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‘Romantic’ and ‘Passionate’, if these are the two main filters for vehement tattoo lovers, Italian tattoo designs are the best bet.

Italian Tattoo Ideas
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Italian tattoos are quite intriguing and one can choose from a wide range of creative designs from Italian food to the national flag.

The rich Italian culture coupled with an extensive heritage when put in the form of a tattoo with colorful inks, one can sense nothing but feeling observed amongst the crowd. Almost half of the population of Italy has at least one tattoo and there is absolutely no doubt about one bewildered by the fact of why should i get a tattoo in Italian.

Hundreds of famous personalities across the globe encourage the idea of Italian tattoos, one of them being famous actor Daniella Monet who got inked by artist Hector Daniels in New York City tattoo studio Bang Bang’s by the tattoo of ‘si vive una volta sola’ which is translated into English as ‘You Only Live Once’.

The Italian tattoo designs can be incorporated anywhere in the body from toe to neck and there are plentiful options to choose from, some of which can be galvanized from the tabs below.

Ode To Life Tattoo

Ode To Life Tattoo
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Famous Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni inked her third tattoo about eleven years back with the phrase ‘Ode Alla Vita’ which signifies ‘Ode to Life’. Ode Alla Vita is a poem penned by Martha Medeiros, though it is often claimed to be the work of Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda. The phrase looks very eye-catching when inked on the neck and in different parts of the arm. The famous influencer from Italy has the same tattoo inked on her right arm and she vehemently claims that it helps make every day of her life special in the reminder of an old friend whose passion was for the famous poem.

This word art in the form of 16th-century style Italic font conveys an excellent message of body positivity and a subtle way to express oneself. So this famous phrase might be the ideal tattoo for the devotees of poetry who likes Italian quote tattoos.

The House On The Moon Tattoo

The House On The Moon Tattoo
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This Italian tattoo design has a profound hidden meaning and is targeted by a certain group. The literal meaning of the phrase is ‘The House On The Moon’ and it acts as a metaphor for being protected.

Famous Italian Youtube star Marzia Kjellberg inked this tattoo on her left forearm. Being a former victim of social anxiety she delivered a message through her blog, indicating a phrase from the book ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ authored by Shirley Jackson. This famous Italian phrase from one of her favorite books not only helped many fight social anxiety but also became a sensational Italian tattoo quote. The four words helped many overcome cynicism showering an array of positivity. One can consider it as their first or next tattoo and deliver a positive message to society.

Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman Numerals Tattoo
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Roman numerals are a particular type of number used by ancient Romans. They can be inked as a sign of important dates to relish some good old memories or to show affection for the loved ones. One of the unique ways to get an Italian tattoo design is through Roman numerals which can reflect a striking look.

This lower neck tattoo indicating a memorable date for the wearer leads to a voguish and appealing look at first glance. Also, the bold font coupled with a fiery red phoenix results in an undaunted display of body art. Roman numerals tattoo looks certainly better than ordinary numbers and is the perfect idea for the ones who want to keep the connotation personal. This tattoo looks fascinating on any part of the body and can be co-opted irrespective of gender reflecting ample meaningful thoughts.

Italian Horn Tattoo

Italian Horn Tattoo
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The Italian horn is a symbol of good fortune dating back to ancient times. The shape of the horn is similar to that of a crescent moon representing a pagan Moon goddess. As it is believed to be a protective amulet for the wearer he/she can ink a similar tattoo as a motif of prosperity precise justifying the Italian horn meaning.

This warped chili pepper-shaped miniature tattoo with a crown covering over it is a trendy one. The main purpose is to repulse the evil eye and invite good fortune. It is an age-old Italian tradition that is being carried by many in the form of this Italian horn tattoo. People wandering for a cool Italian tattoo design can opt for this simple yet meaningful tattoo. Regardless of how and where the person is inking the Italian horn tattoo, it will pave the way in the darkest of times acting as a guardian angel and bringing the best of fortunes.

Italian Flag Tattoo

Italian Flag Tattoo
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The Italian flag is a symbol of pride and freedom for Italians and the three colors represent the extensive countryside, Alpine mountain peaks, and bloodshed history. The matching tattoo with the Italian flag is inked by a proud fan after the triumph in Euros 2020. ‘It’s coming to Rome’ they proudly said after securing their second title in the competition.

