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Looking for a fossil tattoo but can’t find one that matches your preference? Our choicest assortment of fossil tattoo ideas will help you out.

fossil tattoo
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There is no better geological tool than a fossilized plant or an animal to help us understand the age of our beautiful planet.

The diversity of fossils- be it a dinosaur or a crinoid can help us understand the geological and anthropological evolution of the planet earth. And what can be a better way to capture the uniqueness of these geological wonders than etching them on our body, as mesmerising works of art?

Below is our list of the ultimate ten recommendations for amazing fossil tattoo designs from the best tattoo inking sites.

Dinosaur Fossil Tattoo: Triceratops In A Bottle

dinosaur fossil tattoo: triceratops in a bottle
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This kind of old triceratops fossil kept in a corked glass bottle tattoo is perfect for the zoologist in you who has spent lots of time in the labs, gazing at those prehistoric animals. The artists’ detailing on the wood of the cork looks so realistic. But what is the most breathtaking is the black and white shading work on the snout of the dinosaur in the tattoo. Every part of the triceratops’ anatomy is dotted with such care that the artist seems to have breathed life into it, making the tattoo a truly awe-inspiring work of art.

Jurassic Raptor Fossil Tattoo

jurassic raptor fossil tattoo
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Well, we have to admit we fell in love with this velociraptor fossil tattoo the moment we saw it. And, you will, too, if you are a member of the bandwagon of Jurassic Park franchise fans. Awe-inspiring, yet familiar, the raptor tattoo will remind you of the majestic aura of the prehistoric dinosaurs who once ruled the earth. The USP of this fossil tattoo lies in the outlining of the skeleton with an illusory stroke of muscles. It almost feels like we are gazing at a velociraptor with transparent skin, its organs in action right before our eyes. Of course, it is the tattoo artists’ attention to the sketching with black lines in this tattoo that has made this incredible feat possible.

Monochromatic Ammonite Fossil Tattoo

monochromatic ammonite fossil tattoo
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What a work of tattoo services art achieved utilizing freehand inking! And there could not be a better way to commemorate an extinct species than inking it with care and precision. A gorgeous kind of black linework, this tattoo celebrates the spiralled fauna in its full glory, when it was alive and traversed the deep blue ocean waters. This ammonite tattoo is just the right kind of choice if you are planning to steal the show at your beach or water sports! Or, if you are in some fossil aficionado community, do share the links of this tattoo idea with your mates to celebrate your love for the prehistoric animals.

Prehistoric Raven Fossil Tattoo

prehistoric raven fossil tattoo
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This fossil tattoo features an ancient raven skull at the centre and might give one the spooks if they have read Poe’s story about this bird. However, unlike the usual kind of raven skull tattoo which implies impending doom, this raven tattoo indicates the historicity of the fossil, and the plants germinating within its cracks and hollows provide the regenerative property of life.

Dilophosaurus Fossil Tattoo For The Arm

dilophosaurus fossil tattoo for the arm
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The artist of this fossil tattoo has inked the thing with a quirky twist- the fossil is presented in a cartoon-like kind. It features short strokes of black ink across the body of the dinosaur, to bring out the texture of the skin. Across the animal’s back, a substantial patch of skin is filled with black ink, as if the dino is covered in the saddle, with the border etched in occasional blobs of black in an otherwise white background. Interesting choice to get from your nearest tattoo services to provide an insight into the ferociousness of the animals we can now safely handle in fossilized form.

Anthropological Fossil Tattoo

anthropological fossil tattoo
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Perhaps our interest in fossils lies in their link to our prehistoric ancestors, who roamed the earth millions of years before we were born. If the indie tattoo artists or tattoo services you know have a good knowledge of human skull fossil tattoos, do show them this kind of idea. Almost in a Face-Off kind of juxtaposition, this tattoo displays two separate skulls in profile, spliced together. The left side of the tattoo is that of our forefather- the skull fossil of a Homo erectus Turkana Boy, while the right one is that of the modern man- the homo sapiens.

Black Ink Fossilized Crinoid tattoo

black ink fossilized crinoid tattoo
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Another mind-blowing fossil tattoo- the rocks tattoo has brought out the diversity of the crinoid species that the ammonite originally belonged to. The artists have used linework in black ink to highlight the details of the spiralling shell, which, in turn, indicates the age of the rock they were fossiled in. Tattoo artists can also follow this design for abstract line art tattoo or contour line tattoo exercises.

Nautilus Fossil Tattoo

nautilus fossil tattoo
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Our next feature is the nautilus fossil tattoo, but with splashes of vibrant hues! Ocean lovers, we hear you! Remember the chambered nautilus? Turns out that this fossil tattoo is a tribute to that famous species. Nautilus fossil tattoos are well known for their fascinating tentacles, for instance, the ones etched here in purple. The gorgeous purple crystals in the background of the tattoo make amazing contrast with the orange and yellow shell of the nautilus.

Animal Crossing Fossil Tattoo

animal crossing fossil tattoo
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Like you, we are obsessed with the Animal Crossing game series by Nintendo, especially for the collectable fossils. No wonder the top tattoo services are providing huge discounts on this particular fossil tattoo. The tattoo features the classic animal crossing fossil of a turtle, with an adorable purple shell, and two bones bordering it. The artists have intensively researched the origin of the Animal crossing tattoo, and the result is a perfect blend of the familiar fossil with some special ingenuity. Get inked with this humorously adorable gaming fossil tattoo today to relive your lockdown gaming days.

Triceratops Skull In The Sun Fossil Tattoo

triceratops skull in the sun fossil tattoo
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This tattoo features the fossilized skull of a triceratops with the setting sun in the background, bordered by a variety of foliage. Despite the plethora of colours, it is their simplicity that makes the tattoo a perfect purchase from tattoo artists. The use of yellow ink to bring out the stamp of time on the skull is a marvellous choice. Furthermore, the contrasting background of the bright orange sun makes it even more eye-catching. The etching on the forearm has accentuated the sunset effect.

Are you still gaping in awe at the tattoo ideas we provided? You can also choose from a wider variety of assorted fossil tattoos, to complement the top ones we have featured above.

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