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If you have become bored with placing heart tattoos on your wrist or ankle, then you should surely try the heart tattoo on face.

heart tattoo on face
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‘Heart’ is the metaphoric symbol of love that came into use at the end of the Middle ages but became popular in Europe in the sixteenth century.

The heart symbol carried different meanings in different cultures. For instance, in Japan, the heart symbol is associated with the eye of a wild boar and is used for warding off evils.

As time went by, the heart symbol was even incorporated into art ideas in the Renaissance period, and one of the famous artworks included Five Wounds. In modern times, it has been mostly connected with romantic love and has found its usage for expressing passion and emotions. The heart symbol has come up to be one of the most common designs in the tattoo world and can be fused with many objects to make it meaningful.

Simple Heart Tattoo On Face

simple heart tattoo on face
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The simple heart tattoo is an excellent choice for someone who wants to express emotions and feelings. These heart tattoos mostly range from small to medium and are both popular among men and women. The color of the ink totally depends on the choice of the tattooer, and each color represents a different meaning.

If done in the traditional red, then it represents love and passion. If done in black, it will represent grief and death, and if done in yellow, it will represent a new beginning. According to the need of the tattooer, the color must be chosen. Also, to represent heartbreak in love, some tattooer gets a broken heart tattoo done on their skin.

Red Heart Tattoo On Face

red heart tattoo on face
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The heart with red ink is one of the most famous heart tattoos around the world. From representing friendship to passionate love, this heart tattoo is extremely popular among men and women. Not only on the face, but they are also popular as a heart finger tattoo, heart wrist tattoo, heart chest tattoo, and heart forearm tattoo.

Many objects can be fused with this design to extract different meanings. When a red heart is done with a rose, it represents passionate love; when done with an infinity symbol, it symbolizes eternity, and when done with the initials of a person’s name, it demonstrates a tribute of love to them. These tattoos are also popular as couple-matching tattoos and are a great way to show the bond of love.

Broken Heart Face Tattoo

broken heart face tattoo
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A broken heart tattoo on the face is an extremely symbolic design popular both among men and women. The color of the ink choice can be either black or red and totally depends on the tattooer. The size ranges from small to medium, and the best place to put them is on the side face, below the eye, on the forehead, and beside the ear.

The broken heart tattoos first represent the jilts one has faced in love. They are still carrying the intense pain caused by this event and, as a reminder, have tattooed a broken heart. It might also act as a cautionary tale for the tattooer and the viewer to be aware of opening up to someone truly. The broken heart tattoo can also represent that the tattooer has lost their loved one and, in grief, has tattooed their feelings.

Heart Tattoo On Face With Knife

heart tattoo on face with knife
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An exceptionally eye-catching piece is the heart tattoo with a knife. The tattoo represents the betrayal by a loved one or a catastrophic heartbreak. The design is both popular among men and women and represents the upsets one faces in love.

The heart and knife are either to do it separately, or the knife is notched inside the heart to make the tattoo more staggering. The side face is the ideal place to get inked with this piece, and the color of the ink can be either traditional black or a combination of black and red.

Heart Black Tattoo On Face

heart black tattoo on face
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Though such a tattoo is a design that is laden with grief and sorrow yet, it is quite a popular choice around the world. The black heart tattoo is often done as a memorial where the black ink symbolizes sadness and death. This classic black ink heart tattoo is mostly done by people who have lost someone important and want to pay tribute to them.

Often this body art is done by fusing different elements like a flower, a skull, a cross, an infinity symbol, or a coffin. The flowers demonstrate respect for the person the tattooer has lost, the infinity sign represents that even after death, their memories are with the tattooer, and a cross represents that the tattooer follows Christianity and believes their loved ones are in heaven.

Heart Simple Outline Tattoo

heart simple outline tattoo
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Many people prefer not to color the tattoo and just ink it by outlining the design. These tattoos have extremely simplistic designs yet look elegant if done properly by the tattoo artist. The heart simple outline tattoo is quite a favorite among men and women and is mostly done using black or red ink.

From representing an important relationship to showing the jilts one faces in love, it can be done with these outline designs. Black ink is mostly used to do this tattoo when done in memory of someone who has passed away. Anchors, roses, or stars can be added to further enhance the Tattoo Design and extract the desired meanings.

Crying Heart Tattoo On Face

crying heart tattoo on face
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An extremely symbolic piece is the heart tattoo with tears. The heart done for this tattoo is a broken heart, and the ink used for this design is black. The heart is mostly placed on the side face while the teardrop is done just below the eye.

The broken heart in this tattoo represents that the tattooer has lost someone or their relationship has ended, which they adored. And in this pain, like many others, their soul is crying in grief. This broken heart face tattoo is both popular among men and women and shows the negative side of love.

Safety Pin Heart Face Tattoo

safety pin heart face tattoo
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Safety pin tattoos represent staying together, whatever battle the person has to face or has already faced. When done with a heart, the meaning becomes more enriched and beautiful. These heart face tattoos are extremely popular among couples and are mostly done as matching tattoos.

Black ink is mostly preferred for this tattoo, and sometimes red ink is used to highlight the Tattoo Design. The size of these tattoos ranges from small to medium and mostly blossoms well on either side of the cheek. Some tattooers even draw drops of blood oozing out of the heart to demonstrate the struggles they are facing or already have faced in their journey.

Small Heart Tattoo On Face

small heart tattoo on face
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Small tattoos have always been in demand and are incredibly popular. They are known for their crisp and clean design. The heart small tattoo is a popular choice among men and women and can be placed on the wrist, ankle, behind the ear, neck, fingers, and shoulder. But recently, doing small heart tattoos on the face has become quite a trend.

Having a small tattoo inked on your body is a fantastic way to own a heart tattoo and flash it only when you want to do so. As these tattoos are typically tiny in nature, most times, people do not notice their presence. A small red heart tattoo on the face is done to represent passionate love, a black heart represents sorrow and grief, and a yellow small heart tattoo on the face represents a new life. Many other designs can be done using this idea, and it totally depends on the tattooer what they want to demonstrate with it.

Matching Heart Tattoo On Face

matching heart tattoo on face
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The matching heart tattoo on the face represents a strong bond and unbounding love. These tattoos can be either done using black or red ink and are mostly small in nature. A powerful meaning of friendship is demonstrated in this Tattoo Design.

It can be done by a couple to represent the passionate love they share with each other, or it can be done by close friends to show their eternal friendship, or by siblings to show the powerful bond among the family members.

Due to the presence of nerve endings just like on fingers, neck, and ears, face tattoos can also be quite painful and are not advised for someone who is new to the tattoo world. While getting a face tattoo, one thing must be kept in mind these are not temporary designs, and the face is a place that creates a person’s first impression.

The other face tattoos that can be done using the heart designs are:

  • Heart tattoo on face with stars
  • Heart tattoo on face with lightning
  • Heart tattoo on face with moon
  • Heart tattoo on face with anchor
  • Heart tattoo on face with numbers

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