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Looking to get that perfect folk art inspired tattoo permanently etched on your skin? No worries, this list of pretty designs has got you all covered.

folk art tattoo
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American traditional tattoos, the folk art ones have become really popular in recent times owing to the vibrant colourful designs and variety and the depth and meanings each tattoo holds in itself.

Sailor Jerry was one of the most popular tattoo artists who popularised folk art tattoo designs and any American traditional tattoo. Besides adding to your style, folk art tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and offer a lot of beautiful designs you can choose from as your first tattoo, for example, American ones usually contain images of the eagle and certain other images.

Your first tattoo of your traditional design or folk art will always be meaningful as it contains images and symbols relating to the significance of your culture and tradition, which in turn shows the respect you hold for the same. Any person in the world is an amalgamation of their tradition and culture and your artwork will be a reflection of your idea of how much you admire and support your country. Sailor Jerry business tattoo shop will be a great choice to get your first tattoo from and you can customize your tattoo any way you like as well as talk to the artists. So select your favourite design and get your tattoo now!

Blackwork Folk Art Design Tattoo

blackwork folk art design tattoo
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This intricately designed tattoo will be a great choice, to begin with, albeit you have the patience because the bigger your design, the more time it will take. Since blackwork tattoos are preferred by artists this stunning ink work will be fine. This floral design is done ornately in thick black outlines with thinner ink lines inside in a smooth technique that gives a beautiful look to this tattoo that is sure to add charm to your everyday style. Blackwork tattoos are also known to cause the least amount of complications so starting off with a blackwork design is definitely a good choice.

Colourful Chest Folk Art Pattern Tattoo

colourful chest folk art pattern tattoo
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If you want to create a unique design, this folk art inspired chest piece will surely be a head-turner. Getting tattooed and tattooing on a chest is pretty difficult so as a first-timer start out with your arm or leg. Done entirely in coloured pigment, this design lacks any defining black border while the lighter green leaves have darker green outlines and pink flowers and heart have a dark pink border combined with orange and blue blooms. This beautiful design will definitely add life to your daily style and if your skin is not allergy-prone you should absolutely go for this tattoo.

Beautiful Arm Folk Art Flower Tattoo

beautiful arm folk art flower tattoo
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You’ll notice this lovely tattoo sleeve contains a purple flower as a middle piece and with lovely dark abstract lines and green gradient shaded leaves emanating from the sides. On the top, a bunch of orange flowers are in bloom that adds a nice contrast to the purple. Of course one can’t miss the stunning black borders that actually accentuate the soothing pigmented ink. Once you’ve ensured your safety, don’t keep your heart waiting and get this beautiful design soon. But if you’re looking for American traditional folk art tattoos, you can also go for an abstract war eagle design.

Butterfly Folk Art Design Tattoo

butterfly folk art design tattoo
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Everyone is sure to be unable to take their eyes off this design. Tattooing such a fine design but be a lot of work but it’s sure to be worth it. Almost like a wall painting, this butterfly design also has a lotus blooming in the middle with a bud emerging at the top and two stunning purple flowers by its side. The focus here of course is the detailed thick black border on the entire design and the thin fine lines added to accentuate the design. The smooth combination of gradient shaded purple, peach, yellow and green makes this one of the best images to get tattooed on your body.

Bird Folk Art Pattern Tattoo

bird folk art pattern tattoo
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You’ll learn that birds and animals are often the popular subjects of folk art tattoos and tattooing such a great design be will pay off. The bird done in stunning gradient shading of pink, blue, orange and yellow (the blush is too cute) has a defining black border which is absent on the bright green stem done in a thick green border with lighter gradient shaded leaves, orange and pink blossoms at the top and bottom and cherry and blue fruits adorning the branch. This sweet design will surely sweeten up your style.

