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Looking for new tattoo ideas? Look no further! Down below are some Halloween pumpkin tattoo designs and more for you to check out.

Halloween Pumpkin Tattoo
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Just a holiday, you say? No, the official Spooky Season in the Fall is here!

Celebrated in October every year, Halloween is related to honouring evil spirits, purple smoke, black cats, pumpkins and the creepy bats and flowers, and a subtle tribute to the spirit of the creepy. Many events in celebrating Halloween include dressing up in amazing fashion costumes, spooky bonfires, trick or treating, and most importantly having Jack o Lanterns from carved pumpkins.

Hence, things Halloween is famous for includes much about the Jack o’ Lanterns as about celebrating a holiday with stories of cats, bats and ghoulish ghosts. Naturally, heavy dozes of seasonal expectations include the amazing evil halloween tattoos, and what more than a tribute to the season than breathing life into an orange pumpkin lantern tattoos or with pumpkin halloween tattoo ideas? Down below we have curated for you some wonderful pumpkin tattoo designs drawn from the inspiration of the spirit of scary Halloween.

The Bottled up Evil Pumpkin Tattoo

The Bottled up Evil Pumpkin Tattoo
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This beautifully scary evil pumpkin tattoo features the carved out pumpkin kept as a reddish yellow centerpiece inside a glass bottle full of orange potion. Deeply influenced by body art, these arm tattoos not only feature the pumpkin in a mischievous smile, but also a bunch of leaves with pale green hues and bats, filled with deep black ink. The beautiful shades, especially on the purple diamond seal and the white bubbles and background, make it look almost realistic and the size makes it perfect for the arm or legs. This tattoo leaves no inking doubt at all!

The Trick or Treat Carved Pumpkin Tattoo

The Trick or Treat Carved Pumpkin Tattoo
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After a year-long wait of tricking or treating, the classic candy hunt is back too! This simple and cute pumpkin arm tattoo represents that very candy collection jar. With a plethora of chocolates, lollipops and candies, and an added background of neat black, deep spider webs behind the jar, this adorable tattoo is a good way to honour the children’s fun side of the celebration. The ink colours chosen are boldly inked, with pretty shades and offer a straightforward cartoon-themed Halloween. This tattoo design is a classic symbol of the celebration of culinary delights and sharing and bonding over festivals.

The Adorable Jack o’ Lantern Tattoo

The Adorable Jack o' Lantern Tattoo
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This beautiful pumpkin wrist tattoo design shapes the pumpkin cut out with the leaves almost like a cat, with the leaves functioning as ears and a bright big pink flower acting as its headband. Decorated within the background are more pink petals and candy sticks added to the essence of the festival. The brilliant dotwork that surely did mandate heavy doses of pink, white, yellow and orange dots, and is truly an art. Meanwhile, the addition of more background objects represents the coherence of the entire festival including the tricks and treats, food and bonding together.

The Cute Ghost and Cat-Pumpkin Tattoo

The Cute Ghost and Cat-Pumpkin Tattoo
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This is perhaps the cutest among pumpkin tattoos so far! This pumpkin tattoo features a crescent moon, a little smiling ghost, the little bat and lastly the cutest little cut-out pumpkin Jack o Lantern shaped like a cat: since a black cat is many times symbolic of evil. The pretty little ghost with its octopus head and holding a little pink heart is all set to steal the show! This pumpkin tattoo design specializes in details and intricate inkings. The ghost’s body shading is especially of mention. The bright colours chosen in yellow, orange, pink, black, and impeccable shading in white and dotwork is brilliantly put. Get this tattoo design inked, right now!

