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Looking for a pretty foot tattoo to enhance your whole look? Check out these images of amazing foot tattoo designs and find the one you love!

Foot Tattoo
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All around the world, tattoos have become a creative way to express oneself, and hence, no body part has been left behind to be used as a canvas for a fantastic tattoo idea.

So, naturally, the foot has also become a place for some of the most creative designs. One of the advantages of foot tattoos is that such tattoos can be easily hidden with shoes or socks, or made visible for the world to see.

How Bad Does A Tattoo Hurt On Your Foot?

The degree of pain from a tattoo depends on its placement. Even though getting tattooed anywhere is painful, some parts of the body hurt more than others, and the foot is one such place. Since, the human foot has a very thin skin layer, lots of nerve endings, and bone, the process of getting inked here can be a bit too painful for some. Hence, the aftercare process of foot tattoos should incorporate protecting the foot from coming in contact with anything as much as possible, and applying moisturising lotions. The healing process of the body will certainly speed up with this kind of care.

How Much Does A Foot Tattoo Cost?

The cost of foot tattoos depends on the size and colour of the design. Big or colourful tattoos cost more than small black ink tattoos. However, in general, foot tattoos are within the range of a few hundred dollars.

Now that you have the answer to, “does foot tattoo hurt?” and information regarding the cost of foot tattoos, it will be easier for you to choose a tattoo design that you absolutely love. Continue reading this article, and check out the images, to pick the best foot tattoo for yourself.

Linework Foot Tattoo

Linework Foot Tattoo
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Linework tattoos have been around for quite some time now and give out a whole lot of chic vibe. In this design, as you can see in the image, black ink has been used to create neat and clean dark lines in an aesthetic way. The lines are accompanied by dots and flowers, which are further bringing all the elements together. A tattoo of this kind is not only like having art on your skin but is also a permanent aesthetic to have.

Ankle Tattoos For Women
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If you are looking for ankle tattoos for womenthen you should definitely decide to get inked with this. This ornamental foot tattoo is looking like an anklet with the hanging tiny dots and big gem-like parts inked on the foot. The thin curved lines in this tattoo are a testament to the fine-needle work that has led to the creation of this piece. Designs like this do not take a lot of time, and you can expect the healing to be completed in a few weeks.

Floral Foot Tattoo

Floral Foot Tattoo
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While floral tattoos are nothing unique, the design you want to get inked with can certainly make your floral tattoo the star of the show. Here, the tattoo is created with black ink, only. The tattoo is especially eye-catching due to the bold outline and dotted gradient shading. In general, flowers are a symbol of utmost positivity. So, having a flower on your foot will add a dash of positivity to every step you take!

Elaborate Floral Foot Tattoo
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If you are in search of a much more elaborate floral foot tattoothen this beautiful piece is it for you! Here, as you observe in the image, the flower is covering a huge chunk of the skin, and resembling a drawing. The flower petals have been created with a lighter tone, while the leaves are fully filled in with black. This design is a different form of representation of the concept of monochrome.

Blackwork Foot Tattoo

Blackwork Foot Tattoo
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Blackwork tattoos hold a certain kind of intensity and allure. So, if you want a foot tattoo, that looks nothing short of exceptional, then this design is perfect. In this tattoo, a raven skull has been portrayed. Firstly, the shape of the raven skull is accentuating the whole foot, due to it being pointed at one end, and broad in the other. Secondly, raven tattoos are a symbol of mystery and secrecy. So, a raven skull is further highlighting those meanings. The skull is flanked on both sides by dark leaves, creating a sort of frame for the tattoo.

Foot Tattoo For Women
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If you like gruesome tattoo ideasthen this image is ideal for you. Here, the tattoo is has been created in a way to mimic the skin of the foot being melted away to reveal the muscles and bones underneath. Even though the tattoo has been made without the use of coloured ink, yet, the gruesomeness of the design has certainly not lessened even a bit. In fact, the black colour is further adding to the eeriness of the tattoo. However, given the size of this tattoo, you can expect the healing to take a bit longer than usual.

Aesthetic Handpoked Foot Tattoo

Aesthetic Handpoked Foot Tattoo
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Handpoked tattoos have been rising in popularity, not only because this method of tattooing is different, but also because it causes lesser pain. Additionally, the aftercare of such tattoos is also much easier. So, if you want to save yourself from excessive pain or tedious and elaborate aftercare routines, why not use this idea? The design is quite simple, with small little dots placed on both feet. However, the patterns created by the dots are definitely enticing. You can ask your tattoo artist to create a unique design for you if that’s what you want to get.

Minimalist Foot Tattoo
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Contrary to the first image, this tattoo is not as elaborate. Here, the tiny dots and other geometric shapes are limited to the ankle and top half of the foot. Nevertheless, this piece is just as beautiful and perfect for those who love minimalistic designs.

