10 Best Halloween Inflatable Archways to Buy in 2022

The ambience of your Halloween decoration depends a lot on the entrance of your home. While you can decorate your front door with a witch wreath and place a snake doormat underneath it, it will be great if you buy a Halloween inflatable archway to grace your guests with a spooky welcome. An archway could either be bought online or DIYed. Here we look at ten Halloween archway décor that are easily available on Amazon and are worth adding to your Halloween set-up. Coming with built-in LED, these Halloween inflatable arches will light up the atmosphere, especially during the night.

Inflatable Stack Pumpkin Ghost Archway

Is there anything more fun than inflating a Halloween inflatable archway comprising a ghost and pumpkin in one? In this Halloween inflatable, both pumpkin and ghost are stacked one above the other. Wait no longer and get ready to pump this cute Halloween decoration to place it at your main gate.

Buy: $67

inflatable stack pumpkin ghost archway
Image: Amazon

Grim Reaper Halloween Inflatable Archway

What is a better Halloween archway than a figure representing death itself? Measuring 7.8ft, the grim reaper inflatable archway come with built in LED lights.

Buy: $82

grim reaper halloween inflatable archway
Image: Amazon

Inflatable Ghost Archway

Creating a glowing nighttime display, this fun and terrific archway will be a worthy addition to you Halloween decorations. Placing a 10-ft ghost Halloween inflatable with a scythe in its hand can freak any passerby and neighbors in equal amount.

Buy: $101

grim reaper inflatable archway
Image: Amazon

Inflatable Castle Archway

This blow-up walkway is something that your kids will fall in love with. The 9-ft tall inflatable features spider, three ghosts, two pumpkins and a cauldron that creates spooky atmosphere.

Buy: $96

inflatable castle archway
Image: Amazon

Inflatable Pumpkin Archway

Apart from carving pumpkins and using them in your Halloween party games, you can also put them to use to decorate your entrance way. We are not talking of real pumpkins but inflatable ones. This 7-ft inflatable pumpkin archway is perfect for Halloween outdoor yard garden decorations and trick or treat event decoration.

Buy: $55

inflatable pumpkin archway - best halloween inflatable archways
Image: Amazon

Skeleton Skull Archway

Introducing my personal favorite from the list, this 9-ft tall skeleton skull archway is capable of scaring small kids who you have invited to your Halloween party. Creating a spooky Halloween atmosphere, the archway features skeleton bones and hands. Apart from this, the archway also has a skull head with red glinting eyes.

Buy: $80

skeleton skull archway
Image: Amazon

Inflatable Pirate Archway

This 8-ft tall inflatable is literally the coolest archway you can get this Halloween. Light up Halloween trick or treat night with the inflatable pirate archway that features a skull head and two lit torch. Made of waterproof polyester, the pirate archway can easily be inflated in few minutes.

Buy: $84

inflatable pirate archway - best halloween inflatable archways
Image: Amazon

Inflatable Frankenstein Archway

While you can’t build a 30-ft dope Frankenstein in your yard but you surely can buy to enhance your Halloween decorations. This 10-ft tall Frankenstein archway is a unique addition to your Halloween party. Coming in a combo of green and black color, the inflatable archway is sure to grab attention of your guest.

Buy: $105

inflatable frankenstein archway
Image: Amazon

Spooky Cat Archway

It is very often that we forget to add spooky cats to our Halloween decorations or ignore it from the mix. To make sure you don’t miss one this time, spooky cat archway is here to scare your invitees. Standing 11-ft tall, this large spooky cat archway inflatable will ensure you have one of the biggest Halloween blow up yard decorations that also serve as an entryway.

Buy: $178

spooky cat archway - best halloween inflatable archways
Image: Amazon

Inflatable Scary Tree Archway

Featuring ghosts, tombstones, pumpkins and bright built-in LED lights, the inflatable scary tree archway is something you should definitely grab this Halloween season.

Buy: $65

inflatable scary tree archway
Image: Amazon

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