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Girly best friend tattoos are becoming increasingly popular now as every girl is finding new ways to show her love and friendship towards her best friends.

girly best friend tattoos
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Cute girly best friend tattoos or matching tattoo ideas are a wonderful way of using permanent ink to commemorate your forever friendship.

Simple girly best friend tattoos containing some meaning between friends are a great symbol of friendship. A wonderful way to commemorate the special bond you share with your bff and a very effective way to cope with missing your long-distance friend.

With tattoo design ideas becoming more and more creative and refined every day, finding meaningful girly best friend tattoos can be simple and tricky at the same time. You and your girl friend can find a number of cute friendship tattoo options like a flower, an image of beautiful sun, crossed arrows, yang symbols, an infinity symbol, or the soul sister tattoo linked above. You two can also choose to get tattoos in two halves, with one half inked on one person and the other half imprinted on the other person, for example, a sun and moon shared tattoo is a cute idea.

If you and your girl friend are also looking for the perfect tattoo to celebrate your friendship and love, look at the following cute simple girly best friend tattoos.

Matching Wine Glass Tattoos

matching wine glass tattoos
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Wine Glass tattoos are the perfect best friend tattoo idea for those who enjoy a fun girls’ night out involving a little drinking. Maybe you just like to enjoy a glass of wine with your best friend and gossip about everyone you know. As far as a matching best friend tattoo showcasing your friendship is concerned, wine glass tattoos are a classic. A wonderful way to remember all the fun you two have had over drinks, this tattoo is an absolute classic among best friends. If you like girl tattoos that are not too girly, you and your best friend will find this matching tattoo idea perfect. Use this tattoo design as a symbol of your undying love and friendship for each other. A simple design, this tattoo is a great example of small best friend tattoo ideas.

A Connection of Hearts Tattoo

a connection of hearts tattoo
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An incredibly cute way of celebrating your friendship, tattoo ideas like these make getting matching best friend tattoos a fun experience. A small heart and a colon sign is all that this tattoo is about, but its simplicity is what will attract you to it the most. Among a pool of friend tattoo ideas, this one is hands-down the most adorable. Since it is a small design, you are likely to experience low pain, and you can even look for different placements to find the perfect spot on your body for this tattoo. Those who fear pain would find this tattoo to be the perfect choice to share with their best friend.

Mentally At The Beach Tattoos

mentally at the beach tattoos
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For those looking for cute tattoo ideas giving off summer vibes, this cute palm tree tattoo is for you. A wonderful idea in the category of bff girly best friend tattoos, this will remind you of all the fun times at the beach. A great idea would be to get this tattoo imprinted on all your best friends when on your next beach vacation. It would serve as a permanent reminder of the amazing time you all have and the memories that you can cherish forever. A different take on best friend tattoos, this tattoo design can be used on various body parts and look equally cute everywhere. Get them on your arms or on your feet, these small best friend tattoos made of simple linework are going to be your favourite.

Friendship Forever Tattoo Designs

friendship forever tattoo designs
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If you are looking for simple, potentially concealed perfect best friend tattoos, this type of tattoo design would serve you best. Getting a shared friendship tattoo with something simple written on your hand, or fingers is an awesome idea for those who want something subtle. Small friendship tattoos like this one look cute, and sophisticated and can be something you keep personal. As far as half tattoos go, this minimalistic design, which is highly customizable can be worn by anyone. You can customize it to say anything, it could be a word, your nicknames for each other, the name of a mutually favourite song or anything that is a special symbol of your friendship. This is also great if you have a best friend of the opposite sex who isn’t particularly fond of even slightly girly designs.

Cheers Tattoos

cheers tattoos
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Another example of bff tattoos that you can enjoy with all your best friends, this design is cute, not too girly, and has great potential to be reflective of an inside joke. With a  simple black outline of hands, and holding wine glasses, this tattoo design is extremely versatile and can be inked on any body part. Perfect for the upper arm and calves, this tattoo is unique, versatile and customizable in all the right ways. You can even choose to add colour to cool tattoos like these to make them look even prettier. A very popular tattoo design among best friends, the wine glass cheers can also be turned into coffee mugs if you love coffee, or cocktail glasses if you wish to add a more girly look.

