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Are you a fan of Studio Ghibli films? Then you will love these exciting howl’s moving castle tattoo ideas right here.

howl's moving castle tattoo
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Studio Ghibli makes some of the best, well-renowned anime films.

Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are some of their popular, imaginative films. If you want to carry the fantasy world with you wherever you go, you can get a Studio Ghible inspired tattoo.

A howl’s moving castle tattoo design is a great way to appreciate the film. If you are among the people who like to get their favorite movie tattooed and inscribed on your skin forever, let us check out some Howl’s Moving Castle tattoos and designs for you!

Howl’s Moving Castle Calcifer Tattoo

howl's moving castle calcifer tattoo
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This howl’s moving castle tattoo has Sophie and Calcifer in fine, black lines. Both characters are crucial to the movie and book story. This moving castle tattoo has a floral pattern underneath the Sophie design to give it a touch of beauty. This heartwarming minimalist tattoo has Sophie kissing the bird. If you are a fan of Howl’s Moving Castle Calcifer, you will love this tattoo design. Men and women can get this cute design placed on the wrist or arm.

Howl’s Moving Castle Sleeve Tattoo

howl's moving castle sleeve tattoo
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If you are fan of Studio Ghibli and sleeve tattoos, let this design inspire you to get a full sleeve tattoo. This design with Howl’s moving castle covers the entire back of leg all the way to the ankle. In this artwork, you can find the moving castle in the clouds. The moving castle is inked in thick black lines and has very little shading. This makes for an eye-catching arm or leg sleeve tattoo design.

Studio Ghibli Tattoo In Tarot Card

studio ghibli tattoo in tarot card
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How about the moving castle in a tarot card? This Studio Ghibli tattoo has the Howl’s moving castle drawn and labelled similar to a tarot card. In bright colours, the howls moving castle has its mouth wide open. Surrounding the house, the card is outlined with little creatures and characters from the movie in bright pink and black ink. The tarot card is labeled “XVI” at the top and has “Tower” written at the bottom. This adorable, detailed tattoo is placed on the leg.

Howl’s Moving Castle Leg Tattoo

howl's moving castle leg tattoo
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Here is a black and white Howl’s Moving Castle design for your next tattoo! This one has the view of the castle moving through the clouds, just like a scene taken from the movie. The background is filled in black dotwork art with the moving castle in black lines and fine shading. If you are fan of the moving castle, this leg tattoo has a lovely design for you!

Sophie And Howl Tattoo

sophie and howl tattoo
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This Howl’s moving castle tattoo features Sophie and Howl embracing one another! The design is done in a persona tarot card with the words ‘the lovers’ written below. This colorful tattoo has two red flowers on the two diagonal edges of the tarot card. Sophie and Howl are inked in mainly blue and white ink with their eyes interlocked in affection. This picture of Sophie and howl together is swoon-worthy moving castle tattoo you can get.

Howl’s Moving Castle  Color Tattoo

howl's moving castle  color tattoo
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This colorful tattoo has Howl and Sophie inside a rhombus figure, like a still from the film. Inside the rhombus outline, Sophie’s hair and Howl’s clothes are all depicted in blue ink. The design style here looks like a minimal, animated drawing. Tattoos like this have a minimalist design and color. Red dots scattered across the image, like little fireflies, add a unique touch to the design. The famous rock singer, Pete Wentz’ Howl’s moving castle tattoo can also be a design inspiration for you!

Howl’s Moving Castle Sophie Tattoo

howl's moving castle sophie tattoo
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If you want to get unique Howl’s moving castle tattoos with little to no detail, this type of tattoo is the best way to do that. If you are familiar with the film, you can spot Sophie here heading out of the open door. The tattoo has a subtle spark on Sophie’s hand, because of the ring she is wearing. The rest of the tattoo, however, is inked in black lines and black shading.

Princess Mononoke Tattoo

princess mononoke tattoo
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This is a studio ghibli film character from the film, Princess Mononoke. San, also known as, Princess Mononoke, is in a ready-to-fight pose with her aggressive, white wolf, More, next to her. This tattoo is inked in black ink and looks like a sketch. If you want a Studio Ghibli themed tattoo design, this one depicts the “Wolf Girl” really well!

Haku And Moro Spirited Away Tattoo

haku and moro spirited away tattoo
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If you are a fan of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, you will love this awesome tattoo design. This tattoo features the Haku, a dragon from the animated film and More, a wolf from the Princess Mononoke film. In this back tattoo, the dragon and wolf are seen blended in red ink. To make it more artistic, red flowers are inked along with the whole design here and there. Some flowers have a single petal falling. Overall, this tattoo is a striking way to depict these Studio Ghibli characters on your body.

Studio Ghibli Tattoo

studio ghibli tattoo
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This one is the ultimate Studio Ghibli tattoo. If you find it difficult to pick just one character for a tattoo, why not get them all inked? This tattoo combines all characters from popular Studio Ghibli films. The characters from spirited away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s moving castle all together. In a way, this is a spirited away tattoo, Princess Mononoke tattoo, and Howl’s moving castle tattoo mixed to create one giant Ghibli family portrait.

Here are some more ideas for a Howls moving castle tattoos

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