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Are you a huge fan of Itachi Uchiha from the anime series Naruto? Then we’re we have stunning Itachi crows tattoo designs for y’all!

itachi crows tattoo
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Itachi Uchiha is among the most popular anime characters from the famous manga ‘Naruto’.

He is one of the most praised antagonists. Itachi had murdered his entire clan while his brother Sasuke had murdered their entire family when Itachi was just seven years old.

Itachi also had the power to summon and use crows whenever he wanted in this manga series. He used these crows as a weapon. While fighting he used them against his enemies. One of his famous crow battles was with Naruto, the protagonist of this manga or anime. Itachi could summon the crows whenever he wanted to. Itachi’s crow is a sign of the Zen Saviours from his Uchiha clan. This means his crows are wise and are as worthy as any mentor from Itachi’s clan. Hence, if you are very fascinated by Itachi and his crow then here, we have handpicked the best crow tattoos for you guys!

Itachi Uchiha Tattoo

itachi uchiha tattoo
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People who are huge fans of traditional black tattoos will fall in love with this traditional Itachi tattoo. This is one of the most elegant Itachi tattoo designs. The Tattoo Design is completed with the help of a jet black shade. In this design Itachi is sitting on a lampost in a Ninja position behind him there is a full moon along with a few clouds in the sky. And his crows can be spotted just flying above his head. The placement of this body piece is just behind the lower leg which makes it more unique.

Itachi Crow Tattoo

itachi crow tattoo
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Crow tattoo designs highlight Itachi’s pride. It shows the unique power of summoning crows that he has accomplished. Crows are considered to be the omen of death or doom. But Itachi has made them his greatest weapon. Here is a back crow Tattoo Design for young women and men.

The tattoo artist here has inked a ravishing crow tattoo. The artist has made use of vibrant colors to complete this body art. It is inked on the upper back. The crow is stretching its wings. The feathers of the crow tattoo have been furnished with navy blue and red shades. The combination of these two shades are enhancing the beauty of the tattoo. In the main body of this crow, we can see the reflection of the eyes and headband of Itachi. In his eyes, there is the red Sharingan symbol.

Itachi Sharingan Tattoo

itachi sharingan tattoo
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Here is another traditional black Itachi and his crow’s tattoo. The tattoo has been inked on the back of the lower leg. And the tattoo artist has made use of dark black color ink along with a few light shades in completing this tattoo. There is a blade that is made in a lighter black shade. The reflection of Itachi is visible on the blade. His eyeballs had the Sharingan symbol. Sharingan simply means copy wheel eye. This symbol usually appears red. On the top round portion of the blade, Itachi is sitting exactly in the ninja’s position. And below him, a few crows are flying around the blade.

Unique Crow And Itachi Tattoo

unique crow and itachi tattoo
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Upper Arm is one of the most preferable tattooing areas for young boys and men. The upper arm is such a part of the human body that stimulates less pain while inking a tattoo. This Tattoo Design has been inked with the help of grey and black shades. The combination of these light and dark shades is enhancing the appearance of the tattoo. The tattoo artist has inked the upper body of Itachi. His face is visible. He has long hair that is falling on his face. He is wearing a band around his forehead and his eyes have turned into a red Sharingan symbol. Both of his hands are joined together with each other. And on both of his shoulders, there are his black crows. They are sitting on his arm and shoulders. This is the ideal Tattoo Design for Itachi fanboys.

Simple Itachi Crow Tattoos

simple itachi crow tattoos
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Many people are fond of simple and small tattoo designs. For them, this is the ideal Tattoo Design. In this tattoo, the artist has inked a crow with white and black shades. The feathers have been shaded with fine lines and a tint of white shade. The eyes of this crow are made with the red Sharingan symbol as well.

Shisui, Crow, And Itachi Tattoo Ideas

shisui, crow, and itachi tattoo ideas
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Shisui Uchiha is another member of Itachi’s clan, that is, Shisui is also a member of the Uchiha clan. He is friends with Itachi. In this upper arm tattoo, the tattooist has drawn both the characters flawlessly. On the top, the tattooist has inked Itachi with long hair and red Sharingan eyes. He has a tough facial expression like he is fighting with his enemies. Between Itachi and Shisui there is Itachi’s crow. This is a symbol of how Itachi uses them in battlegrounds. And just below the crow, there is Shisui. The left eye of Shisui is bleeding and his right eye has the red Sharingan symbol. The entire tattoo has been inked with black, red, and grey tones. This color combination is unique and is complementing the entire tattoo.

Traditional Crow Tattoo

traditional crow tattoo
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In this tattoo, the tattooist has inked the face of one of the Itachi’s crows. The crow has been inked with light and dark shades of black. And its eye has the red Sharingan symbol. This symbol is not only in the eyes of the crow but is also present in the background of this tattoo. The Sharingan symbol has been inked with a red hue and has a few splashes of black in t as well. Surrounding the symbol there are many tiny flying crows. If you are in search of a few small tattoos then this is the ideal design.

Itachi Uchiha Crows Tattoo

itachi uchiha crows tattoo
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Full sleeves tattoos are one of the most demanding tattoos among men. If you have spent most of your childhood watching the anime show ‘Naruto’, then this is the perfect Tattoo Design to cherish your childhood. The tattooist has drawn a stunning Itachi tattoo along with his crow. The tattoo is made with the usage of black, grey, and red colors. In the lower arm, the tattooist has inked the black crow which has a fierce expression on its face. This time red Sharingan symbol is in the eyes of this crow as well. On the upper part of the tattoo, the tattooist has inked Itachi. The tattoo consists of every feature from the manga like the long hair and sharing eyeballs. The Sharingan symbols have been linked with the usage of red ink.

Colorful Itachi Uchiha Crow Tattoo

colorful itachi uchiha crow tattoo
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It is very rare to find a realistic colorful tattoo. But in this Tattoo Design, the tattooist has drawn a very realistic full sleeve tattoo which includes minute details. The tattooist has drawn a Sharingan crow design. The crow has been inked with various shades of black. This light and dark shade of the same color is making the tattoo more eye-catching. Apart from the black color, the tattoo artist has used brown and red tones to ink the wings of this crow. Below the crow tattoo, there are a few green leaves and there is a yellow branch-like structure that is surrounding the crow. Behind the crow, there is a big red and black Sharingan symbol that can be noticed in the eyes of any Uchiha clan members like Itachi and Shisui.

Uchiha Clan Members And Crow Tattoo

uchiha clan members and crow tattoo
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This is quite an interesting forearm tattoo idea. The face of Itachi and Shisui has been inked side by side. The left portion of the tattoo conprises Itachi’s face. He has his typical long hair along with a forehead band and Sharingan eyeball. And on the right portion of the tattoo consists of Shisui’s face. He has spiky hair and he is wearing a forehead band as well. They are surrounded by Itachi’s crows from all sides. There is one crow exactly on the top of Itachi’s head and another one is behind him. There is one crow just adjacent to the ear of Shisui and one more is just below his neck. The entire tattoo has been inked with the usage of black and grey ink.

‘Naruto’ is one of the most loved manga shows. There are many characters in it. Itachi and his crows are one of them. There are more tattoo designs of Itachi’s crow with other characters that we could not include in the above list. Here is one more list of tattoos that you will love.

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