Sun And Moon Foot Tattoo

Sun And Moon Foot Tattoo
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The sun and the moon have got to be the jewels of the sky. So, why not get an artistic tattoo representing each of these heavenly bodies on your foot? Here, as you can see, the sun and moon have been inked on one foot, each. Both the elements have been portrayed with prominent eyes and lips. Interestingly, the moon has been inked within the outline of a sun. This could be symbolic of the fact that moonlight is basically a reflection of sun rays. By getting tattooed with this design, you will be able to wear the harmony of our celestial bodies on your skin, forever.

Sum and Moon Foot Tattoo
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This tattoo is a different take on the same concept. Though, here the moon seems to be on its own, and not combined with the sun. Even then, the bold outlining and placement of this tattoo is what will make it the most eye-catching. Such a tattoo is ideal for both men and women.

Colourful Foot Tattoo

Colourful Foot Tattoo
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Coloured tattoos are nothing short of art. So, a coloured foot tattoo can be a way for you to carry vibrance with yourself. In this tattoo, a compass has been depicted, with colourful leaves surrounding it. The tattoo of a compass on the foot can be quite symbolic of the need to find the right direction in the journey of life. Additionally, this tattoo has the perfect combination of colours, creating a unique and beautiful visual appeal. With this tattoo on your foot, you can be sure to grab a lot of eyeballs.

Starfish Foot Tattoo
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If you want to have a smaller colourful foot tattoo that will look just as brilliant, then this starfish tattoo is ideal for you. Here, the starfish has been inked on one side of the foot and done using shades of blue, black, and white. Interestingly, starfish tattoos are used to represent regeneration. So, if you feel like you have been able to renew and regenerate yourself to get over the difficulties in your life, then wearing this tattoo can be a way to let others know about your story.

Detailed Foot Tattoo

Detailed Foot Tattoo
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If you think you can bear the sensation of pain that comes with elaborate foot tattoos, then check out this image. This tattoo is quite detailed and is bearing quite a large flower and an insect. The insect seems to be a cicada. Cicada tattoos are used to depict transformation, personal changeand rebirth. If you connect to those meanings, you can opt for this idea without any second thought. The big and small flowers all around the cicada, with the closely detailed leaves, are further enhancing the whole look of the tattoo.

Cute Foot Tattoo
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This tattoo is not taking up as much space on the foot but is still quite detailed. In general, crystals are thought to bring about good luck. Many people also use crystals to bring protection and safety for their family members. If you believe in the spirituality of crystals as well, this tattoo is especially applicable to you. The crystals here are wrapped with flowers and leaves. As you can see, each element in this tattoo has been done with a lot of precision, making the whole design very impressive. You can change the placement of this tattoo according to your liking, and get it inked on the side of your foot, as well.

Lavender Side Foot Tattoo

Lavender Side Foot Tattoo
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Lavenders are aesthetic flowers to look at. Hence, a lavender flower on the side of the foot will be simple, yet eye-catching. As you can see in the image, this tattoo has been done with the right and appropriate ink shades, which is making the lavender quite realistic. The simplicity of this tattoo is what is amplifying its art-like nature.

Ornamental Eye Foot Tattoo

Ornamental Eye Foot Tattoo
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An elaborate and ornamental foot tattoo can be like permanent jewellery for you. Here, both feet have been used as canvases for the highly detailed and bold patterns. In both designs, the eye is the centrepiece of the whole motif. Additionally, smaller motifs have also been added to the toes. Even with many elements altogether, the tattoo is not looking clumsy at all. In fact, every pattern in this tattoo looks like it belongs here.

Pretty Peonies Foot Tattoo

Pretty Peonies Foot Tattoo
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Apart from black and white, red and white also form a brilliant combination that anyone can fall in love with. As you can see, in this tattoo, peonies have been inked. The colour combination is absolutely breath-taking, with the perfect pairing of white and deep red tones. Both the red and white flowers have subtle black shading, which is increasing the realistic feel of the tattoo. The leaves are bringing the flowers together, and also pairing well with the red and white shades.

Now that you have gone through the images of some of the best foot tattoo ideas, we are sure you have found the perfect tattoo for yourself. While foot tattoos do require substantial aftercare, once the tattoo has healed it is completed worth it. Here is a compilation of the best foot tattoos for men and women, for you to choose from-

  1. Colourful and vibrant foot tattoos
  2. Foot tattoos done with black ink
  3. Floral foot tattoos
  4. Handpoked foot tattoos
  5. Sun and moon tattoo on both feet
  6. Ornamental foot tattoos for women
  7. Elaborate foot tattoos with precise detailing
  8. Small and simple foot tattoos

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