Bug And Flower Folk Art Pattern Tattoo

bug and flower folk art pattern tattoo
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To wipe out bad vibes, folk art tattoos are the best as they bring good luck. This vibrant red flower fades into a light blue with a yellow middle combined with clean black lines emanating from a sweet ladybug. With the yellow ochre leaves and the pretty daisies not done in white but done with only the skin left blank, this common floral style on your body will be a stunner everywhere you go. Although such a huge design cannot be recommended to a first-timer, this would be perfect for anyone looking for an eye-catching and colourful floral pattern related to folk art. So check the customers’ availability at your tattoo shop and get this design this week!

Vibrant Folk Art Sleeve Tattoo

vibrant folk art sleeve tattoo
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With a gradient black base, this style of authentic folk art tattoos are quite common, and tattooing such a detailed piece requires hard work. Like most such images, this image contains a bright contrasting peach flower with teal designs with stunning gradient gold designs emerging on all sides. The dark black base adds a beautiful contrast to the existing colours and the bright white dots just above the peach flower remain very beautiful. The pair of scissors at the bottom is of course the scene-stealer here. Collected all together this will surely be popular among all your friends and would be a perfect idea for a folk art inspired sleeve tattoo if you’re looking for one.

Simple And Popular Folk Art Chest Tattoo

simple and popular folk art chest tattoo
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Created in a simplistic pattern, tattooing a chest tattoo combined with a floral pattern is a difficult technique but this tattoo is definitely worth it. Starting off with a bright purple flower in the middle to the borderless pink and red combination flowers on top with the gradient shaded green leaves, bright red fruit blossoms and the black patterns that are the buds, everything was done in a smooth finish and magnificent details. Although tattooing on the chest should not be recommended for first-timers, this piece is sure to add style to anything you opt for providing different ethnic images of the sort every day.

Floral Mandala Folk Art Pattern

floral mandala folk art pattern
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Mandala designs combined with folk art patterns are pretty popular even though tattooing them takes a lot of time and effort. Like patterns drawn on walls on a festival, this beautiful design is done in clean, repetitive patterns mirroring each other, mainly in green, leafy patterns fading into a light blue. The big red flowers at the bottom and top complete with a splash of blue and yellow and all patterns are done in smooth black outline add a stunning touch. This colourful pigmented tattoo will of course look great with everything and add a traditional touch to your look. If you’re looking for even more mandala-inspired folk art tattoos then a mandala heart tattoo on your arm, leg or back will be great to start out with.

Blackwork Folk Art Butterfly Pattern

blackwork folk art butterfly pattern
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As is popular, tattooing blackwork patterns are the easiest and they’re known widely to cause the least amount of complications and do not require sincere aftercare, making it a perfect choice for people getting a tattoo for the first time. This simple butterfly design is done entirely in blackwork, with ornate work of the ink- from the detailed patterns on the wings to the smooth lines on the body, the small crescent moon towards the head and clean antennae lines with a small touch of lined design. This pattern is sure to look anywhere on your body. Good opportunities should never be lost so go get this super simple design now!

Getting tattooed is just as hard as tattooing, and as your first tattoo, you cannot afford to get the wrong one. Tattooists have certain preferences while tattooing and taking that into account you can choose the design that will suit you perfectly. Decades ago when the sailors were out to explore the sea on a ship, they created folk art inspired by their experiences. Hence such mystic folk art tattoos are also quite popular.

All while looking great on your body and putting away bad spirits, your cultural tattoo will also be a symbol of your pride and support in your tradition and as the symbol of courage, protection, power and resilience.

Whether a man or a woman, traditional tattoos suit everyone and offer a wide range of styles according to your preference. So don’t subscribe or log on to any other site and take a look at this list of gorgeous ideas. Once you’ve selected your preferred design, all you have to do is talk to the tattooists, know your skin, sign up with a shop and you’re all ready to show off your cool design to your loved ones. If you’re looking for even more ideas for your tattoo design, especially relating to the many cultures outside America, then these popular choices would be perfect for you:

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