and can turn your floral tattoo into an elegant piece of art.

Stunning Floral Collarbone Tattoos With Other Symbols And Objects

stunning floral collarbone tattoos with other symbols and objects
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The best part about a flower tattoo on collarbone or the clavicle area is that you can also modify, customize, or embellish it as much as you want. A lot of women add other symbols and objects or figures to their flower collar bone tattoo such as a butterfly, the sun, the moon, some bright sparkles, or even the stars. These can symbolize a number of things based on the personality and interpretation of the wearer. However, you can be sure that such a lovely combination of tattoos will look awesome on your collar bone. You can also follow a similar design and get a phrase, a motivational quote, or a few words inked on the area. Adding a phrase or a quote to your tattoo is a wonderful way to express a deep thought, feeling, or emotion through your body art. You can also add another symbol or bird tattoos to the collar bone or clavicle area.

Heavily Shaded Black And Gray Floral Collarbone Tattoo Designs

heavily shaded black and gray floral collarbone tattoo designs
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If you have decided to get a flower tattoo collarbone, then you may also want to go for a more unconventional design. Most men and women like to use simple lines for these collarbone tattoos with flowers to create a minimal and aesthetic Tattoo Design. However, if you like a large and complex tattoo with intricate and precise detailing, you can definitely ask your tattoo artist for a bold floral tattoo. Just like the wearer in the picture above, you can ask your artist to fill the floral tattoo with black and gray ink. The artist has also added heavy shading to the flowers to give it more depth and beauty.

Wonderful Flower Collarbone Tattoo Designs For Men

wonderful flower collarbone tattoo designs for men
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There is a misconception that floral tattoos or a collar bone Tattoo Design is only for women. However, it totally depends on the Tattoo Design about whether it will suit the wearer. Consequently, a great tattoo artist can create an awesome floral tattoo that will look amazing on both men and women.

So if you have fallen in love with a flower collar bone tattoo and are ready to withstand the pain because of the placement, why not go ahead and get inked? You can also draw inspiration from the above picture where the wearer has decided to get leaves and flowers tattooed on both sides of the chest. They have also added heavy black ink shading to it to make the tattoo more prominent.

If you are interested to check out some more designs, then here are the best collarbone tattoo men ideas for you to explore!

Flower Collarbone Tattoos Made In The Watercolor Style

flower collarbone tattoos made in the watercolor style
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If you are looking for a classy women’s collar bone tattoos, then you can definitely look at some unique and awesome tattoo styles and techniques. If you love the idea of colorful tattoos that look like body art, then a big tattoo done in the watercolor style might be a great idea. The watercolor tattoo technique adds more depth and beauty to an ordinary floral tattoo and makes it look as if an actual painter has painted the Tattoo Design with their brush and paint.

Delicate Flower Collarbone Tattoo On Both Sides Of The Chest

delicate flower collarbone tattoo on both sides of the chest
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A common collarbone flower Tattoo Design is one where people get the tattoo on one side of their chest. However, if you don’t mind a bit of pain and want to wear the stunning tattoo on both sides of your chest, you can replicate the same Tattoo Design on both sides. This will definitely create a stunning effect!

If you will look at the example above, the artist has done an amazing job of creating a collarbone tattoo on both sides of the chest that can also be extended to the arm or shoulders.

Tiny Birth Flower Collarbone Tattoo Ideas For People

tiny birth flower collarbone tattoo ideas for people
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One way to make your flower collarbone Tattoo Design carry personal meaning and make it more special, could be to get a tattoo of your birth flower. Each month of the year is associated with a particularly flower or two, that then become the official birth flowers of those months. Therefore, you will see that people born in January are usually gifted carnations and snowdrops or people born in May love the lily of the valley flowers. Consequently, if you want to get a meaningful, colorful, and pretty tattoo body art on your collarbones, you can also choose the birth flower associated with your birthday and get a tattoo based on that! If you were born in October, you can definitely follow the design in the above picture and get a tiny October tattoo on your collarbone.

Gorgeous Blackwork Tattoos With Floral Motif For Women

gorgeous blackwork tattoos with floral motif for women
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A blackwork tattoo is a well-known technique of tattoo art where the symbol or the figure is entirely carved out using black ink and abstract patterns. Blackwork tattoos are known for their eye-catching qualities and how starkly visible they can be as compared to the rest of the skin. So if you want a tattoo that will definitely stand out in a crowd and are willing to withstand some pain for it, why not just choose an awesome flower collar bone tattoo and use the blackwork style for it?

If you want to expand upon your collar bone flower Tattoo Design and extend it to your shoulder and beyond, you can check out these flower shoulder tattoo ideas to play around with it!

Beautiful Flower Collarbone Tattoos That Carry A Special Meaning

beautiful flower collarbone tattoos that carry a special meaning
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A lot of people love to get floral tattoo designs on different parts of their bodies because of the messages and meanings that they carry. For example, you may see people getting a tattoo of roses to express their love, desire, and passion. On the other hand, sunflowers and daisies usually symbolize friendship, while daffodils signify respect and admiration. So if you want your elegant flower collarbone tattoo to signify something, you can choose a particular flower that is your favorite or holds a lot of value to you. For example, the wearer in the picture above has chosen a cherry blossom collar bone tattoo. A cherry blossom and mountain tattoo usually symbolize and represent renewal, rebirth, and the re-emergence of spring. You can also use colored ink for the tattoo.

Therefore, if you have made up your mind to get a collarbone tattoo for your next tattoo appointment, then you can definitely pick from one of these gorgeous flower collarbone tattoos above!

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