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Fan of both the opposites, the violent gun and the calm roses? Then we have got you covered. These gun and roses tattoo ideas will make you a trendsetter!

Gun And Roses Tattoo
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Gun and Roses are typically two opposites, but if brought together can signify something deep.

This tattoo inspiration can come if you are expecting to express your violent as well as your calm side through body art. This idea will surely be unique.

As a gun is associated with something rough, violent, devastating, and savage, the gun will represent a volcanic side of your personality. It will be attractive because people will instantly know that you are not afraid to flaunt all the sides of your personality and not particularly trying to hide the side that most people try to hide or deceit. The rose will represent the bright side of your personality as the rose will stand for elegant, calm, smooth, and serene traits of yours. This will highlight the good in you. Also, the gun and roses Tattoo Design will have significance to the fans of the famous American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses.

Guns And Roses Original Colored Logo Tattoo

Guns And Roses Original Colored Logo Tattoo
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This tattoo is for everyone, but if you are an old-school fanboy of the band Guns N’ Roses, then this tattoo should be a definite option to add to your bucket list. This tattoo is the vintage logo of the popular hard rock band guns and roses.

The design of the tattoo can be described as a double-rimmed circle with the name ‘guns and roses’ written on it and inside the circle, there are two red colored roses on the two sides of the circle and two guns faced in opposite directions. The guns will look as if they are joined with the leaves of the roses. Overall it looks magnificent.

Even though the roses are colored red, the leaves are colored green and the rim is covered with yellow ink, it will also look classy to have a monochromatic texture to the whole tattoo. This tattoo will suit the most in your forearms and your calve muscles. If you are doing such amazing artwork, people should be able to see your tattoo and know how passionate you are about both music and art.

Gun And Roses Tattoo On Hand

Gun And Roses Tattoo On Hand
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This tattoo is a classy illustration of a dangerous weapon and a serene flower. The dangerous weapon here is the gun, AK47 and the rose represents the serene flower. The combination is absolutely deadly and looks oddly satisfying.

The tattoo is done in black and white and is best suited for your hands. As the tattoo is quite big, it can also be done in your leg area. The tattoo also comes with great detailing, with the parts of the gun done in a fade. The fade symbolizes how a dangerous weapon can be replaced with love by the flower of love, the rose. The rose will look more prominent if done in red color.

Colored Pistol And Rose Tattoo

Colored Pistol And Rose Tattoo
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This is also a colored option. This is a neat tattoo of a vintage pistol and two roses on each side of the pistol. The pistol is shaded black and white, which gives it a tinge of silver as an original pistol is. And it is realistic because the handle of the pistol is tattooed in light brown color which is very original compared to a real pistol. The roses are inked light red with green leaves as well. The roses on both sides add to the aesthetic appearance of the gun as it feels like the gun is hidden by the roses. The detailed designs on the barrel and the handle of the gun look eye-pleasing as well.

This tattoo can be done on the arm of the hands or on the calves. This tattoo will not look cool if done in a monochromatic combination. This tattoo is easily visible and you can flaunt this great art piece to the world no matter what you wear, except full sleeves, which is not recommended if you are going for this option.

Gun And Roses Tattoo On Arm

Gun And Roses Tattoo On ArmGun And Roses Tattoo On Arm
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This tattoo is again a colored option. And people who love big, vibrant tattoos will rejoice and cherish this option. The tattoo is comprised of a small pistol and a full-fledged rose with its stem, petals, and leaves covering the whole gun. And both the gun and the rose are covered in a structure that looks as if the gun and rose are being preserved or shown inside a glass covering. This tattoo is no doubt a show stunner.

This is a sign that the rose representing your good side will overcome the gun representing the violent side of your personality. These types of tattoo illustrations will be a great addition to your personality.

Gun And Roses Tattoo With Quote

Gun And Roses Tattoo With Quote
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This tattoo is a simple portrayal of a gun and a quote that seems to be coming out of the gun. The quote is ‘never underestimate your power to change,’ which is a strong message to yourself and the world. This tattoo is not just an art, but a strong message is conveyed through the quote. This tattoo looks good in normal black and white combination and can be done on your chest or and. This tattoo will be the best option for people who love tattoos with meanings, symbols, and significance.

Minimalist Gun And Roses Tattoo

Minimalist Gun And Roses Tattoo
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This is a minimalist, simple tattoo idea for people who like to keep things simple. Simplicity in this tattoo comes with elegance and uniqueness. The search for a minimalist tattoo that can be flaunted to the world is over. Get this tattoo inked and it will impress everyone around you for sure.

This tattoo is best suited on the forearm of your hand. The tattoo is a simple illustration of a gun with a long barrel, and the barrel is covered with the spiral stem of the roses, which seems to emerge right from the barrel of the gun. Instead of the bullet, the rose is fired to serve the purpose of peace and divinity in your life.

Monochromatic Gun And Roses Tattoo On Chest

Monochromatic Gun And Roses Tattoo On Chest
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Among all the other gun tattoos on this list, this gun tattoo shines exceptionally. The gun in this tattoo is the highlight here and overshadows the beauty of the rose. So, this is a tattoo if you want the gun to be the show stopper. Though, it does not mean the rose looks bad or inappropriate. The rose looks beautiful as well.

The sketch and the design on the gun by the tattoo artist are awesome. The credit goes to the efficiency of the tattoo artist for inking such a masterpiece. This tattoo will look the best on your chest and anything low cut will suffice the purpose of making the tattoo visible.

3D Gun And Roses Tattoo

3D Gun And Roses Tattoo
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This tattoo is an option for people who love 3D tattoos. This is a simple colored design of a vintage pistol with roses on both sides. The pistol looks silvery with a brown shaded handle.

The roses are red with dark shades and the leaves are green with dark blue and yellow shades. The tattoo looks vibrant and classy. The best spaces on your body to get this tattoo done are your arms, thighs, and hips. The tattoo looks very modern, and the color and shading set it apart from the other tattoos. This tattoo should be flaunted, so try to get it done on the part of your body that is easily visible.

Simple Colored Gun And Roses Tattoo

Simple Colored Gun And Roses Tattoo
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This tattoo is a modern version of the classic logo of the guns and roses. This tattoo might not be classic, but the colored guns and roses, as the name suggest, look super aesthetic. The roses are inked red with detailed shadows and the leaves are a mixture of yellow and green. The eye-catching element or the portion that is going to be the highlight of this tattoo are the two guns or the revolver tattoo. In this one, the guns are not monochromatic, but the classy silver tinge makes them look stand apart.

The best space to do this tattoo is obviously the forehand. But if you are bold and brave enough to get a tattoo on your skull, this tattoo will be a proven show stealer. The tattoo will look perfect on the sides of your skull.

Guns And Roses Alternative Logo Tattoo

Guns And Roses Alternative Logo Tattoo
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This tattoo is a colored one. This tattoo looks sassy and sexy. As these tattoos are clearly not gendered, this particular tattoo can be inked by both boys and girls. This tattoo will suit both a masculine and a feminine personality. This is also a logo of the band with the name guns and roses included in alphabets in the tattoo.

The tattoo is a representation of a spooky skull wearing a long hat. The sides of the skull are covered with two half-inked guns from which the leaves are seen to be visible. This tattoo can be done on your hand, on your thigh, and also on the backside of your skull.

These tattoo designs are surely going to be amazing. These ideas are both for men and women and are chosen carefully so that it serves the purpose of being unique and superb! This list will bring an end to people who know how to value body art, so what are you waiting for? Just set a date and get one of these awesome tattoos done. These tattoo designs will surely blow people’s minds off.

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