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People are raving about stick and poke tattoos and so will you once you set your eyes on our collection of good stick and poke tattoos. Come explore with us.

Good Stick And Poke Tattoo
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They are commonly known as machine-free or hand-poked tattoos in the tattoo community.

Tattoo artists and Tattoo enthusiasts alike are raving about the D-I-Y vibe a stick and poke tattoo gives off. It′s safe to say that we are all ready and thrilled about this trend that is rapidly becoming popular.

Stick and Poke Tattoos have an edgy, punk aura that people of this generation are raving about. But what is a stick and poke tattooing method? Well, it is a non-electric tattooing method where no electric machines are involved. That is, a rod-like contraption is used along with a tattoo needle. It etches the ink on one′s skin with an analogue process where a professional tattoo artist creates an analogue tattoo machine and it works by hand.

Now it is of utmost importance to maintain hygiene while tattooing, in order to prevent diseases or infections. So, people tend to think that the idea of a stick and poke or non-electric tattooing is unhygienic and might create problems. However, we can assure you that it is a wrong conception.

Despite it being machine-free, professional tattoo artists always ensure that the needles are sterilized and clean before using them for poking or tattooing. Once stick and pokes are ready, a professional artist will dip the poking needle in ink then create beautiful lines and art one dot at a time.

Another appealing aspect of stick and poke tattoos is it′s versatility. Though most designs tend to be simple and uncomplicated or basic, stick and poke tattoos can also create intricate and sophisticated work and they are just as stunning as a machine.

Stick and Poke tattoos have designs that range from dot work and delicate, dainty style of art to deep, intricate and highly detailed art.

There is a certain kind of pride associated with carrying stick and poke tattoos seeing as they give off an intimate and basic vibe that people of this generation find rather attractive. Something a machine tattoo can never pull off.

Thus, we have curated a list of really good poke and stick tattoo designs and ideas, tattoo styles and art that will pretty much hold your attention. Soon enough, you′ll find that you don′t have enough space to bag all the compliments you receive. Without any further ado, we shall get startded.

Cute Yellow Duck Stick And Poke Tattoo

Cute Yellow Duck Stick And Poke Tattoo
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This cute little hand-drawn tattoo is quite possibly one of the simplest and cutest. It has a feminine appearance and might not seem like much work, but the symbolism of a duck is pretty profound.

A duck is a resilient, resourceful animal and it′s symbolism has its own beauty and makes for a meaningful tattoo. They represent persistence, symbolism and transition that brings success in life.

A hand-poke work is a form of art style that needs an expertise′s hand to bring to life such delicate lines and dots that eventually makes for a beautiful, clean and vibrant. This style of tattoo work found its origin in ancient Egypt. Mummies were found with their skin tattooed with such a technique. Thus, it was believed that stick and poke or electric machine-free tattoos were used in a religious sense.

While a machine-done tattoo will need a lot of expensive supplies including needles and tubes and cables and more, a hand poke technique will definitely save you a lot of bucks while giving you a tattoo that does not lack in its beauty or hygiene.

Minimal Boxed Plant Stick and Poke Tattoo

Minimal Boxed Plant Stick and Poke Tattoo
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While some people prefer their stick and poke to be intricate and elaborate with designs that hold profound meaning, others prefer their designs to be simple and visually appealing.

In this simple piece, the tattoo artist created a plant inside a box. The tattoo can be considered a Fineline work seeing as it has been completely drawn with an outline and without any filling or shading on the inside.

Such a simple style do not consume much time, neither are they painful. Well, the pain and hurt depends from person to person. But it is said that a stick and poke tattoo hurt just as much as a normal machine-done tattoo would. So, it depends on one′s pain tolerance.

Some find a stick and poke tattoo more painful than a machine tattoo, others say they sense lesser pain when the needle and ink stick on their skin.

Abstract Design For Stick And Poke Tattoos

Abstract Design For Stick And Poke Tattoos
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Nothing compares to the visual appeal of an abstract drawing or painting or picture. Neither can a normal tattoo do justice to such a beauty. So, it is only obvious that a single needle and an expert′s hand create a hand poke art as beautiful as such.

Because when stick and poke tattoo heals, they are stunning in their own right and you can proudly carry a work of art that needs skilful hands and deep pokes to your skin and pretty high pain tolerance.

Such abstract designs make for a really good hand poke tattoo.

Broken Mirror Stick And Poke Tattoo

Broken Mirror Stick And Poke Tattoo
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An important point to be noted when it comes to stick and poke is that, for you to find a good stick and poke, you must find a good design, something that flatters and blends well with the amazing stick and poke method.