The Jack o’ Lantern Pumpkin Coffee Tattoo

The Jack o' Lantern Pumpkin Coffee Tattoo
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Among cartoon themed pumpkin tattoos, this kawaii-themed pumpkin tattoo design is surely a cutie. Featuring a coffee or teacup which is obviously pumpkin-shaped, with steaming hot brown drinks and two chocolate KitKat sticks, this tattoo is a classic mixture of Halloween and delicacies together. The only bright lights come out from the pumpkin’s eyes, which seems like two little light bulbs. The cup’s rimless, also rimmed in a pale green colour and surrounded with leaves, this cup gives off a spooky pumpkin Jack o’ Lantern vibe, along with the background in purplish-mauve smoke and impeccable dotwork that steal the show.

The Halloween Pumpkin-Head Tattoo

The Halloween Pumpkin-Head Tattoo
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Among simple pumpkin tattoos, this cute little pumpkin tattoo design falls under a simplistic child carrying a little Jack o’ Lantern on top of his head! Inked in straight, smooth black and white lines, with intricately brilliant dotwork so insanely perfect, this pumpkin tattoo is ideal to be inked in the arm or legs. The little boy as well as the pumpkin he carries on his head look pretty identical, almost relating to cartoon-themed tattoos.

The Spooky Skeleton and Pumpkin Tattoo

The Spooky Skeleton and Pumpkin Tattoo
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We have another gigantic and realistic pumpkin tattoos at hand, with a brilliantly large skeleton holding out a Jacko Lantern cut out pumpkin, and a thousand screechy birds encircling around and above him, with a possibly visible moonlit bright night filled with stars. These tattoos are famous for being realistic in all senses and this one lives up to the mark. With the intensely deep design, even with black and white ink only, the fact that only the pumpkin is coloured in the deep fill of orange and black, is totally in oblivion. The detailing with needlework in the ribs, the smiling skeleton skull, and the bone structure shadings steal the show and is bound to be an attention-grabber for sure!

The Witch Hat Pumpkin Halloween Tattoo for Forearm

The Witch Hat Pumpkin Halloween Tattoo for Forearm
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Among pumpkin tattoos, this spooky ghost-like smiling pumpkin tattoo on the arm is a funny little take on the celebration, with the smiling or angry (based on whatever you like!) pumpkin itself donning a witches’ hat, with deep black with their wings filled in black ink, decorated with pale green leaves and bright contrast with the yellow stars. The white shading on the lavender-like hat colour, with a green-white ribbon, is magnificently inked to give a three-dimensional effect.

The Hyperrealistic Halloween Jack o’ Lantern Pumpkin Tattoo

The Hyperrealistic Halloween Jack o' Lantern Pumpkin Tattoo
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This arm sleeve tattoo steals the show for Halloween! With a hyper realistically accurate real-life representation of the pumpkin, the massively big vampiric bats, with a zoomed-in bat, flowers and leaves and heavy doses of ghosts-like vibes, this tattoo is out of the world. The zoomed-in bat, with its wings spread out behind the moon, flying without a care in the world is the ultimate showstopper here. The bright coloured ink chosen, like orange, pink, pale green and their subsequent shading with black ink, and splashes of ink for the moon and general background is truly a masterpiece by the tattoo artist.

The Classic Dark Style Pumpkin Tattoo

The Classic Dark Style Pumpkin Tattoo
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A medieval way of celebration, this tattoo, among pumpkin tattoos, features a beautifully designed sword piercing through the carved out Halloween pumpkin piece, with little hearts surrounding it. With a scary and threatening presence of evil, this tattoo follows that deep vibe with a deep black ink fill and detailed shading and gradient hue for the sword. However, adding customizable orange or red-based colours to this evil pumpkin can be way more fun and a little experiment that we would recommend! Ideal for the neck or the arm, this tattoo is a real goth vibe.

Be prepared to celebrate the spooky holiday this Fall with cute and at the same time evil Halloween pumpkin tattoos. These tattoos feature not only the archetypal Halloween pumpkins, but also bring with them the essence of Halloween itself- including the costumes, trick or treating, and even the animals related to it. With the collection of several pumpkins tattoo design ideas, these scary tattoos with brighter hues and dark purple ink will of course not disappoint you.

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