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Looking for some amazing flower sleeve tattoos? Read on to find some of the best tattoo designs and ideas for men and women and take your pick!

flower sleeve tattoo
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Floral motifs have been around for quite a while now and have been winning hearts all over.

So, it is really not a big surprise that a lot of people are investing in flower tattoos that cover a lot of space on their bodies. Hence, a flower full sleeve tattoo or half sleeve tattoo has made a mark in the world of getting inked.

What Is The Symbolism Of A Flower Sleeve Tattoo?

In general, flower tattoos stand for a variety of meanings. These meanings are entirely dependent on the flower or flowers that have been inked. Every flower is associated with some kind of symbolism. Additionally, a lot of people choose to assign their own meaning to a flower. For instance, a rose is symbolic of passion and love. However, if a rose is your favourite flower, you can get it inked to symbolise something about you or something that makes you happy. So, for different people, the symbolism of flower sleeve tattoos vary. Also, since a half sleeve or even a full sleeve tattoo covers quite a large space, it is quite easy to add different kinds of flowers and create a sort of harmony of what each of the flowers represents, on your skin.

What Are The Different Styles Of Flower Sleeve Tattoos?

Just like any other tattoo, a flower sleeve tattoo can be created using a variety of tattooing methods. Apart from the mainstream coloured or black and white tattoos, watercolour tattoos, scribble tattoos and even outline tattoos can be used to represent a flower sleeve. Apart from all this, flower sleeve tattoos can also be created using tribal designs. Such tattoos can also be representative of any particular culture and use symbols or motifs associated with that culture. For instance, a Japanese style of flower sleeve tattoo could include symbols or even animals like the tiger in association with the floral motifs.

Now that you know about the various kinds of flower tattoo sleeves, and also what a flower sleeve tattoo can mean, it is time for you to pick a tattoo for yourself! Continue reading to find some of the best tattoo designs, that will surely take your heart away.

Outline Flower Sleeve Tattoo

outline flower sleeve tattoo
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A lot of people believe that sleeve tattoos have to be very elaborate and detailed. However, the truth is, you can get an outline sleeve tattoo that will look just as beautiful, if not more. As you can see here, a variety of flowers have been added to make the half tattoo sleeve. In this design, the outline of the flowers have been done quite lightly, and the flowers and leaves have been filled in with minimal shading. The beauty of such a tattoo lies in its simplicity. Instead of getting this tattoo on your forearm, you can also ask your tattoo artist to recreate this on the upper arm.

awesome flower sleeve tattoo
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Here, the outline tattoo sleeve has been inked on the one half of the arm and is featuring a bunch of peonies. The meaning of a peony flower is usually related to good luck, love, and prosperity. So, a half sleeve tattoo with such a beautiful meaning is surely worth getting on your body! The flowers and leaves in this tattoo are lightly shaded, as well. However, unlike the first tattoo, this one seems to take up much lesser space.

Dark Flower Sleeve Tattoo

dark flower sleeve tattoo
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Most people like getting flower tattoos that have been filled in with multiple colours. So, if you want to stand out and create your own style, then choose this dark flower sleeve tattoo. In this tattoo, chrysanthemum has been depicted, against quite a dark background. Even the outline of the flower and the leaves are quite dark and bold, making the tattoo even more prominent to the eyes. In many cultures, a chrysanthemum represents death. So, a dark chrysanthemum tattoo like this one can be a form of remembrance for you.

dark flower sleeve tattoos
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If you are looking for a dark flower tattoo sleeve that isn’t as elaborate as the first one, then why not opt for this tattoo design? Here, the flowers are covering the shoulder and a part of the upper arm. The black and grey shading is making this tattoo look like body art. The flowers represented in this tattoo are peonies. While it is needless to say that peonies are some of the most vibrant flowers, a dark peony flower tattoo of this kind is adding a kind of mystery and sensuality to the meaning of the flower.

