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Are you a believer in spiritual awakening? Here are some fantastic girly hamsa hand tattoo ideas that will blow your mind!

girly hamsa hand tattoo
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The Hamsa symbol is very popular in protection against evil in the Middle East. 

Hamsa hand symbol is a traditional symbol that is known to protect us or ward off evil. It also symbolizes the Hand of God. 

The Hamsa symbol has been used throughout history to provide defense against the evil eye. It came in different aspects of wall hangings, decorations, and jewelry. The trend first started in the Middle East and gradually took control all over the world. The Hamsa symbol is now a famous design for tattoos. Tattoo artists have exclaimed that hamsa tattoos are famous among tattoo aficionados, and it helps them reaffirm their faith in spirituality. It contains a deep spiritual meaning and brings an individual closer to God. In the Middle East, a hamsa amulet is also very popular to scare off the evil spirit and restore peace. In Islamic culture, the hamsa is also known to be the Hand of Fatima, who was the daughter of Prophet Mohammed. Therefore, it has been known in Islamic culture that Hamsa tattoos help in restoring peace and stability among individuals and bless the wearer with Allah’s grace. In the Jewish community, the hamsa is associated with the number five because of the five fingers present in the symbol. Hamsa tattoos are known to provide spiritual protection and help strengthen our belief system. The tattoo also symbolizes extreme feminine power, and you can get this tattoo done at any place on your body. 

Tattoo placement of hamsa tattoos is very integral. For example, if the tattoo is made on the ankle, this means that the wearer wants to exude feminine energy and strength and help them overcome their fears and emerge victorious. Keep reading for some amazing tattoo ideas that will leave you mesmerized.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo With Lotus Mandala

hamsa hand tattoo with lotus mandala
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Lotus mandala tattoos are a classical representation of the zen art form. A mandala is an art form that helps us restore our inner peace and sanity and makes us calm. This tattoo is a fine example of promoting inner peace and strength. The tattoo has been made on the entire sleeve and along with the fingers and looks serene and nice. The hamsa evil eye tattoo symbol looks very realistic and has been given a modernized effect to make it more realistic. The creativity of the tattoo artist is commendable and has brought this beautiful tattoo to life. This is beautiful and makes it look one of a kind. Even though it has been made with simple black ink, it looks extremely majestic and stunning and is mesmerizing to look at. If you want a tattoo that will give you inner peace and stability alongside helping you with your spiritual awakening, this is an absolute grab for you!

Spiritual Edgy Hamsa Tattoo Designs With Evil Eye

spiritual edgy hamsa tattoo designs with evil eye
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If you like edgy body art, this is a good choice for you. This tattoo is not a traditional hamsa hand tattoo for you, but it looks fashionable and will upgrade your style statement. The tattoo is made with line art designs with a spot of micro tattoo ink. It is a protection tattoo precisely as the numbers 444 and 777 can be seen. The two numbers symbolize positive energy and spiritual guidance. It talks about how wonderful things are going to happen, and life is going to take a positive turn. The tattoo is beautiful and stands out in the crowd. It is a bit edgy. However, it is eye-catching, and you are going to love this tattoo to your core.

Colorful Small Hamsa Hand Tattoo

colorful small hamsa hand tattoo
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If you like minimalistic tattoos, then this is a fine option for you. This tattoo is a minimalistic hamsa tattoo with a blue lotus. The tattoo has used vivid color palettes of shades of blue. The tattoo looks phenomenal and has enhanced the beauty of the wearer immensely. The tattoo symbolizes the purity of the heart of the wearer and how they are seeking spiritual awakening and harmony. The tattoo is one of a kind and looks beautiful on its own. You can customize the color of the tattoo on your own, or you can keep this same inspiration intact and rock this style.

Grunge Hamsa Tattoo Ideas

grunge hamsa tattoo ideas
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If you are on the look-out for a simple yet minimalistic type of hamsa tattoo, this is a fine option for you. This tattoo has been specifically made with dot work and looks mesmerizing. The inner portions of the fingers of the tattoo are embellished with elements of nature like the sun, moon, and leaves. A lotus sits in center of the palm of the hand symbol. This represents that the wearer is trying to channel their inner strength and find spiritual protection from any negative force. The tattoo is really beautiful and will help protect you from any form of negativity that might come your way.

