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Are you a fan of Psychopathic Records and their work? Then these Hatchetman Tattoo ideas will help you show off your dedication to them.

hatchetman tattoo
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If you are a fan of Psychopathic Records or Insane Clown Posse, then you should read this article.

The label Psychopathic Records was founded by the group Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and Alex Abbiss in the year 1991. And they have fans all over the world.

If you are a fan ICP and ICP songs, then you already know that the record label has a symbol that has been used on all their products and merchandise, and it is the very famous silhouette of a man running with a meat cleaver. This symbol is also known as the Hatchetman or the Juggalo. But that is not all. ICP fans are called Juggalos because the band’s first album was named ‘The Carnival of Carnage’. They often refer to their fans as Juggalos in their songs. All in all, the word Juggalo means a lot of ICP and their fans. If you are also part of the insane Juggalo family and everything that they stand for and are part of the hip hop, rap rock and horrorcore genre that Psychopathic Records are most known for, then you are going to love all of these Hatchet Man tattoos that we have gathered for you here. These tats are perfect for all the ICP fans all around the globe.

Bright Yellow Hatchetman Tattoo Ideas

bright yellow hatchetman tattoo ideas
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If you are a fan, then you already know that Hatchetman is the name of the logo or the mascot of the Psychopathic Records label. This has a special meaning amongst fans and they love getting tattoos of this symbol on their body to show their love for Insane Clown Posse, their music and everything else that they stand for. These tattoos of the Hatchet Man shows a violent figure who is running with a meat cleave. But to the fans of the subculture, this carries a deep meaning. It means freedom and power. So if you too, are a fan of the Insane Clown Posse and their music, then you can get this fun bright yellow colored tattoo on your skin. You can also get it in any other color that you want.

Juggalo Family Hatchetman Tattoo Designs

juggalo family hatchetman tattoo designs
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As we said, all the ICP fans are known as Juggalos and together they make up the Juggalo family. People from all around the world who are fans of Insane Clown Posse represent them through this word and it has become a very important part of their identity as a part of the subculture. If you are also a fan of the clowns and want to show it off to the world, there is no better way to do that than through a tattoo. And if you have been looking for a tattoo that will show off your love for the Clowns, then your search is over as we have the best one you can ask for. In this tattoo, there is of course the Hatchetman. But also the words ‘Juggali Family’ written in large font over and below the tattoo. You can get this tattoo in any color you want if you are not a fan of plain black. You can also ask your tattoo artist to change the font to your liking.

Portrait and Juggalo Hatchet Man Tattoo Ideas

portrait and juggalo hatchet man tattoo ideas
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Are you and your best friend both Juggalos? Then we have the perfect tattoo idea for you. This tattoo encaptures the true lawless and free nature of the Insane Clown Posse and shows off everything that they stand for. The tattoo is also really funny. As you can see from the picture, there is a normal Hatchet Man tattoo on the skin of this person, but instead of the silhouette face that is usually there, there is a realistic portrait of a man. This is a very fun tattoo. You can get this tattoo together with your ICP fan friend where you get each other’s faces tattooed on top of the Hatchet man. This will be a very funny and awesome way to show off your friendship and your love for the band and the label.

Insane Clown Posse Lyrics with Hatchet Man Symbol Tattoo

insane clown posse lyrics with hatchet man symbol tattoo
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If you are an Insane Clown Posse fan, then you must have heard their song Chop!Chop! It is one of their most famous numbers and as we can see in the tattoo, a part of the song’s lyrics has been used in the tattoo. This is a great way to prove your love for the band and you can also have your favorite lyrics tatted on your body. If you are a guy, this tattoo idea is great for you. The Hatchet man in the tattoo is done in full black ink, but the background of the tattoo has a lot of different colors, which makes the whole composition very fun to look at. You can also read the lyrics that are above and under the tattoo, and it is one of the most favorite lyrics of most ICP fans. But if you have another song lyric that is your favorite, then you can get that inked on you as well.

Hatchet Man Rework Tattoo Designs

hatchet man rework tattoo designs
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Do you already have a HatchetMn tattoo? Perhaps a border tattoo that does not look that good anymore? Then instead of a coverup, we can suggest you a rework. A coverup will take a lot of time to come up with a new and larger design that will take a long time to finish. But if you look at the amazing rework in the tattoo, you will see why we are suggesting it. The artist made the tattoo more crisp and colorful. The border looks amazing and the colors really bring the tattoo to life. Provided that you are still a fan of ICP and their culture, you can get a rework done on your Hatchet Man tattoo instead of a cover up. You can also fill the tattoo with any color or design of your choice.

Scary Juggalo Hatchet Man Tattoo Ideas

scary juggalo hatchet man tattoo ideas
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Psychopathic Records are known for their whacky, horrorcore music. Chances are, of you are a fan of the music under this label, you are a fan of these things as well. If you are a horror fan, who wants an equally whacky design for their Hatchet man tattoo, then we have the perfect thing just for you. This tattoo in the picture combines all of your favorite things in one place. Its whacky, funny and horror-themed all at once. There is a scary clown face in the silhouette of the Hatchet man. You can choose to put some other horror-themed designs in the tattoo as well. Just talk to your tattoo artist about your vision and what you want your tattoo to look like.

Fantastic Juggalo Palm Tattoo Designs

fantastic juggalo palm tattoo designs
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Palm tattoos are really interesting. Firstly, they are pretty rare, and secondly, they hurt a lot to get. If you are wondering why, it is because the skin on the palm of the hand os extremely sensitive to pain and will hurt a lot more than your arm or calf if you choose to get a tattoo on your palm. But in the end, it will look really cool, just like this tattoo in the picture. You can see the border of the hatchet man logo and how the dotwork adornes it on the outside. If you are a huge fan of ICP and want to see the proof of your devotion every time you open your palm, we suggest you to get this tattoo done asap.

Cool Red Juggalo Hatchet Man Tattoo Design

cool red juggalo hatchet man tattoo design
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We are back to colid colors again, and this time it is red. Red is a universal color that everyone loves. It also holds up better over time as it is very pigmented. If you do not want a basic black Hatchet man tattoo, then we suggest you go for the red option as it is also going to stay with you for a long time. The rest of the tattoo is pretty basic and looks very clean. This tattoo will look good on anybody. You can also add ICP song lyrics to this tattoo.

Psychedelic Rainbow Juggalo Tattoo Design

psychedelic rainbow juggalo tattoo design
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Rainbow tattoos are loved by everyone. They look really cool and funky, just like every ICP fan ever. If you are looking for a fun little piece, then this one is the best option for you. This tattoo, even though has a same silhouette as the Hatchetman tattoo, does not really have the meat cleaver in his hand. On the other hand, it is showing the victory sign with its fingers. This tattoo honestly looks really cool because of the color scheme and you can also add back the hatchet to the tattoo if you want to.

Red Ombre Juggalo Hatchet Man Arm Tattoo Design

red ombre juggalo hatchet man arm tattoo design
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If you do not like single, solid colored tattoos, but also do not want to go full rainbow, then we have a solution for you. This picture shows a red ombre hatchet man tattoo, which starts with the red on the bottom and slowly darkens into black as we move up. The tattoo is really cool and can be done with any two colors of your choice. The blending and fading on the tattoo also looks amazing and you can ask your artist to make a same effect on your tattoo when you get one.

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