Long-Distance Tattoos

long-distance tattoos
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If you are looking for best friend tattoos to share with your long-distance best friend, you may also find quote tattoos to be a perfect choice. An amazing tattoo design for two friends who swear to remain best friends no matter what and no matter where, this type of a tattoo, can be a constant reminder of the strength of your friendship. You can choose to get the same quote or different quotes which remind you of each other. Foot tattoos are quite complex as a  tattoo design may not always look the best on your foot, however, something like this tattoo can never look bad. The font used, the spacing of the letters and the simplicity of the look are all perfect to be kept as a symbol of your friendship. You can even get this on your forearm and it would look equally fabulous.

Lock And Key Tattoos

lock and key tattoos
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Another cute tattoo design in the small girly best friend tattoos category is this lock and key tattoo. When thinking of bff tattoos, this one is another classic. A symbol of the fierce bond you share and how your best friend is the only person who has the key to your deepest secrets or even your heart, this simple tattoo can hold a lot of meaning and significance. Small best friend tattoo ideas like this one are a great way of recognizing how special your friendship is. A simple lock and key shared tattoo cements the concept of ride or die in black ink between best friends and it can be modified too if the need be. Other symbols holding a similar meaning, representative of friendship can also be used in place of a lock and key if that seems too common to you. The tattoo artist has worked very carefully on this design to make it delicate in order to depict some vulnerability between friends, making this tattoo all the more beautiful.

King And Queen Tattoo

king and queen tattoo
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For those looking for the perfect small best friend tattoo ideas to enjoy with best friends of the opposite sex, look no further. These king and queen tattoos are perfect for all those who are finding friend symbols to be shared with male best friends. It can only be shared with your husband and is especially perfect for those who marry their best friends. A wonderful way to acknowledge love and friendship, this tattoo can be customized in various unique designs. A cute design that while quite common, is evergreen, this tattoo can be seen as symbolizing love, life, friendship and mutual understanding between best friends.

Pinky Promise Best Friend Tattoos

pinky promise best friend tattoos
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If meaningful deep best friend tattoos are what you are searching for, then this pinky promise tattoo is the best option for you. Cute tattoo ideas like this represent the perfect balance that a friend brings into your life. The whole point of friendship is having someone to share your life with. Someone you can count on to be there for you, keep your secrets safe, help you out in a sticky situation, and make happy times happier and sad times a little less sad. Best friends have an implied duty towards each other to fulfil all of these things. This tattoo represents all that and more and is hence a great tattoo to get with your best friend. Other symbols like the infinity sign tattoo also serve the same purpose, however, this one looks more meaningful, personalized and unique.

Flower Blossoms Tattoo

flower blossoms tattoo
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A flower can be another great small best friend tattoo that both you and your friend cherish. If you are looking for a best friend tattoo which is not glaringly obvious like your regular sun and moon tattoos; then this one is for you. Matching tattoos are very popular and a great way to have something in common. A flower matching tattoo is not an obvious best friend tattoo so you wouldn’t always have people asking you questions about it.

Friendship tattoos can have a wide range of variety. Matching best friend tattoos are all the rage nowadays in the twenty-first century. With friends moving away due to careers and life, a tattoo can be the perfect way to keep the friendship alive in modern times. Often it is seen that best friends get matching tattoos for special occasions such as birthdays and friendship anniversaries. You can also get your own unique best friend tattoos by taking your bestie to a tattoo parlour and getting inked together. It will be a moment to remember for a lifetime.

If you are searching for unique girly best friend tattoos, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Sun and Moon Tattoos.
  • Girly Best Friend Tattoos Butterfly.
  • Sun Bff Tattoos.
  • Best Friend Sister Tattoo Designs.
  • Cute Matching Best Friend Tattoos.

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