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Looking for inspirational long hairstyles for men? You’ve come to the right article. Men’s long hairstyles can be tricky to style, but they are filled with options & versatile looks. If you are someone who has long hair just know that you will have way more options than the guys with short haircuts. If you are thinking of switching up your look and getting something attention-seeking, this is the right hairstyle for you! All you need is a brush, a comb, some hair pomade, and a barber which will transform your appearance! Look into our popular long hairstyles down below.

What Is Considered Long Hair On A Man?

Men usually prefer fade haircuts, short hairstyles, and something which doesn’t involve a lot of grooming. These men usually don’t have the time to style their beard, and they use minimal to no hair-product. However, the good news is that everyone can rock cool long hairstyles (that is, as long as they have the patience to grow their hair out). And if they read into our advice on how to pick out the perfect haircuts.

hairstyles for men with long hair
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Guys who are wondering what does a long hairstyle look-like; here’s your answer. According to some men, professional hairdressers, as well as the fashion industry, long hairstyle means letting your hair reach your chin length. If you can grow your hair just between the bottom of your ears & below your chin, you are already there. These haircuts are often spotted on some Instagram models, boys, those men who love to follow trends, but also: surfer men.

If you can wear your hair long and you are into beautiful long hairstyles, you will enjoy the long hair styling process. However, some men who have been cutting their hair their whole lives into an undercut will consider growing it longer than 2 inches as too long. This is pretty much individual & is for you to decide what is actually considered as longer hairstyles for men.

Top 10 Long Hairstyles For Men

1. Long Wavy Bun For Men

long wavy bun for men
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One of the prettiest long hairstyles for men has got to be a long bun. If you are someone who has been into practical yet stylish haircuts, make sure you embrace the long bun. It has a beautiful flow, it looks great up close, and usually looks good on men who have healthy hair. Let’s not forget that this is one of those long hairstyles for men which can be worn to the gym, your next big game, as well as when running around doing errands. Your long haircut won’t get into your way, and you will feel pretty free.

How Many Inches Of Hair Do You Need For A Man Bun?

Men should have at least 6 inches of hair, while the ideal number is 8. Women usually stick around this number, so as long as you have straight hair & you would love to try out a men bun, you can go for this long hairstyle.

2. Modern Ponytail Hairstyles For Men

  modern ponytail hairstyles for men
@Brandan Saviour via pexels

Men who love low ponytails will love the modern ponytail hairstyles. This is one of those haircuts which can look professional, and is way more appropriate for men who are off to a business meeting than the long bun. You can wear your long ponytail no matter if your hair is black, bleached, or brown. You can also go for an undercut hairstyle on the side & give your long ponytail some mystery. As long as your tips are properly cut you will get to enjoy this long ponytail.

3. Wavy Hair For Men With Long Haircuts

wavy hair for men with long haircuts
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Men with thick locks & healthy hair love to emphasize their texture. Long hairstyles for men are usually beautiful since they are well-groomed as well as combined with their beard. If you are a fan of these haircuts, make sure you take proper care of them by adding the much-needed products on top. Men who neglect their hair-care routine may end up to their fade haircuts & shorter hairstyles before they know it.

4. Long Hairstyles For Men With Shoulder Length Haircut

long hairstyles for men with shoulder length haircut
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Men with shoulder-length hair can choose how they want to emphasize their hair shape. Some guys wear it frizzy, while others are all about sleek, shiny & long healthy hair. If you are one of those men who are in-between, try to wear your hair differently every time. The best thing about these long hairstyles for men is that the possibilities are endless and that you can go through many different haircuts till you find ”the one”.

5. Long Hairstyles For Men With Silky Straight

long hairstyles for men with silky straight
@Elijah Hiett via Unsplash

Can we share with you a little secret? Silky straight & long hairstyles for men are our favorite. This is because men look well-put and professional once they blow-dry their hair. If you are up for a challenge & you don’t mind investing some time with your flat iron or your blow dryer, you will love these longer silky hairstyles. Just make sure your tips are cut every 3-4 weeks so you can maintain your long & strong healthy hair.

6. Hairstyles For Men With Slick Back Blonde Hair

hairstyles for men with slick back blonde hair
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Guys or men who love long hairstyles will love wearing their hair effortlessly long & slicked back. If your hair is medium length and texture you will have the perfect guide for long hairstyle with subtle waves. It is easy to style your hair; just make sure you give it a bit volume at the top. This blonde long hairstyle will look great on men who love giant cuts, and who are into cool hairstyles.

7. Half Up Half Down Long Hairstyles For Men

half up half down long hairstyles for men
@Alex Sheldon via Unsplash

One of the prettiest long hairstyles for men has to be the half-up and half-down cut. Some hairdresser love to share their tips & tricks on how to achieve these unique hairstyles, and most of the times they’ll tell you to use a sturdy tie + some dry shampoo. Let’s be honest, not all men have dry shampoos, but why not get it if you want to end up with these brave hairstyles? If you are over fade haircuts yet you feel the need to add up to your cut, you will love these messy hairstyles.

8. Long Hairstyles For Men With Braids

  long hairstyles for men with braids
@Austin Wade via Unsplash

Men who have long hair and who are up for a bold look; braids are the plug. If your hair is black, colored, bleached or brown you can look good in them. Some men prefer more relaxed hairstyles, while others love braids since they allow them to style their straight hair uniquely. Men who love haircuts which emphasize your head shape should go for a set of braids.

9. Long Hair For Men With Curls

long hair for men with curls
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The list of our long hairstyles for men wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t for curly haircuts. Men who have curly hair & who love to show off their voluminous curls will love these hairstyles. If you are someone who has naturally curly hair, make sure you tame down the frizz. Men with frizz usually combat it with some detangling brushes, but they also go for high-quality conditioners. Luckily for many men, this haircut can be an amazing day-to-day solution, as long as you are up for these wavy hairstyles.

10. Long Hairstyles For Men With Dreadlocks

long hairstyles for men with dreadlocks
@Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

Men with dreadlocks or men with any form of attention-seeking braids are for only men who don’t mind standing out. These long hairstyles are a bit messy but are one of the prettiest haircuts (once done the right way). Unfortunately, not that many hairdressers can give you these exact hairstyles. This is because these haircuts need to have an amazing natural texture to work & to look good. Men who are thinking of going for this cut should find a good barber who knows how to treat dread haircuts.

Long Hairstyles For Men: Can I Pull Off Long Hair?

As you can see, there are numerous different haircut styles for you to choose from. And luckily for you, men can rock locks & locks of gorgeous hair. The only thing which is crucial if going for something that will suit your head shape & hair texture. Dear men, just make sure you find the right hairdresser, which will embrace you to grow out your short hair, and who will tell you what are the exact hair products that you need to use. Just remember that even fade haircuts can look beautiful, as long as you are up for their maintenance & awkward in-between growing out process.

On that note

So there we have it, 10 different ways for men to style their hair. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget that every hair is different and that long hair will take more time to style. Always be delicate with it, and make sure you get regular trims. No one wants those split ends & uneven knot looking pieces, you know? If you are up for some styling & you wish to get the perfect long hairstyle, stay persistent. Hairstyles such as this one may take years & years to grow. But once you get there you’ll be happy that you said bye to your buzz cut fade haircuts years ago, and you will live for the longer messier outcome!

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