Hamsa Tattoo Designs For Back

hamsa tattoo designs for back
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Back tattoos are very convenient to make, and they look nice on the wearer. This tattoo is also one of a kind. This is a hamsa hand tattoo with an evil eye that is turquoise in color. The eye in this tattoo looks realistic and beautiful. The fingers of the tattoo are made with different zen designs of leaves and temple-like archaic structures, which makes it look one of a kind. The tattoo proclaims that the wearer is ready to take risks and move on with life. You can customize the tattoo in your way to make it beautiful and make it especially designed, which caters to you.

Minimalistic Hamsa Hand Tattoo

minimalistic hamsa hand tattoo
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If you are an ardent fan of minimalistic tattoos, this tattoo is the best choice for you. The tattoo is just made with a simple line art design of hamsa hand tattoo designs. This tattoo is made on the side of the torso and looks simple yet elegant. The dot work of the aura looks nice and makes the tattoo exceptional in its way. This tattoo symbolizes that the wearer is ready to settle and is going to channel positivity in their life. You can customize the tattoo your way and play with its simplicity.

Colorful Hamsa Tattoos For Women

colorful hamsa tattoos for women
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If you are inclined toward getting a colorful tattoo with a vivid color palette, this is a fine example of a Tattoo Design. The color palette used here is blue, violet, pink, and black. The tattoo looks beautiful, and the style statement of the wearer is enhanced. The color palette symbolizes the purity of the soul of the wearer. This also resembles a feminine power that the wearer is eager to show off. The color of the iris of the evil eye is made with blue color, which defines purity and harmony stemming from a proper spiritual awakening. This is an ancient symbol and abides by the traditional hamsa design. It will affirm your religious faith and make you believe in spiritual existence. You can customize the color palette of the tattoo your way and make it look one of a kind to send a message you want.

Simple Hamsa Tattoo On Ankle

simple hamsa tattoo on ankle
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Ankle tattoos are a fine example of feminine power and strength. It is known to usher good fortune and symbolize feminine power. Hamsa symbols generally consist of five fingers and an evil eye. This tattoo is not an exception. The tattoo looks phenomenal and one of a kind. This is a protective symbol that is known to scare off evil spirits. This is a fine example of reaffirming your Christian faith. The tattoo will repel bad luck from your life and give your life a new meaning. You can customize the tattoo your way to affirm your preferred religious faith and fight off all evil. The religious context of this tattoo is pure and deep, and make sure you do not offend anyone when you make this tattoo.

Hamsa Hand Tattoo Ideas

hamsa hand tattoo ideas
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If you like a trail of tattoos on your hand, this is a fine example for your next tattoo inspiration. The tattoo starts with a lotus, followed by a star, the hamsa hand symbol, and ends with an abstract mandala design. The tattoo is minimalistic and beautiful. It vogues up your style statement and makes you look nice. If you are looking for a small hamsa tattoo or a Fatima hand tattoo, this can be a really good inspiration for you. This is a great example of fine spiritual hamsa tattoo designs, and this will vogue up your style and make you look quirky and one of a kind.

Rainbow Hamsa Symbol Tattoo Ideas For Protection

rainbow hamsa symbol tattoo ideas for protection
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This tattoo is your go-to option if you like a vivid color palette with nice flowers as a semi-mandala design. The tattoo is a hamsa hand tattoo with flowers embodying it all. The flower is thought to be peonies as it is a common design for hand tattoos. The evil eye tattoo in the middle is vivid and beautiful. The tattoo vogues up the entire look of the wearer and makes it look one-of-a-kind. The color palette of the rainbow also is one of a kind and quirks up the look of the wearer. This tattoo is ideal for protection and makes a mark among the hamsa Tattoo Design ideas. You can take direct inspiration from this tattoo, or you can improvise it your way, especially made for you.

Hamsa tattoo ideas are really common in the Middle East and North African countries. Here are some amazing ideas for hamsa hand tattoo ideas that will help you get some inspiration for your next tattoo.

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