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Looking for some Gentleman tattoo ideas? Well, here’s a select list of some handpicked ideas for a gentleman tattoo that will blow your mind.

Gentleman Tattoo
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Gentleman tattoos, like any other old school tattoos, attract admirers around the globe.

These tattoos are generally men tattoos. They come with the notion of one’s dream man embedded with a perfect man’s physical qualities and stand for sheer masculinity.

The name brings the idea of typical Elizabethan and Victorian style of men with a pointed nose and long, well-maintained hair game and moustaches enough to melt any woman’s heart. Needless to say, regardless of any gender, such tattoos grab the most opportunities to do so. Again people are drifting away from the usual designs and choosing the quirky and symbolic ones.

The Traditional Gentleman Tattoo Sleeve

The Traditional Gentleman Tattoo Sleeve
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The first one in this list is a basic one that gives an idea about the type of sketch we are looking for. A moustache and tattoos are taken as the stereotypical style statement of a gentleman. This is a typical gentleman tattoo with its common features. A bold outline work with bigger dots to keep the boldness alive. His hair, beard and moustache state the aura of strong masculinity with tattoos on his neck. The bluish touch on hair and collar and blue eyes add more sharpness to it.

The Hidden Face Gentleman Tattoo

The Hidden Face Gentleman Tattoo
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A quick shift from the first one- a symbolic tattoo. This black tattoo does not fit in the typical gentleman tattoo squad but creates its own unique version. The hand here quite reversely reveals the hidden nakedness of the gentleman. The tattoo is kept simple; the outline is neither too fine nor too bold. The edges are sketched with minute tattoos and the shading too is on point. The pair of leaf stems act as a boundary to that image. Choose your tattoo flash before getting it done.

The ‘Rose Headed’ Gentleman Artwork

The 'Rose Headed' Gentleman Artwork
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This colourful tattoo sleeve will surely brighten your boring, conventional gentleman tattoo. Those extra large unusual roses hide the upper part of the face while highlighting the thick, curved moustache and the signature bow tie of the gentleman. Those extremely bright roses are highlighted by extremely thick outlines and the fine dots do their part giving the edges and especially the moustache a perfect look. Again, choose your tattoo flash wisely.

The Cloud Headed Gentleman Tattoo

The Cloud Headed Gentleman Tattoo
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This gentleman tattoo does not need a face to prove its identity. The hat and the attire together are enough to do the work. The overcrowded dot work all over the sketch and even in the background takes us back to the ages of 1960s in no time. This one is neither your elegant tattoo nor the minimal one but is enough to grab all our attention towards its lowkey charm and mysterious aura. The cloud has been given a comparatively vintage pattern. After all, these specifically given details, who needs a face?

The Faceless Gentleman Jack Tattoo

The Faceless Gentleman Jack Tattoo
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If you don’t like it headless, give the man a head and a face, but replace his face with a scenery of a bridge and a narrow stream. The entire tattoo unveils the calm and composed nature of the tattoo holder. This dynamic tattoo elevates its prominence with a bright red designed hat but the faceless face attracts the eyes the most. The flowers below provide a softer touch to balance the concoction.

The Old School Gentleman Tattoo

The Old School Gentleman Tattoo
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This American traditional gentleman tattoo comes with a strange animal on its head. The face of the creature resembles the appearance of a dog but with a pair of bull horns. The eyes of the creature match the arrogance of the man. One can barely notice any dot work here and the entire tattoo is the result of deliberately bold black and grey ink. The red rose balances the grey-black paints in the tattoo. You can also change the animal according to your choice, like replacing this one with a cat making it a ‘Gentleman cat tattoo’!

The Artistic Gentleman Artwork

The Artistic Gentleman Artwork
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Well, if you are a patron of artistic stroke in everything you own, then this one can be your ideal type. Generally, gentleman tattoos are associated with either bright or dark colours like grey and black. But again there are some tattoo lovers who want their tattoos to be elegant in any way. This forearm tattoo may not be the minimalistic pick but it meets your expectation in terms of elegance. It isn’t overboard with heavy colours, but again it doesn’t look empty. Those extra lines on the forehead and cheek lift up the whole presentation. The moustache and the stylish hair game are on point. Do not fail to notice the eyes!

The ‘Devilish’ Gentleman Tattoo

The 'Devilish' Gentleman Tattoo
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Let us talk about the devils! Well, this tattoo is one of the best tattoos on this list and we cannot deny that. This badass tattoo owner himself is giving his identity of being a devil underneath his gentleman image. The moustache is a heroic one but the horn and the beard and especially the forehead creases of the dark red devil do not disappoint the tattoo admirers.

The Mighty Gentleman Black Tattoo

The Mighty Gentleman Black Tattoo
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All hail this dashing gentleman in this tattoo art. How can we not talk about it! All you need is an all black huge gentleman tattoo to spice up your tattoo game as well as to boost your personality. The gentleman tattoo here is the grey and black incarnation of the established masculine notion of our society. The white touch actually brightens up the tattoo and refrains it from becoming a boring monochrome. The hammer, the jigsaw blade and the chains continue to refer to the man’s hard work.

The Offbeat Gentleman Tattoo

The Offbeat Gentleman Tattoo
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This offbeat idea needs proper approval from your tattoo artist before it becomes a permanent paint from just a gentleman tattoo flash. This is not your traditional tattoo flash and can be a disaster if it is not carefully handled. Generally, blue tint in gentleman tattoos are used in eyes or to add charm, but here background and flowers are made blue making it a neo-traditional one.

Here are some more suggestions for you. Happy inking!

  • The ‘Peaky Blinders’ Gentleman Tattoo
  • The Typical Gentleman Jack Tattoo
  • The ‘Working Class’ Gentleman Tattoo
  • The Gentleman Skull Tattoo

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