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For the people who have always wanted to wear a tattoo as a back-piece, your search ends here! Here are some of the best full-back tattoo ideas put together by us.

full back tattoo
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A full-back tattoo can be considered the most elegant piece of art-form in tattoo making.

There are several tattoo enthusiasts around but it always takes a braveheart to get their entire upper back inked. A back tattoo is colloquially called a Mural and has been in fashion since the early 1990s.

Back tattoos are said to make a strong statement or express a strong emotion as it is one of the largest parts of the body. Due to the flat and wide structure of our upper back, it becomes an ideal canvas for getting inked. When it comes to back tattoos, tattoo artists are much more creative and imaginative. This is why back tattoos are much more eye-catching in nature due to their complex and intricate artwork. It is also believed that back tattoos have an erotic and bold appeal for both men and women. For tattoo enthusiasts who are sceptical about a back tattoo, go give it a shot! Among the endless number of full-back tattoos for men and women, we have compiled some of the best ones here.

Amazing Black And White Hyper-Realistic Upper Back Tattoo Design

amazing black and white hyper-realistic upper back tattoo design
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An incredible back tattoo inked with shades of black and grey embeds the concept of hyper-realism in itself. If you happen to be a big fan of the Hollywood star Tom Hardy, then this tattoo is for you. The tattoo has been so designed in a unique way that it encapsulates the roles Tom Hardy played on-screen among other movie artists drawn. The artist has perfectly succeeded to make this tattoo look like a high-resolution photograph and is almost equivalent to an amazing 3D-back tattoo. The skillfully detailed impressions of several characters made on the tattoo are various movie stills.

Looking at the detailing you would get the background of the tattoo has a look of a vintage England wearing Derby hats. Although the tattoo is not as colourful as the rest of the back tattoos, its black and grey tinge gives off a staggering appeal for the viewers.

Stunning Black and Grey Full-Back God Tattoo Design

stunning black and grey full-back god tattoo design
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If you are a fan of Roman Catholic history then this full back tattoo art is for you. This tattoo is very similar to a Mural drawn on a museum roof. This full back piece shows Saint Michael the archangel defeat the Devil. The phenomenal moment inked all over the upper back where Saint Micheal who forms the Army of God defeats the antichrist is clearly a swagger. All the minute details of the tattoo have been drawn with pinpoint accuracy.

The tattoo consists of the archangel St. Michael with his shield in the very centre of the full back piece. The wings of the archangel have spread around the shoulders and give off an impressive effect. A back tattoo design such as this will be a stand out among the regular ones.

Awesome Japanese Full Back Tattoos For Men

awesome japanese full back tattoos for men
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The history of full-back tattoos dates back to ancient Japanese times when tattoo designs were done because of their spiritual and decorative value. This traditional tattoo here represents a Japanese piece of art done mainly with a dragon. The artist has succeeded to give this back tattoo a different flavour from the rest of the backpieces. The tattoo design is not restricted to the upper back of the body by stretches to the lower back and arms as well.

The face of the dragon has an animated look to it with its horns on top of its head. The background of the tattoo is heavily detailed with the scales of the dragon that stretches throughout making it an impressive backpiece. Getting inked with this archetype traditional Japanese art tattoo will be one of the bravest things to do.

Amazing Full Back Skinart Tattoo For Women

amazing full back skinart tattoo for women
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This skinart full-back tattoo here is carefully inked all over the upper and lower back of the body making it an amazing backpiece. The tattoo has a woman’s face at the centre of it surrounded by flowers all around. The intricate details of the face such as eyes, lips, eyelids and mouth have been drawn in an offbeat style. To contradict the feel-good and wholesome effect of the tattoo, the tattoo maker has also drawn a snake around the head of the woman. This makes the back piece look as badass as it can get.

blackwolf back tattoo
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If the wolf happens to be your spirit animal then you are at the right place! A wolf back piece is an ideal way to silence all your haters. A strong statement to carry on at your back, this wolf tattoo here is different from other coloured tattoo designs. Drawn with black ink, the tattoo will be a perfect way to reflect your badass nature. The middle part of the tattoo inanimates the face of the wolf with horns on its head. The black background is filled with flowers that extend to the hands and lower abdominal parts.

Getting a back-piece such as this will portray your fearless and strong mentality and character. So do not just look up for wolf back-pieces on articles, go get inked!

Amazing Dark Full Back Piece Tattoo

amazing dark full back piece tattoo
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At the very first impression of this full back tattoo, it might look like a geometric structure, but if you look long and hard you can spot the face of the dragon which covers the entirety of this back tattoo. Stretches over the entire upper, lower back and arms, the tattoo looks bold and gorgeous when seen from a distance. Inked in a single black coloured line, the dragon’s facial attributes are spread throughout the spine and waist.

The head of the dragon has been so designed using various shapes, patterns that make your body look like a canvas. These pointed and tilted triangular shapes are dominantly present all around the shoulders and waistline. Although the back piece is not articulate unlike the others, the tattoo gives off a dark and badass vibe.

Awesome Badass Dragon Full Back Tattoos For Men

awesome badass dragon full back tattoos for men
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Getting a traditional Chinese dragon tattoo is what is keeping you from taking the tattoo community by storm. This dragon tattoo here is drawn with a great deal of detail and is almost made life-like with the use of vibrant colours. The artist has not spared one bit of the body and has used all the space required in the lower, upper back and arm region. A Chinese full-body tattoo is a stunning example of detail, obtained by hours of toil and hard work.

