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Are you a huge fan of the critically acclaimed animated show ‘Futurama’? Then, here are some amazing Futurama tattoo designs for you to check out!

futurama tattoo
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‘Futurama’ is a workplace situational comedy show which was animated in nature.

‘Futurama’ was created by Matt Groenig who was already famous for creating another animated TV series called ‘The Simpsons’. ‘Futurama’ ran from 1999 to 2013 with several breaks in between with a seven-season run.

The cartoon ‘Futurama’ has also won seven Annie awards and six Emmy awards. The show has a dedicated and loyal fan base who also buy other merchandise like calendars, video games, or even cartoon comic books based on the series.

The series follows the adventures of a human named Philip J. Fry who wakes up in the 31st century after being cryogenically preserved for over 1000 years. He finds a job at an interplanetary delivery company where he works along with Leela and a robot named Bender. The series was applauded for its visionary nature as it tried to imagine how a highly advanced and scientifically progressive future would look like where aliens, robots, and humans would live together in peace and sometimes, conflict. Well-known actors and voice actors like Billy West, Katey Sagal, and John DiMaggio lent their voices to various characters in the series.

Minimal Futurama Tattoo Ideas For Amateurs

minimal futurama tattoo ideas for amateurs
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, you may want to get a small, simple or minimal tattoo to be on the safe side. There are plenty of Futurama tattoos that you can check out if you are a big fan of the TV series.

As seen in the picture, the wearer has gotten a beautiful tattoo made with black ink on her back. The stars and planets along with the Planet Express Ship look really cute! You can also get a Futurama time travel tattoo based on your interpretation of the show. In addition to that, if you want a more complex, detailed tattoo, you can also get a Futurama tattoo sleeve on your forearm.

Hilarious Bender Tattoo Designs For Men

hilarious bender tattoo designs for men
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If you are looking at Futurama tattoos, you can also look at different characters of Futurama to put on your next tattoo. One of the most favourite characters of the series is Bender, a robot, who is a hilarious anti-hero character. More often than not, Bender would be seen caught up in some sort of troublesome adventure from where he would have to be rescued.

The fact that Bender was a chain-smoking alcoholic robot made him even funnier. Thus, you can make an alcoholic Bender tattoo as seen in the picture above or even a baby Bender from Futurama tattoo.

futurama robot tattoo
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The character of the robot Bender from ‘Futurama’ is known for his funny catchphrases that would often catch one in surprise. Consequently, if you are going to get a Futurama tattoo in the form of a Bender tattoo, you may as well get one with a good catchphrase of his.

Quirky And Funny Nibbler Tattoo Designs For Men

quirky and funny nibbler tattoo designs for men
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One of the best characters of ‘Futurama’ has to be Nibbler, Leela’s pet Nibblonian. Although Nibbler looks like a small, cute cat – he is actually an intelligent super creature. It is later revealed that Nibbler belongs to the race which controls and maintains order in the universe. Thus, if you are looking for the best Futurama tattoos, you may want to check out some amazing Nibbler tattoos.

Awesome Planet Express Ship From Futurama Tattoo Designs

awesome planet express ship from futurama tattoo designs
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The Planet Express Ship is the main interplanetary vehicle used in the show through which the main characters travel from one place to another. Any true fan of the show will immediately recognise the ship from afar. So if you want unconventional Futurama tattoo designs, then you can check out Planet Express ship tattoo designs to choose the best one which you like the most.

Vibrantly Colourful Futurama Tattoo Ideas

vibrantly colourful futurama tattoo ideas
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The series ‘Futurama’ is known for being super imaginative and amazing in terms of its art and design. All the characters in the series were unique and colourful in their own way. Consequently, if you know you want to get a Futurama tattoo you like the best, you can try asking your tattoo artist to make it colourful.

If you are looking for more classic franchises to get tattoos of, check out these awesome Evil Dead tattoo designs.

Ideas For Different Fandom Tattoos Done In The Style Of Futurama

ideas for different fandom tattoos done in the style of futurama
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Any animated TV series created by Matt Groening will be instantly recognisable due to the art style with which the characters are drawn. They are drawn in the same way with similar features that help distinguish them from the rest. Consequently, even if you want to get a tattoo of another TV show or movie, you can ask your tattoo artist to draw those characters in the way a Matt Groening character would.

As seen in the picture, the Star Wars-themed tattoo with Han Solo and Chewbacca has been drawn in the style of Futurama characters. You can also do the same with any other franchise you like. These tattoos may take a lot of time to complete but these tattoos would look great on you.

If you want to look for more tattoos from hit franchises, check out these amazing Marvel tattoo designs.

Incredibly Detailed Professor Farnsworth Tattoo Ideas

incredibly detailed professor farnsworth tattoo ideas
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Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth is one of the main supporting characters of the series. The typical ‘mad scientist’ of the series, he works on crazy scientific inventions from time to time. He is also Fry’s distant uncle and the owner of Planet Express Inc. Like any ornery, eccentric old scientist, he often forgets important pieces of information and bursts into temper tantrums. If you would like to get a Futurama tattoo but do not want the common tattoo designs for men, then you can also look at Professor Farnsworth tattoos!

Wonderful Fry From Futurama Tattoo Designs For Men

wonderful fry from futurama tattoo designs for men
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Fry, whose actual name was Philip J. Fry, is a lazy human being who wakes up 1000 years later in the future after being cryogenically preserved for a long time. After waking up, Fry gets a job at an interplanetary delivery system. There, Fry works for Leela alongside Bender. He is also the only living relative of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. A lot of fans of the show really like Fry because of how he is also a slow person without much ambition. Thus, if you are looking for great Futurama tattoo designs for men, you can look at some Fry from Futurama Tattoo Designs too.

Deliciously Evil Beelzebot Tattoo Designs

deliciously evil beelzebot tattoo designs
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Beelzebot is a robot in the ‘Futurama’ universe. He is also one of the recurring antagonists in the series who often stirs up trouble. Beelzebot’s name is a clever pun on the devil named Beelzebub who is mentioned in The Holy Bible. If you are looking for a funny robot Futurama tattoo without Bender, you can look at Beelzebot for inspiration.

Cute Leela And Fry Couple Tattoos

cute leela and fry couple tattoos
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At the interplanetary delivery system, Fry works for a one-eyed woman named Leela. Leela is the captain of the ship. Over the course of the series, they also become romantically involved and get married as well.

Consequently, if you really like Fry and Leela as a couple and find their relationship adorable, you can go ahead and get a Futurama tattoo for couples next time! You can also get a Futurama Amy’s tattoo if you love the character of Amy Wong.

For the longest time, people have been getting tattoos of shows that they are a fan of. Whether they like medical procedural shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or fantasy-themed shows like ‘Game Of Thrones’, we all would like to get a tattoo of the show that we really loved and were hugely influenced by. Therefore, if you have also been a fan of the TV series ‘Futurama’ which has made you laugh a lot, then you can go ahead and find some amazing ‘Futurama’ tattoo designs for men

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