Although Italian flag tattoos can be designed in an ample number of ways, the victory in Euros was one of the special moments where fans chanted ‘Forza Italia’ wrapping themselves in the pride tri-color. ‘Forza Italia’ meaning ‘let’s go Italy’ showed the long zeal of passionate fans waiting for this glorious night. This tattoo is the prime example of Italians boasting their love for the fatherland.

Veni Vidi Vici Tattoo

Veni Vidi Vici Tattoo
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Julius Caesar’s famous expression ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ means Veni Vidi Vici ages from the ancient Roman empire and can be one of the splendid Italian tattoo quotes idea. This quote speaks volumes about the wearer and whoever chooses next to ink this quote should have thought to achieve some exquisite feat in their lives and not at all ashamed to gasconade.

The Veni Vidi Vici tattoo can be inked in different styles of fonts and can be fitted anywhere on the body. It can also be enclosed as a second tattoo under convenient tattoo designs. The bold font looks magnificent and it plays a significant role to overcome dark thoughts and uncomfortable situations and living forever triumphantly.

Italian Tattoo Artist’s Favorite Portrait Tattoos

Italian Tattoo Artist's Favorite Portrait Tattoos
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Italian tattoo artist Alessandro Covallero designs unique portrait tattoos, especially on arms, legs, and torsos. The above-mentioned tattoo design on the right shoulder is of a fictional character, Luca Changretta from the British drama series ‘Peaky Blinders’.

Although portrait tattoos require a huge amount of patience and high maintenance cost, they can also cast back a thousand meanings to the wearer. Such tattoo studios are rare where the artist can ink or cover up the perfect portrait tattoo for the clients, but when somebody is desirous enough it becomes effortless. These portrait tattoos are mainly of black charcoal design and offer a much more realistic and vivid display making tattoo lovers choose from a wide range of styles.

Famous Italian Personality Tattoo

Famous Italian Personality Tattoo
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Paolo Maldini, one of the best defenders ever to grace the game of football is a popular personality in Italy. Some die-hard fans ink their idol’s tattoo and Maldini is the national pride of Italy and lies in the favorite books of many. The world-class center-back played for twenty-five years in his boyhood club AC Milan and also captained his national team for eight years.

This right forearm tattoo of Maldini by a passionate fan reflects his love for the beautiful game of football and his ‘Idolo’. Idolo as they say in Italian can represent other influential personalities as well and Italians are very passionate about that. Maldini wearing the number 3 jersey in the famous red and white stripes of AC Milan is a perfect blend of a gorgeous-looking tattoo and an ostentatious display of an idol one can get in the category of Italian tattoos.

Italian Iron Cross Tattoo

Italian Iron Cross Tattoo
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The iron cross is a gallantry award presented to brave warriors since the Crusades. This iron cross tattoo on the left forearm curved upon a dagger strikes a beautiful medley of colors and can represent a great amount of style and valor. It is one of the unique Italian tattoo ideas to exhibit the inclusiveness of Christianity.

The Italian cross tattoo can be designed in distinctive ways and can be customized accordingly. An open-minded thinker can choose from the crafty catalog to ink this masterpiece showing peace and love. Although it might be uncanny to some to think why would an Italian man wear a tattoo of the iron cross, this elegantly divine Italian tattoo can be the perfect example of a trendy fashion mingled with ancient spirituality.

The Colosseum Tattoo

The Colosseum Tattoo
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The Italian word Colosseo means gigantic and it is an ancient amphitheater where gladiator battles were fought. The Colosseum resembles utmost historical significance to Italians and being one of the seven wonders of the world, many Italians design it as body art.

This one half of the Colosseum tattoo is a realistic black and grey tattoo design which genuinely resembles the destructive part of this work of art. The beauty of this caliber when correlated with inked body art can gesticulate nothing but positive things both to the wearer and the observer further adding to the collection of excellent Italian tattoo ideas.

The extreme popularity of Italian tattoos rose extensively in the past decade and many tattoo wearers follow the justified saying of ‘Vivi con Passione’ or ‘Live with Passion’. Other Italian tattoo designs folks can try are:

  • Life is Beautiful Tattoo.
  • Italian Style Hand Tattoos for Men.
  • Minimalist Italian Symbols Tattoo.
  • Italian Opera Singer Tattoo.
  • Diamonds Tattooed ‘Vita’ and ‘Mors’ by Lil Debbie.

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