The use of red colour in the middle amidst the underlying blue shade makes the tattoo look very vibrant lively. Although the amount of pain undergone by the model is unimaginable, dragon back tattoos have a great deal of honour in them.

If you are a big fan of the detailed back tattoos them go ink yourself right now!

black back tattoo
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Tattoo enthusiasts who are tirelessly searching for grim and dark art forms, you’re in luck. This impressive back-piece covers your entire upper back and hands as well. The dark black lines that dictate over the entire tattoo give off a fearless vibe. The face of the dragon has been so drawn that it looks as if it is opening its mouth and showing off its sharp canines and creating turbulence around. The air of dread built around the dragon is made evident within the tattoo on the lower back.

The patterns used on the arms of the model form the extension of the tattoo and looks incredible. Now that your search has ended finally, go ink yourself!

Incredible Lion Back Piece Tattoo

incredible lion back piece tattoo
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Out of all the tattoo ideas, inking lion back tattoos is the most badass thing you could do. More articulate and more detailed than other back tattoos, this lion back piece could be like carrying your spirit animal with you all the time. Drawn entirely using black ink the back piece is a perfect example of the hours of hard work and toil of a tattoo artist. An impressive way to ink the fur around the head of the lion so that it appears as if it is gawking at you from the bushes. Several leaves have been drawn between the lines and on the edges of the tattoo making your body look like a canvas. To separate it from the rest the eyes of the lion have been drawn using a blue colour.

Back tattoos, drawn using minimum colours always have a certain mass appeal and gives off a different impression on highlighted parts. An ultimate statement to shush all the people doubting you. Go ink yourself now!

Amazing Floral Back Tattoos For Women

amazing floral back tattoos for women
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If you are looking for aesthetic back tattoo designs, your search ends here. This amazing tattoo has a portrait of a lady right in the middle with flowers and a few butterflies. The tattoo has shades of green and fluorescent red, pink on an underlying black background. The face of the woman in the full-back tattoo is heavily detailed and precise.

It can easily be concluded that this tattoo here is a result of hours of patience and concentration of the model and tattoo artist along with a great deal of pain. Nevertheless getting a back-piece such as this will take all the pain away.

Amazing Lord Ganesh Tattoo Full Back Design

amazing lord ganesh tattoo full back design
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Tattoo enthusiasts around the world who are devotees of Hinduism, this breathtaking life-like Lord Ganesh tattoo will blow you away! A tattoo design such as this looks almost as if it is a real photograph. This Lord Ganesh tattoo has been drawn using black ink and no other colour has been used. The number of hours and effort took to draw this tattoo is unimaginable. Getting this tattoo will surely make your presence unrivalled in the tattoo community.

According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Ganesh is considered as one of the deities who remove obstacles from your course and bring good luck. The elephant head of Lord Ganesh is one of the most unique features which makes it so popular among people. Also considered as a patron of art and science, worshipping Ganesh brings power and intellect. This widely revered Hindu God is worshipped by several people around the world and you will likely find a Lord Ganesh tattoo design on someone.

Besides the drawing, the tattoo also encloses a message written on the top of the tattoo in the Hindi language. Another good example of a hyper-realistic tattoo design, this back-piece attracts a lot of devotees of the Hindu God.

Amazing Life-Like Abstract Art Tattoo Design

amazing life-like abstract art tattoo design
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If you are a fan of abstract and surreal art forms then a tattoo such as this is one of the back tattoo designs for you to ink. Much like Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory this tattoo also encloses a giant-sized pocket watch that is apparently held in one hand. Among the many other objects, this tattoo includes a staircase, a rose tattoo and a small hand holding one’s fingers. The tattoo represents abstract or surreal art and the symbolic references depend upon the perspective of the viewer.

If you are an art enthusiast more than a tattoo lover then you must get yourself inked with the same as well. A perfect intellectual tattoo that will separate you from the regular crowd.

amazing full back tattoo
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Another best way to go for tattoo’s depicting art forms would be inking this particular tattoo. Almost similar to the sculptures of the Renaissance era, this boy on the left of the tattoo bears a start resemblance to Michaelangelo’s David. The girl drawn on the right-hand side is the outcome of the artist’s creative liberty. An off-white texture on the underlying black background makes it looks like a girl kissing Michaelangelo’s carved marble statue, David. The tattoo extends from the upper back to the lower and even to the arms. There has been a use of blue colour which adds to the effect in the tattoo making it even more classic and royal. The fine balance of reality and imagination incorporated in this tattoo is what makes it a success.

However, tattoo’s like these are purely up to one’s imagination and are subjective in nature. The open-end nature of this artform attracts many tattoo enthusiasts who want to ink the same.

A long list of elegant, classic, staggering full-back tattoos comes to an end. But that’s not it, here is a list of several other backpiece tattoos which you should definitely try.

  • Beautiful Eagle Full Back Tattoo
  • Amazing Skull Full Back Tattoo
  • Stunning Buddha Full Back Tattoo
  • Incredible Crown Full Back Tattoo
  • Badass Graveyard Full Back Tattoo
  • Unicorn Full Back Tattoo

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