Elaborate And Detailed Flower Sleeve Tattoo

elaborate and detailed flower sleeve tattoo
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If you are looking to invest in a detailed full sleeve flower tattoo design, then check out this idea right here. Here, the flowers are covering every inch of the arm, from the top till the wrist. There is a variety of flowers in this design, so a tattoo of this kind will surely hold a lot of powerful meanings. Additionally, the lack of colours in this tattoo is further increasing its oomph factor. The black and grey work, with minor white detailing, is all that you need to impress all the people around you. This sleeve tattoo will take a considerable amount of time to be finished. But once it’s done, you will have an elaborate piece of art on your skin forever.

flower arm sleeve tattoo
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For those who are interested in detailed and elaborate tattoo ideas, but don’t want to cover their entire arm from the top to the wrist, this is the perfect alternative. As you can see in the image, a half sleeve tattoo has been portrayed. Besides flowers and leaves, this tattoo design is also featuring a mandala in the centre and ornamental designs right at the bottom. The beautiful interplay of bold and light outlines are enhancing the appearance of this tattoo even more. This half sleeve tattoo is great for women, due to its ornate appearance.

Coloured Flower Sleeve Tattoo

coloured flower sleeve tattoo
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It would be impossible to talk about flower tattoo designs and not include the best colourful and vibrant flower tattoos. So, for those who want to get a splash of colour on their arm, check this design out! Here, a bunch of lilies have been created, covering three-fourth parts of the arm. The use of colour in this tattoo has been done in a smart way to mimic a painting. So, if you treat your body like a canvas, tell your tattoo artist to recreate this design on your arm, right away! Furthermore, a lily is a symbol of all that is pure. So, a lily flower sleeve tattoo is definitely worth having.

traditional flower sleeve tattoo
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For those who are interested in a traditional floral sleeve tattoo, this coloured design is the ideal choice for you to opt for. In this design, the flowers are covering the middle section of the arm. This tattoo is exceptionally colourful and vibrant, with the combination of yellow and red flowers working like magic. The two red roses are the centrepiece of the whole tattoo, and rightfully so. Even though rose tattoos are quite common, with a flower tattoo sleeve like this one, you can proudly show off your unique tattoo idea.

Bird And Flower Sleeve Tattoo

bird and flower sleeve tattoo
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Botanical tattoo designs are always well-complemented by birds. So, a flower sleeve tattoo with an elaborate bird will not only look aesthetic but will be like having a piece of nature on yourself, permanently. In this tattoo, the floral motifs are extending from the shoulder to the wrist, with quite a big raven inked among them. The tattoo has quite a dark appearance due to the bold outlining and shading. This visual appeal of the tattoo is pairing well with the raven, which is a symbol of magic and prophecy. In some cultures, ravens are known to symbolise death. So altogether, this cool tattoo design is conveying what a raven represents, quite well.

flower and bird tattoo
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In contrast to the elaborate and full sleeve tattoo above, this floral sleeve is only occupying a part of the arm, instead of the whole arm. The beautiful bird in this design has a pale tinge of blue ink on its head and wings, which is enhancing the subtle and delicate nature of this flower half sleeve tattoo. The flowers all around the bird are done with black ink and seem to be in full bloom. This design can be your inspiration to be happy in life, as the meaning of bluebirds is related to happiness. In fact, in Chinese culture, the bluebird is an omen of happiness.

Flower Band Sleeve Tattoo

flower band sleeve tattoo
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If you are looking for a cool mens’ flower sleeve tattoo, then check out this amazing half sleeve design. Here, the flowers have been inked on dark black bands with grey and black ink. Two hibiscuses are flanking the central cool floral pattern, making this design look like an accessory. Band sleeve tattoos have risen to quite a bit of popularity recently, especially for men. So, this tattoo design will definitely help you keep up with the latest trend and styles. You can also ask your tattoo artist to include other kinds of flowers, like a lotus flower, instead of hibiscuses, if you want. A lotus is symbolic of spiritual awakening.

band sleeve with flower tattoo
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This band sleeve tattoo is showcasing a different kind of design. Even though there are three separate bands here as well, the size of the three bands is much different from the previous one. In this tattoo, the topmost band is the most elaborate, with a variety of wildflowers and even a butterfly. The middle band has floral motifs, while the last band also has flowers similar to the one at the top, but not as elaborate. The placements of the three bands and the size of each of the motif are making this tattoo quite eye-catching and unique. To add to that, the dark black ink in the centre is forming the perfect contrast against the light flowers on both sides.

