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In search of best friend tattoo ideas? Check out these cool friendship tattoo designs, and pick the one which truly reflects your friendship!

Friendship Tattoo
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Not many things in this world are as meaningful as true friendship, and a lot of people are lucky enough to actually find it.

So, friendship tattoos can be the perfect way to celebrate your friendship with your best friend. It can also be a mark of how far your friendship has come and how far it will go.

How To Represent Friendship In A Tattoo?

A friendship symbol tattoo can incorporate any symbol or element, as long as it holds a special meaning for you and your bestie. So, your friendship tattoo can incorporate any design you both love, symbols like hearts or arrows, quotes, or even something quirky that represents an inside joke. Most friendship tattoos are matching tattoos. However, you and your best friend can also get tattoed with two complementary symbols or quotes. So basically, the versatility of friendship tattoos are endless.

Now that you have a basic idea about friendship tattoos, continue reading this article to find some of the best friendship tattoo ideas. By the end of this article, you and your bestie will certainly want to get any one of these on yourselves.

Fun Drinking Friendship Tattoo

Fun Drinking Friendship Tattoo
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A matching friendship tattoo with two hands raising two wine glasses is quite explanatory in itself. Such an idea is best for friends who enjoy a glass of wine after a long tiring day or simply want to raise a toast to their own friendship. This matching tattoo is quite simple and has been created by only tattooing the outline of the hand, fingers, and wine glasses. The placement of this tattoo design is also perfect, as it would let you and your bestie show off your matching tattoos.

Couple Tattoo
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This tiny tattoo is not only very cute but also quite funny. The tattoo here is featuring a coffee cup and a wine glass with the words “Am” and “Pm” inked below them. This is the perfect tattoo for those friends who are addicted to coffee and need to start their days with a giant cup of coffee. And while it is best not to drink every day, it is alright to end some days with a glass of wine with your BFF. So, this creative black tattoo will surely be a mark of the bond between you and your best friend and also be eye-catching due to its quirkiness.

Pinky Promise Friendship Tattoo

Pinky Promise Friendship Tattoo
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A pinky promise is quite a sacred bond between two best friends. So, if you and your bestie want to honour your promises to be friends forever, then a pinky promise friendship tattoo is the way to go. Here, as you can see in the image, two hands extending out their pinky fingers have been depicted. This tattoo is looking quite realistic despite lacking any colour. The fine line work is a mark of how amazing the tattoo artist is. You and your BFF can get this inked on your arm, as pictured, or even on your leg.

Always And Forever Tattoo
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This pinky promise tattoo idea is a great alternative to the first one. Here, the outline of the tattoo has been made much thinner. In addition to that, the quote, “Always And Forever” has been inked right below the main motif, making this design a friendship quotes tattoo. This idea can be a constant reminder for you and your bestie that you both have committed to keeping your friendship forever. Hence, if you both ever get in a fight, this tattoo will certainly help you see the bigger picture.

Aesthetic Sun And Moon Friendship Tattoo

Aesthetic Sun And Moon Friendship Tattoo
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The moon and sun are two heavenly bodies interconnected to one another. You may already know that the moon does not have any light of its own and can only shine by reflecting sun rays. Likewise, if you feel like your BFF brings out the best in you and makes you shine, you and your bestie can totally opt for a sun and moon tattoo. In this idea pictured above, both the symbols for the sun and moon have been designed quite aesthetically, with the sun being bigger and the moon being smaller in one design, and vice versa. The beautiful ornamental designs within the moon are further enhancing the charm of this meaningful tattoo.

Sun and Moon Tattoo
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If you are interested in small tattoo ideas, then you and your BFF can also get a matching tattoo of this kind. Here the sun and moon have been inked with no intricate detailing or elaborate patterns. In fact, this tattoo is as simple as it can get. The alternate black and white colouration is giving off a nice monochromatic effect. With this tattoo on your body, your friend will always be on your mind and in your heart. Apart from the arm, this design can also be inked on the fingers.

Infinity Symbol Eternal Friendship Tattoo

Infinity Symbol Eternal Friendship Tattoo
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A small and cute infinity symbol matching friendship tattoo is ideal for besties who plan to keep their friendship forever. As you can see in the image, the tattoo is quite simple and only features the black outline of the infinity symbol. However, if you have a great bond with your bestie, even a simple matching of this kind can be enough to symbolise that. This tattoo would look great on the wrist, as pictured, or even on the ankle.

Floral Couple Tattoo
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If you and your BFF want to add some more elements to your infinity tattoo, then this cool idea would be perfect for you. Here, within the line of the infinity sign, a rose has been added in one design, and a leaf in the other. Even though the two motifs are different, the colour combination are giving them the appearance of matching tattoos. This cute tattoo design will ensure your friendship with your best friend lasts till infinity and beyond!

Lock And Key Friendship Tattoo

Lock And Key Friendship Tattoo
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Just like keys have the ability to open their locks, only two best friends have the ability to make the other open up. So, this lock and key best friends tattoo is quite a creative way to represent that beautiful meaning and symbolism. Here, both the elements have been designed in such a way that they look vintage. The golden-brown ink and intricate motifs are giving this design a royal vibe. You and your BFF can get this inked on your leg, as pictured. This meaningful best friend tattoo would also look great on the arm.