Stick and Poke tattoos creates a freckled or brush-like look. Such designs are special, aesthetic and so has an oddly-appealing vibe that many see as a sign of punk, chic, or edgy culture.

Like in this broken mirror design, the almost gothic look will appeal to many of those who are largely associated with the dark academia and spring aesthetic vibe that is currently trending. The whole idea of a stick and poke tattoo is that they feel more personal and intimate.

Geometric Stick And Poke Tattoo Design

Geometric Stick And Poke Tattoo Design
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Geometric lines and Abstract drawings are very visually and aesthetically pleasing making it one of the most sought-after designs. Adding to that, when people get abstract or geometric designs with the stick and poke technique, they look all the more stunning.

The simple primitive act of using needles to poke ink into the skin, unlike pen and paper, makes it such an intimate act.

The artist, with single needle, machine-free work, created a geometric design that narrates the story of the wearer′s wedding. Such unique ideas make for good stick and poke tattoos.

Machine tattoos can never hold the sort of intimacy that a stick and poke tattoo does. You can use the same idea and with the help of a well-sterilized sewing needle, create the simplest art with a few dotted lines.

Three Simple Flowers Stick And Poke Tattoo

Three Simple Flowers Stick And Poke Tattoo
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This is a simple design that any artist can create, however, what makes a stick and poke tattoo good is the fact that it can also be done by anyone at home. Granted one has to be very careful and highly aware of the hygienic necessities that are of utmost importance. After all, tattoo aftercare is similar for all tattoo techniques, machine or not

However, the appeal lies in the fact that such simple tattoo designs of flowers can easily be done at home and they will definitely cost you way lesser than machine done tattoos.

Dried Flowers And Ferns Stick And Poke Tattoo

Dried Flowers And Ferns Stick And Poke Tattoo
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Such large and intricate design might come easy when they are machine done tattoos. However, stick and poke tattoos take longer than usual and in a way, that is exactly what makes them so immensely popular around the world.

A tattoo artist will ensure that they put in all their effort and concentration to create a beautiful artwork that means something to a wearer, no one wants a ugly looking tattoo and while machine tattoos are easier to tackle, a stick and poke tattoo needs a lot of expertise if you want to get a beautiful, neat and visually appealing tattoo.

Though many people dare to tattoo themselves (after all stick and poke tattoos are easily accessible), they don′t always look as good as a tattoo artist′s work.

Such elaborate and intricate designs, when done with stick and poke method, consumes a lot of time but it also brings a feeling of pride when you can feel every poke and watch the slow transition that starts with one dot and leads to something as beautiful as this.

Realistic Dog Stick And Poke Tattoo

Realistic Dog Stick And Poke Tattoo
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This stunning dotwork is most definitely one of the sweetest and best one out of all the stick and poke work we have explored so far. One look at that innocent, good little doggo′s face and we are melting into puddles for real.

One would think it is impossible to get a tattoo to look realistic when it is done with stick and poke work. We assure you that isn′t true and this little doggo tattoo is the ultimate proof because how realistic and almost 3D-like does it look?

The fact that it was done with a needle and maneuvered with hands makes it all the more special and worthy of all the compliments you′ll receive.

Ignorant Style Goose Stick And Poke Tattoo

Ignorant Style Goose Stick And Poke Tattoo
@megurum.tattoo via Instagram

Before you ask what a Ignorant Style tattoo is, let us enlighten you. Ignorant Style was created in response to the uniformity of graffiti. It is a tribute to freedom of speech that is not constrained by tradition or norms.

Now how well does a tattoo technique that is easily accessible blend with a rebel cause? Pretty well, we would say. We can imagine people getting their opinions, messages and their stands tattooed on them as a symbol of rebellion. When it is done with such a primitive technique, it just adds to the strength of a rebel.

Such ignorant style tattoos, as we can see in the Goose Tattoo are not only quirky but they are also simple and inexpensive. One needle and some India ink will do the trick. How convenient is that?

Soft Yet Bold Intricate Stick And Poke Tattoo

Soft Yet Bold Intricate Stick And Poke Tattoo
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Such bold and beautiful work can needs a lot of patience, concentration and a knack for observing every details. However, what makes people eager to get such intricate designs through stick and poke method? The answer is simple, they heal faster and do not cost half as much as a machine tattoo would.

Every detail in this tattoo has been delicately and diligently done, while the brush-like freckled look enhanced the artistic and sensous look of the design.

It is safe to say that a good tattoo design makes for good stick and poke tattoos.

Stick-and-pokes are a terrific method to experiment with different tattooing techniques while also developing a feeling of artistic pride. You could even prefer the technique over machine-made tattoos. They are rapidly becoming immensely popular and now you can become a part of the ongoing trend too.

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