Bee And Flower Sleeve Tattoo

bee and flower sleeve tattoo
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A cute black and grey half sleeve tattoo with flowers and a bee is undoubtedly a nice tattoo design option for both men and women. As you can see in the image, a tiny grey and black bee have been inked on top of two intricately designed peonies. Even though the tattoo has been done without any coloured ink, the brilliant depiction of the flowers has done justice to the design. The shading on the leaves and the smaller flowers which are yet to blossom are further adding a delicate and realistic charm to this tattoo.

bee flower sleeve tattoo
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This bee and flower half sleeve is much more elaborate with different kinds of flowers covering the entire lower portion of the arm. In this tattoo, besides the bee, a beetle has also been inked right at the bottom. The symbolism of beetles is related to good luck. So, this flower half sleeve tattoo can be a way for you to increase your chances of turning your luck around. Apart from that, this tattoo can be a lovely depiction of the beauty of nature we see around us, with flowers and insects co-depending on each other.

Butterfly And Flower Sleeve Tattoo

butterfly and flower sleeve tattoo
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Butterflies are always a beautiful addition to any tattoo design. So, take inspiration from this image above, and get a half sleeve design with large flowers and a prominent butterfly. As you can see here, roses and a sunflower have been added to the tattoo, with the butterfly resting on top of the sunflower. The entire tattoo is featuring shades of black and grey, with the perfect balance between the two colours to create an eye-pleasing combination. The outer wings of the butterfly have been fully darkened which is forming a monochromatic effect against the rest of the colourless part. You can also opt for a coloured version of this same tattoo design.

flower with butterfly sleeve tattoo
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This cool design is much more elaborate spanning over a sizeable portion of the arm, from the shoulder to the mid-section. Here, besides the rose and sunflower, a hibiscus has also been added. This tattoo idea is undoubtedly a great way to represent all the beautiful meanings related to each of the elements in the tattoo. The butterfly in this tattoo design is playing more of a central role, as it is placed right in the middle. Hence, whoever sees your tattoo will first be drawn to the monochromatic butterfly, before their eyes fall upon the rest of the design, which is an embodiment of beauty and grace.

Minimalist Flower Sleeve Tattoo

minimalist flower sleeve tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are always thought to be very elaborate and detailed. But it is entirely possible to get a sleeve tattoo that does not resemble the traditional tattoo designs. As you can see in this full sleeve design, which looks like body art, the flowers have been inked in such a way that it is covering the entire arm from the shoulder to the wrist. However, all the floral motifs are quite spaced out, so the whole design is looking very minimalist. This beautiful tattoo is basically a black outline of the flowers. Hence, the eye-catching factor about this tattoo is its simplicity and lack of elaborate details.

little bird flower tattoo
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If you want a minimalist sleeve tattoo to represent your colourful soul to the world, then this is the perfect alternative to the first one. Here, a beautiful and cute little bird is seen sitting on top of a branch with flowers. The flowers seem to resemble red cherry blossoms, which is highlighting the beauty of this tattoo even more. The shades and tones used to create this tattoo is giving a vintage effect to the whole piece. Additionally, the lack of elaborate designs or patterns and the placement of the tattoo right in the middle of the arm are further adding to the aesthetic vibe created by the tattoo.

Watercolour Flower Sleeve Tattoo

watercolour flower sleeve tattoo
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A new style of tattoo design that has become a favourite for both men and women are watercolour tattoos. In these designs, the tattoo is made in such a way, it mimics an actual watercolour painting. This style of tattoos is not only relevant to artists, but also to those who treat their skin as their canvas. As you can see in the image, two pink flowers have been inked, against a beautiful backdrop created with blue, pink, purple, yellow, and a few other shades. This flower tattoo is not only colourful but an exceptionally aesthetic sleeve tattoo. The background is making it look like the flowers are being kept in front of the galaxy.

So, with all that information about flower sleeve tattoos and ideas, you can easily opt for a tattoo that represents you and your life. Flower sleeve tattoos can be of varying sizes, either extending from the shoulder to the wrist, or just covering the forearm, and so on. Additionally, there are a number of styles that can be utilised to create a flower sleeve. For instance, watercolour style tattoos are particularly popular right now. Read through this quick compilation of flower sleeve tattoo designs and ideas and make your choice with ease-

  1. Black and white or black and grey flower sleeve tattoos
  2. Black outline flower sleeve tattoos
  3. Flower sleeve tattoos with blue birds or ravens
  4. Grey flower sleeve tattoos
  5. Watercolour flower sleeve tattoos
  6. Vibrant lotus flower tattoo sleeve
  7. Traditional flower sleeve tattoos
  8. Minimalist flower half sleeve tattoos

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this blog sleeve tattoo ideas.

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