Key and Lock Tattoo
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This best friend tattoo is a different take on the first design. Here, the lock and key have been inked on the palms of the hands. In this tattoo, the lock has more intricate detailing and alluring motifs, making the tattoo very creative and catchy. Both the motifs are appearing to be vintage, like the previous one, due to their shape and outline.

Pretty Flowers Friendship Tattoo

Pretty Flowers Friendship Tattoo
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Flowers are a symbol of beauty and can be used to mark the beauty of love and friendship shared by two besties. So, this matching tattoo has two kinds of flowers inked in the exact same location. Each flower has been done with black ink, with neat and clean and thing outlines. You and your BFF can modify this cute best friend tattoo by choosing to get inked with your favourite flowers.

Snake Tattoo
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This flower matching tattoo is quite unique because it is also featuring a snake. Snake symbol tattoos are known to represent power. So, if two besties want to show the world their inner power, this creative tattoo can be a great option. The snakes in this design have been inked in opposite directions, bringing a kind of uniqueness to each tattoo. However, the placement and overall style of the tattoo will surely make everyone understand that these are matching tattoos.

Food Friendship Tattoo

Food Friendship Tattoo
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Looking for a cute and creative way to mark your friendship with your BFF? How about getting matching tattoos of any food, you both love! As you can see in the image, this matching tattoo is featuring two tiny sushis with cute smiles on their faces. If you and your best friend love hanging out and eating sushi together, then this tattoo is quite perfect for you two. The colours in this tattoo are adding a sort of vibrance to the whole design, making it even more adorable.

Pizza Tattoo
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This best friend tattoo is nothing short of being extremely unique and creative. While one person has gotten inked with a whole pizza with one missing slice, the other person has one pizza slice inked on them. The coloured ink used in this design is making it look quite realistic. This tattoo could be a way for you and your BFF to symbolise that you both are incomplete without each other. A design of this kind is also perfect for long-distance friends, as it would literally symbolise that something is “missing”.

Bird Friendship Tattoo

Bird Friendship Tattoo
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Birds are very aesthetic to look at and can make for amazing matching tattoos. Check out this design for example. Two crows have been inked sitting on a branch of a tree with the sun behind them. This artistic tattoo is great for artist best friends, who share a common love for all that is creative. The colouration of the bird is particularly outstanding, due to the combination of dotted shading and fully black parts. The red sun is forming the perfect contrast against the blackness of the bird.

Fly Bird Couple Tattoo
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This matching tattoo has two blackbirds flying towards each other. This could be symbolic of how you and your BFF always feel close, even when there is a great distance between you two. The design is quite simple showing the silhouette of the two birds. This best friend tattoo will look great on the wrist, as pictured. You can also opt to get this inked on your shoulder, with the placement resembling this design so it still looks like the birds are flying towards each other.

Friendship Tattoo For Nature Lovers

Friendship Tattoo For Nature Lovers
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If you and your best friend love nature, then your friendship tattoos must reflect that! Therefore, you can utilise this best friend tattoo idea. Here, a natural scene has been depicted inside a circular frame. The tattoo is featuring mountains, pine trees, and the moon, with the sky being done using a dotted gradient shading. For BFFs who have gone hiking or camping together, these matching tattoos could be a lovely way to remember that.

Yin Yang Tattoo
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This circular ocean tattoo is not only great because it is representing a part of nature, but also because it is resembling the yin and yang symbol. So, you can clearly understand how creative this matching tattoo is. To add to that, the monochromatic effect of the dark ocean at the bottom and the colourless sky at the top is exceptionally aesthetic. This tattoo can be a way for BFFs to remember to be with each other through the good and the bad. Additionally, we all know how deep oceans are. So a matching ocean tattoo can be symbolic of how deep your friendship with your best friend is.

Endearing Friendship Tattoo

Patrick and Spongebob Tattoo
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Your best friend tattoo can be a depiction of any other famous friendship. For instance, this best friend tattoo is featuring the famous Spongebob and Patrick. The friendship shared by these two is famous all over the world and known by almost everyone. So, this tattoo is quite a fitting and appropriate friendship tattoo. To add to that, the cute expression on both their faces and the vibrant nature of this tattoo is making the whole design stand out. As far as cute tattoos go, this design certainly stands out.

Toy Story Tattoo
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This best friend tattoo is featuring another famous couple of friends: Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Both these characters have made everyone laugh and cry with their strong bond and friendship in the Toy Story franchise. If you and your best friend loved watching this movie, then these matching tattoos will be even more meaningful for you both. Even though this tattoo has been done by creating the outline of the two characters, facing the other side, the endearing factor of this best friend tattoo is the characters themselves. Furthermore, just like Buzz Lightyear says, this tattoo can be a mark of your friendship that will go on till, “Infinity and beyond!”.

In conclusion, best friend tattoo ideas can be done in several different ways to underline the strong bond shared by two besties. Most people get tattooed to have a mark of something that is important to them. So, what can be more important than a best friend who has been there for you through the thick and thin? So, delay no further and get inked with any of these creative best friend tattoo ideas. A quick compilation is provided below-

  1. Yin and yang friendship tattoos
  2. Sun and moon matching friendship tattoos
  3. Cute flower friendship tattoos
  4. Pinky promise matching friendship tattoos
  5. Funny friendship tattoos
  6. Tiny friendship tattoos
  7. Matching bird friendship tattoos
  8. Coloured and vibrant friendship matching tattoos
  9. Best friends quote tattoos
  10. Friendship tattoos depicting any inside joke or shared hobby

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